Book of Edward Christian Mythology (Volume II: God Does Not Change)

JVED Publishing, 2005 - 356 sider
Today, Christianity is steeped in mythology and Christians are unwittingly headed towards Hell instead of Heaven. They are far away from God and HIS Word. How would you answer these three questions: 1) Do you pray to Jesus? 2) Do you worship Jesus? 3) Do you give all the glory to Jesus? If you've answered yes to even one, you do not know God, HIS only human begotten Son or HIS Word. Many Christians have been programmed with mythology as explained in 2 Timothy and 2 Thessalonians. However, Jesus taught: 1) Pray to God the Father [Matthew 6:6]. 2) Worship only God the Father [Matthew 4:10]. 3) That he comes in his Father's glory [Mark 8:38]. Inside Volume II (God Does Not Change), you'll learn that Jesus did not change God. You'll learn why the trinity and salvation doctrines are false and lead Christians to Hell. You'll also learn the true gift of Jesus and that the Holy Bible is actually a book mainly about God and not Jesus. Let Scripture educate your heart. Volume II of a four volume set that deals with Faith, Prophecy and Christology. Over 1367 Scriptures are cited and there are 238 illustrations/tables/lists in the entire four volume set.

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Understanding Gods Word
Rationalization of Mankind
The False Trinity Doctrine
Gods Eternal Character
The False Salvation Doctrine
A Light On My Path
The Gift of Jesus
Volume IV

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