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He appeareth to Mary Chap. XX. and his disciples.

10 Then the disciples went had seen the Lord, and that he away again unto their own had spoken these things unto home.

her. 11 1 But Mary stood with 19 4 Then the same day at out at the sepulchre, weeping; evening, being the first day of and, as she wept, she stooped the week, when the doors were down, and looked into the se- shut, where the disciples were pulchre,

assembled for fear of the Jews, 12 And seeth two ngels came Jesus, and stood in the in white sitting, the one at the midst, and saith unto them, head, and the other at the feet, Peace be onto you. where the body of Jesus had 20 And when he had so said, lain.

he shewed unto them his hands 13 And they say unto her, and his side. Then were the Woman, why weepest thou ? disciples glad, when they saw She saith unto them, because the Lord. they have taken away, my

21 Then said Jesus to them Lord, and I know not where again, Peace be unto you; as they have laid him.

my Father hath sent me, even 14 And when she had thus

so send I

you. said, she turned herself back, 22 And when he had said and saw Jesus standing, and this, breathed on them, and knew not that it was Jesus. saith unto them, Receive ye

15 Jesus saith unto her, the Holy Ghost; Woman, why weepest thou ? 23 Whosesoever sins ye rewhom seekest thou? She sup- mit, they are remitted unto posing him to be the gardener, them; and whosesoever sins saith unto him, Sir, if thou ye retain, they are retained. have borne him hence, tell me 24 ( But Thomas, one of where thou hast laid him, and the twelve, called Didymus, I will take him away.

was not with them when Jesus 16 Jesus saith unto her, came. Mary. She turned herself, 25 The other disciples, and saith unto him, Rabboni ; therefore, said unto him, "We which is to say, Master.

have seen the Lord. But he 17 Jesus saith unto her, said unto them, Except I shall Touch me not; for I am not see in his hands the print of yet ascended to my Father; the nails, and put my, finger but go

to my brethren, and say into the print of the nails, and unto them, I ascend unto my thrust my hand into his side, Father, and your Father; and I will not believe. to my God, and


God. 26 9 And after eight days, 18 Mary Magdalene came again his disciples were within, and told the disciples, that she and Thomas with them; then.

Thomas' unbelief. S. John. Miracle of the fishes. came Jesus, the doors being them, I go a fishing. They say shut, and stood in the midst, unto him, We also go with and said, Peace be unto you. thee. They went forth, and

27 Then saith he to Thomas, entered into a ship immediateReach hither thy finger, & be- ly; and that night they caught hold my hands; and reach hi- nothing. ther thy hand, & thrust it into 4 But when the morning was my side; and be not faithless, now come, Jesus stood on the but believing

shore ; but the disciples knew 28 And Thomas answered not that it was Jesus. and said unto him, My Lord, 5 Then Jesus saith unto and my God.

them, Children, have ye any 29 Jesus saith unto him, meat? They answered him, Thomas, because thou hast No. seen me thou hast believed ; 6 And he said unto them, blessed are they that have not Cast the net on the right side seen, and yet have believed. of the ship, and ye shall find.

30 And many other signs They cast, therefore ; and now truly did Jesus in the presence they were not able to draw it of his disciples, which are not for the multitude of fishes. written in this book :

♡ Therefore that disciple 31 But these are written, whom Jesus loved saith unte that ye might believe, that Je- Peter, It is the Lord. Now gus is the Christ, the Son of when Simon Peter heard that God; and that believing ye it was the Lord, he girt his might have life through his fisher's coat unto him, (for he

was naked,) and did cast him.

self into the sea. CHAP. XXI.

8 And the other disciples 1 Christ appeareth to his disci- came in a little ship; (for they

ples: 18 he foretelleth Peter's were not far from land, but as death.

it were two hundred cubits,) AFTER these things Jesus dragging the net with fishes. shewed himself again to the 9 As soon then as they were disciples at the sea of Tiberi- come to land, they saw a fire as; and on this wise shewed of coals there, and fish laid he himself

thereon, and bread. 2 There were together Si 10 Jesus saith unto them, mon Peter, and Thomas called Bring of the fish which ye Didymus, and Nathanael of have now caught. Cana in Galilee, and the sons 11 Simon Peter went up, & of Zebedee, and two other of drew the net to land full of his disciples.

great fishes, an hundred and 3 Simon Peter saith unto fifty and three; and for all


The apostles assemble: Chap. Exi. Christ instructs them. there were so many, yet was

but when thou shalt be old, not the net broken.

thou shalt stretch forth thy 12 Jesus saith unto them, hands, and another shall gird Come and dine. And none of thee, and carry thee whither his disciples durst ask him, thou wouldest not. Who art thou? knowing that 19 This spake he, signifyit was the Lord.

ing by what death he should 13 Jesus then cometh, and glorify God. And, when he taketh bread, and giveth them, had spoken this, he saith unto and fish likewise.

him, Follow me. 14 This is now the third 20 1 Then Peter, turning time that Jesus shewed him about, seeth the disciple whom self to his disciples, after that Jesus loved following; which he was risen from the dead. also leaned on his breast at

15 So when they had din- supper, and said, Lord, which ed, Jesus saith to Simon Peter, is he that betrayeth thee? Simon, son of Jonas, Lovest 21 Peter seeing him, saith thou me more than these ? He to Jesus, Lord, and what shall saith unto him, Yea, Lord; this man do? thou knowest that I love thee. 22 Jesus saith unto him, If He saith unto them, Feed my I will that he tarry till I come, lambs.

what is that to thee? follow 16 He saith to him again the second time, Simon, son of 23 Then went this saying Jonas, lovest thou me? He abroad among the brethren, saith unto him, Yea, Lord; that that disciple should not thou knowest that I love thee. die; yet Jesus said not unto He saith unto him, Feed my him, He shall not die ; but, If sheep.

I will that he tarry till I come, 17 He saith unto him the what is that to thee? third time, Simon, son of Jonas, 24 | This is the disciple lovest thou me ? Peter was which testifieth of these things, grieved because he said unto and wrote these things; and him the third time, Lovest we know that his testimony is thou me ? And he said unto true. him, Lord, thou knowest all 25 And there are also many things; thou knowest that I other things which Jesus did,

Jesus saith unto the which, if they should be him, Feed my sheep.

written every one,


suppose 18 Verily, verily, I say un- that even the world itself could to thee, When thou wast yourz, not contain the books that thou girdest thyself, and walk should be written. Amen. edst whither thou wouldest;

thou me.

love thee.



to the Acts.

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The Acts of the Apostles was written by St. Luke, as ap.
pears from the first verse, where, in addressing his friend
Theophilus, he mentions his former treatise, the Gospel of St.
Luke, in which he had given an account of all that Jesus began
both to do and teach, until the day in which, from the mount of
Olives, he ascended into heaven.

This, the last of the historical books, may be considered as a useful appendix to the Gospels, and a proper introduction to the Epistles. There is perhaps no history more interesting and extraordinary. It gives an account of the principal events relating to the church from the ascension of our Lord to thirty or thirty one years after, about which time it probably was written.

The two principal objects, for which st. Luke seems to have written this book, were-first, to give an authentic account of the effusion of the Holy Ghost, which Cbrist had frequently promised to his disciples, and which took place on the day of Pentecost, and of the first miracles by which the truth of the Christian religion was established; and secondly, to establish the claim of the Gentiles to the privileges and blessings of the church of Christ, a claim particularly contested by the Jews about this time; for they had no idea that a religion, revealed to them, could ever be designed for the Gentiles or heathen nations; but we find by the accounts here given, that the same Lord over all, is rich unto all that call upon him, whether thej be Jews or Gentiles.

In treating these subjects St. Luke gives an account of the wonderful perseverance, fidelity, sufferings, and success of the Apostles in the service of their Master, and the labours and journeys they performed in order to carry the glad tidings of the Gospel into every country. Here we see examples of piety and zeal, which it becomes all, who profess the name of Jesus, to study and imitate.

| THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES. 1A repetition of part of Christ's of all that Jesus began both to

history after his passion. 9 do and teach. Of his ascension.

2 Until the day in which he THE former treatise a have was taken up, after that he

I made, O Theophilus, through the Holy Ghost had a Former treatise, St. Luke's Gospel, given commandments unto the which was also addressed to his friend apostles whom he had chosen: Theophilus.

% To whom also he shewed


of me.

A repetition of part

Chap. i.

of Christ's history. himself alive after his passion b the Father hath put in his own by many infallible proofs,c be- power. ing seen of them forty days, & 8 But


shall receive powspeaking of the things pertain- er, after that the Holy Ghost ing to the kingdom of God:

is come upon you;

and ye shall 4 And, being assembled to be witnesses unto me,g both in gether with them, commanded Jerusalem, and in all Judea, them that they should not de- and in Samaria, and unto the part from Jerusalem, but wait uttermost part of the earth. for the promise of the Father,d 9 And when he had spoken which, saith he, ye have heard these things,while they beheld,

he was taken


and a cloud 5 For John truly baptized received him out of their sight. with water; but ye shall be 10 And while they looked baptized with the Holy Ghost stedfastly toward heaven as he not many days hence.

went up, behold, two men stood *6 When they, therefore, by them in white apparel ; were come together, they ask 11 Which also said, Ye men ed of him, saying, Lord, wilt of Galilee, why stand ye gazthou at this time restore again ing up into heaven? this same the kingdom to Israel Pe Jesus, which is taken


from And he said unto them, It you into heaven, shall so come is not for you to know the in like manner as


have seen times or the seasons ; f which


into heaven.

12 4 Then returned they b Passion here means death.

unto Jerusalem from the mount c. The infallible proofs, which our called Olivet, which is from Saviour, after his death and resurrec

Jerusalem sabbath-day's tion, gave his apostles of his real person and presence, were walking, con

journey.h versing, and eating with them, and

13 And when they were requesting them to handle him. come in, they went up into an

The promise of the Father, the upper room, where abode both gift of the Holy Spirit.

Peter, and James, and John, é Restere again the kingdom to Israel, & Andrew, Philip, & Thomas, the kingdom of Israel, or the govern- Bartholomew, and Matthew, ment of the Jews being at this time in the hands of the Romans. This

James the son of Alpheus, and expression shows, that even the dis

Simon Zelotes, and Judas the ciples of Jesus were yet ignorant of

brother of James. the nature of that kingdom, which 14 These all continued with he came to establish; for they were expecting he would vanquish the Romans, and reestablish their own gov

g Witnesses unto me, that I am in

deed the Saviour. f Times and seasons of restoring to b Sabbath-day's journey, nearly three the Jews their kingdom.



quarters of a mile.

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