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Gamaliel's counsel, Sc. Acts. Seven deacons appointed. they were out to the heart, and 40 And to him they agreed; took counsel to slay them. and when they had called the

34 Then stood there up one apostles, and beaten them, they in the council, a Pharisee, commanded that they should named Gamaliel, a doctor of not speak in the name of Jesus, the law,j had in reputation a and let them

go. all the people, and com 41 4 And they departed manded to put the apostles from the presence of the counforth a little space ;k

cil, rejoicing that they were 35 And said unto them, Ye counted worthy to suffer shame men of Israel, take heed to for his name. yourselves what ye intend to 42 And daily in the temple, do as touchingl these men. and in every house, they ceas.

36 For before these days ed not to teach and preach Jerose up Theudas, boasting him- sus Christ. self to be somebody; to whom a number of men, about four

CHAP, VI. hundred, joined themselves; 1 The apostles' care for the poor, who was slain; and all, as ma

and preaching of the word. ny as obeyed him, were scat 5 Deacons chosen. tered, and brought to' nought. AND in those days, when

37 After this man arose up the number of the disciples Judas of Galilee, in the days was multiplied, there arose a of the taxing, and drew away murmuring of the Grecians a much people after him; he against the Hebrews,b because also perished; and all, even their widows were negleeted as many as obeyed him, were in the daily ministration.c dispersed.

2 Then the twelve called 38 And now I say unto you, the multitude of the disciples Refrain from these men, and unto them, and said, It is not let them alone; for if this reason that we should leave council or this work be of the word of God, and serve men,in

it will come to nought: tables.d 39 But if it be of God, ye 3 Wherefore, brethren, look cannot overthrow it; lest hap- ye out among you seven men lyn ye be found even to fight of honest report, full of the against God.

Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom j Doctor of the law, one learned in

a Grecian converts. the Jewish scriptures. k A little space, for a little time.

6 Hebrew or Jewish converts. 1 As touching, concerning,

c Ministrations, distribution of m For if this counsel, which they

charity, take, or this work, which they per

d Serve tables, spend our time conform be of men, &c.

cerning what each one should receive » Haply, perhaps.

as his portion at table.

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Stephen falsely accused. Chap. vii. He answers for himse!'. we may appoint over this busi men, which said, We have

heard him speak blasphemous 4 But we will give ourselves words against Moses, and ticontinually to prayer, and to gainst God. the ministry of the word. 12 And they stirred up

the 5 F And the saying pleased people, and the elders, and the the whole multitude; and they scribes, and came upon him, chose Stephen, a man full of and caught him, and brought faith and of the Holy Ghost, & him to the council, Philip, and Prochorus, and Ni 13 And set


false witnesscanor, and Timon, and Par es, which said, This man ceasmenas, and Nicolas a prose- eth not to speak blasphemous lyte e of Antioch:

words against this holy place, 6 Whom they set before the and the law : apostles ; and when they had 14 For we have heard him prayed, they laid their hands say, That this Jesus of Nazaon them.

reth shall destroy this place, a And the word of God in. and shall change the customs, creased; and the number of which Moses delivered us. the disciples multiplied in Je 15 And all that sat in the rusalem greatly; and a great council, looking stedfastly on company of the priests were him saw his face as it had obedient to the faith.

been the face of an angel. 8 And Stephen full of faith and power, did great wonders

CHAP. VII. & miracles among the people. 1 Stephen answereth to his ac

9 Then there arose certain cusation: 54 they stone him of the synagogue, which is call to death, ed the synagogue of the Liber THEN said the high priest tines, f and Cyrenians, and Al- Are these things so exandrians, and of them of Ci 2 And he said,a Men, brethlicia, and of Asia, disputing ren, & fathers, hearken; The with Stephen.

God of glory appeared unto 10 And they were not able our father Abraham, when he to resist the wisdom and the was in Mesopotamia, before he spirit by which he spake. dwelt in Charran,

11. Then they suborned go 3 And said unto him, Get e Proselyte, one converted to a new thee out of thy country, and

from thy kindred, and come f Libertines, 'the descendants of into the land which I shall such Jews'as had been prisoners or

shew thee. slaves at Rome, and afterwards re

4 Then came he out of the Suborn, to procure by false land of the Chaldeans, and

a He said, Stephen said.




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Stephen declareth the Acts.

history of Israel. dwelt in Charran; and from 12 But when Jacob heard, thence, when his father was that there was corn in Egypt, dead, he removed him into this he sent out our fathers first. land, wherein ye now dwell. 13 And at the second time

5 And he gave him none Joseph was made known to his inheritance in it, no, not so brethren; & Joseph's kindred much as to set his foot on; yet was made known unto Pharaoh. he promised that he would 14 Then sent Joseph, and give it to him for a possession, called his father Jacob to him, and to his seed after him, when and all his kindred, threescore as yet he had no child.

and fifteen souls. 6 And God spake on this 15 So Jacob went down into wise, That his seed should Egypt and died, he, and our sojourn in a strange land; and fathers, that they should bring them 16 And were carried over into bondage, and entreat them into Sychem, and laid in the evil four hundred years.

sepulchre, that Abraham ✓ And the nation to whom bought for a sum of money

of they shall be in bondage will the sons of Emmor, the father I judge, said God; and after of Sychem. that shall they come forth, and 17 But when the time of the serve me in this place. promise drew nigh, which God

8 And he gave him the cov had sworn to Abraham,c the enant of circumcision; and so people grew and multiplied in Abraham begat Isaae, and cir- Egypt, cumcised him the eighth day; 18 Till another king arose, & Isaac begat Jacob; & Jacob which knew not Joseph: begat the twelve patriarchs. 19 The same dealt subtilely

9 And the patriarchs, mov with our kindred, and evil-ened with envy, sold Joseph into treated our fathers, so that Egypt; but God was with him, they cast out their young

chil10 And delivered him out dren, to the end they might not of all his afflictions, and gave

him favour and wisdom in the 20 In which time Moses was
sight of Pharaoh king of E- born, and was exceeding fair,
sypt; and he made him

& nourished


in his father's ernor over Egypt, and all his house three months : house.

21. And when he was cast 11 Now

there ca ne a dearth b out, Pharaoh's daughter took over all the land of Egypt and him up, and nourished him for Chanaan, and great affliction; her own son. and our fathers found no sus 22- And Moses was learned tenance.

in all the wisdom of the Egypb Dearth, scarcity.

c Promise, &c. see Gen, xxii, 16,17.

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The history of

Chap. vii.

Israel continued. tians, and was mighty in words voice of the Lord came unto and in deeds.

him, 23 And when he was full 32 Saying, I am the God of forty years old, it came into thy fathers, the God of Abrahis heart to visit his brethren ham, and the God of Isaac, & the children of Israel.

the God of Jacob. Then Moses 24 And seeing one of them trembled, and durst not behold, suffer wrong, he defended him, 33 Then said the Lord to and avenged him that was him, Put off thy shoes from thy oppressed, and smote the E. feet; for the place where thou gyptian:

standest is holy ground. 25 For he supposed his 34 I have seen, I have seen brethren would have under- the affliction of my people stood, how that God by his which is in Egypt, and I have hand would deliver them; but heard their groaning, and am they understood not.

come down to deliver them. 26 And the next day he And now, come, I will send shewed himself unto them as thee into Egypt. they strove, and would have 35 This Moses whom they set them at one again,d saying, refused, saying, Who made Sirs, ye are brethren; why do thee a raler and a judge ? the ye wrong one to another? same did God send to be a ru

27 But he that did his neigh- ler and a deliverer by the hand bour wrong thrust him away, of the angel which appeared saying, Who made thee a ru to him in the bush. ler and a judge over us ?

36 He brought them out, 28 Wilt thou kill me, as thou after that he shewed wonders killedst the Egyptian yester- and signs in the land of Egypt, day?

and in the Red sea, and in the 29 Then fled Moses at this wilderness forty years. saying, and was a stranger in

37 | This is that Moses, the land of Madian, where he which said unto the children begat two sons.

of Israel, A Prophet shall the 30 And when forty years


your God raise up unto were expired, there appeared you of your brethren, like unto to him, in the wilderness of me; him shall


hear. mount Sina, an angel of the

38 This is he that was in Lord in a flame of fire in a

the church in the wilderness

with the angel, which spake 31 When Moses saw it, he to him in the mount Sina, and wondered at the sight; and, as

with our fathers; who receivhe drew near to behold it, the ed the lively oracles to give d Set them at one again, would have

unto us : pacified and made them friends,

39 To whom our fathers



The history of


Israel ended, would not obey, but thrust him Jesus h into the possession of from them, and in their hearts the Gentiles, whom God drave turned back again into Egypt, out before the face of our fa

40 Saying unto Aaron, Make thers, unto the days of David; us gods to go before us; for as 46 Who found favour befor this Moses, which brought fore God, and desired to find a us out of the land of Egypt, we

tabernacle for the God of Jawote not what is become of cob. him.

47 But Solomon built him 41 And they made a calf in

an house. those days, and offered sacri 48 Howbeit, the Most High fice unto the idol, and rejoiced dwelleth not in temples made in the works of their own with hands; as saith the prohands.

phet, 42 Then God turned, and 49 Heaven is my throne, gave them up to worship the and earth ismy footstool, what host of heaven; as it is written house will ye build me ? saith in the book of the prophets, f the Lord; or, what is the 0 ye house of Israel, have ye place of my rest ? offered to me slain beasts and 50 Hath not my hand inade sacrifices by the space of forty all these things ? years in the wilderness ?

51 | Ye stiff-necked, and 43 Yea, ye took up the tab- ancircumcised in heart and ernacle of Moloch, and the star ears, ye do always resist the of your god Remphan, figures Holy Ghost; as your fathers which ye made to worship did, so do ye. them; and I will carry you 52 Which of the prophets away beyond Babylon. have not your fathers perse

44 Our fathers had the tab- cuted ? and they have slain ernacle of witnessg in the wil- them, which shewed before of derness, as he had appointed, the coming of the just One ;

of speaking unto Moses, that he whom ye have been now the should make it according to betrayers and murderers: the fashion, that he had seen: 53 Who have received the

45 Which also our fathers law by the disposition of anDat came after brought in with gels,i and have not kept it.

54 | When they heard e Wot not, know not. f Book of the prophets, see Amos v. b Jesus in this place means Joshua, 25---27.

who led the children of Israel into g Tabernacle of witness or testimo the possession of the Land of Canaan. ny, so called because in it were de- Jesus and Joshua, in the original, are posited the laws of God, and because

the same. it testified God's peculiar presence

i Disposition of angels. Amidst ranks with the Hebrews.

of attendant and worshipping angels.

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