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when a pleasant thing is faid, and afk, Well! and what then? Men of wit and parts fhould treat one another with benevolence; and I will lay it down as a maxim, that if you feem to have a good opinion of another man's wit, he will allow you to have judgment.

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A rich,

had taken fhelter in the Canaries. Blake receiving intelligence of it, immediately made fail towards them. He found them in the bay of Santa Cruz, difpofed in a formidable pofture. The bay was fecured with a strong castle, well provided with cannon; befides feven forts in feveral parts of it, all united by a line of communication, manned with mufqueteers. Don Diego Diagues, the Spanish admiral, ordered all his fmaller veffels to moor close to the shore, and pofted the larger galleons farther off, at anchor, with their broadfides to the fea.

BLAKE was rather animated, than daunted, with this appearance. The wind feconded his courage, and, blowing full into the bay, in a moment brought him among the thickeft of his enemies. After a refiftance of four hours, the Spaniards yielded to English valour, and abandoned their fhips; which were fet on fire, and confumed, with all their treafure. The greatest danger, to the English, ftill remained.

remained. They lay under the fire of the caftle, and all the forts; which muft, in a little time, have torn them to pieces. But the wind, fuddenly shifting, carried them out of the bay; where they left the Spaniards in astonishment, at the happy temerity of their audacious victors.

THIS was the laft, and greatest action of the gallant Blake. He was confumed with a dropfy and fcurvy, and haftened home, that he might yield up his breath in his native country, which he had fo much adorned by his valour. As he came within fight of land, he expired. Never man, fo zealous for a faction, was fo much respected and efteemed, even by the oppofite factions. He was, by principle, an inflexible republican; but amidst all the truft and careffes which he received from the ruling powers, they were thought to be very little grateful to him." It is still our duty," he said to the feamen, "to fight for our country, into what hands foever "the government may fall." Difinterested, generous, liberal; ambitious only for true glory; dreadful only to his avowed enemies; he forms one of the most perfect characters of the age, and the leaft ftained with thofe errors and violences, which were then fo predominant. The Protector ordered him a pompous funeral, at the public charge: but the tears of his countrymen, were the most honourable panygeric on his memory.




HERE is but one God; the Author, the

Τ Creator, the Governor of the world; al

mighty, eternal, and incomprehenfible.

THE fun is not God, though his nobleft image. He enlighteneth the world, with his brightness; his warmth giveth life, to the products of the earth. Admire him as the creature, the inftrument of God; but worship him not.

To the one, who is fupreme, moft wife and beneficent, and to him alone, belong worship, adoration, thanksgiving, and praise.

WHO hath ftretched forth the heavens, with his hand who hath described, with his finger, the courses of the stars.

WHO fetteth bounds to the ocean, that it cannot pass: and faith unto the stormy winds, Be ftill.

WHO shaketh the earth; and the nations tremble: who darteth his lightnings; and the wicked are difmayed.

WHO calleth forth worlds, by the word of his mouth who fmiteth with his arm; and they fink into nothing.

"O! reverence the majefty of the Omnipotent: " and tempt not his anger, left thou be destroyed."

THE providence of God, is over all his works: he ruleth, and directeth, with infinite wisdom.


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He hath inftituted laws, for the government of the world he hath wonderfully varied them, in all beings; and each, by his nature, conformeth to his will.

In the depths of his mind, he revolveth all knowledge: the fecrets of futurity, le open before him.

THE thoughts of thy heart, are naked to his view: he knoweth thy determinations, before they are made.

WITH refpect to his prefcience, there is nothing contingent with refpect to his providence, there is nothing accidental.

WONDERFUL he is in all his ways; his counfels are infcrutable; the manner of his knowledge, tranfcendeth thy conception.

"PAY therefore, to his wifdom, all honour and "veneration; and bow down thyfelf, in humble and "fubmiffive obedience, to his fupreme direction.”

THE Lord is gracious and beneficent: he hath created the world, in mercy and love.

His goodness is confpicuous in all his works: he is the fountain of excellence, the centre of perfection.

THE creatures of his hand declare his goodness; and all their enjoyments fpeak his praife. He clotheth them with beauty; he supporteth them with food; he preferveth them, with pleasure, from generation to generation.

IF we lift up our eyes to the heavens, his glory fhineth forth: if we caft them down upon the earth, it is full of his good nefs. The hills and the valleys, rejoice and fing; fields, rivers, and woods, refound his praise.

BUT thee, O man! he hath diftinguished, with peculiar favour; and exalted thy ftation, above all


He hath endowed thee with reafon, to maintain thy dominion; he hath fitted thee with language, to improve by fociety; and exalted thy mind, with the powers of meditation, to contemplate and adore his inimitable perfections.

AND, in the laws he hath ordained as the rule of thy life, fo kindly hath he fuited thy duty to thy nature, that obedience to his precepts is happiness to thyfelf.

"O! praise his good nefs, with fongs of thanksgiving; and meditate, in filence, on the won"ders of his love. Let thy heart overflow, with "gratitude and acknowledgment; let the language of thy lips, fpeak praise and adoration; let the ac"tions of thy life, fhow thy love to his law."

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THE Lord is juft and righteous; and will judge. the earth, with equity and truth.

HATH he established his law, in goodnefs and mercy, and fhall he not punish the tranfgreflors thereof?

O! think not, bold man, because thy punishment is delayed, that the arm of the Lord is weakened;


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