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HE object, which the compiler of this work had principally in view, was→→ the improvement of youth in Reading, and Speaking. For this end, he has endeavoured to felect examples in almoft every species of compofition, and fuch as may exercise all thofe feelings of the foul, and all that diverfity of voice and gefture, upon which a just and graceful Elocution depends.-The arrangement adopted, is fuch as, he conceived, would be moft agreeable and advantageous. The student will here find an entertaining variety; and, applying himself to the Leffons in Profe and Verfe alternately, he will proceed, by a gentle gradation, from those which are fimple and easy, to the most complex and difficult.*


* A plan of this nature, was thought more eligible, than that of claffing the Leffons under feparate heads according to their fpecies (as narrative, didactic, &c.); fuch a difpofition being by no means effential to improvement, and producing a tedious uniformity, of which the natural confequences is-to tire and disgust.


THE Appendix contains a confiderable number of beautiful paffages from dramatic writers. As the fentiments they exprefs, are pointed out by fuitable titles, and are, in general, pure and unmixed, they may, if duly attended to, be of fingular utility, in ftudying the modes of utterance peculiar to different To thefe are movements of the mind. added, as proper concluding pieces, The Paffons, by Collins; and, Garrick's Ode on Shakespeare.

As the Sacred Writings are in every one's hands, no extracts have been made from them: neither have any dialogues from Plays been inferted; because a competent number of fuch examples would have excluded more important matter, or, by confiderably enlarging the work, have made it too bulky and expensive for general use.

THE neceffity of comprising a great variety within the bounds of a moderate volume, and of rendering every piece as complete as poffible, will, it is hoped, be a fufficient apology for deviating, in feveral inftances, from the originals.

A reader derives much advantage from correct punctuation. By marking out the true connection between the different parts of a sentence, paragraph, or difcourfe, he is


enabled to difcern more readily the precife meaning of the author; and, of confequence, can express his ideas and fentiments with greater eafe and juftnefs. Particular regard has been, therefore, paid to this article.

THE Compiler has only to add, that he does not with this Selection fhould be confidered merely as a School-book. The fources from which he has derived the materials, and his endeavours to render the performance in every respect deferving notice, encourage him to hope, that it will not only prove an useful affiftant in the ftudy of Elocution, but contribute, alfo, to the amusement of every Perfon of Tafte, who may give it a perufal.


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