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the University of California, was gradnated at David- Fought, who goes to Indiana University as assistant. son College, N. C., in 1884. He took his Master's

R. W. Coddington, of Union City, has been elected Degree in Greek Philosophy at Princeton, N. J., and

principal of the high school in Knoxville, Tenn., at a was Fellow in Greek in the same university.

salary of $1,500 per year, and Miss Carrie Willard, of Miss Annie Shaffer, a graduate of the Lock Haven the same place, has accepted an offer to take charge High School, and formerly a teacher in that city, was of the musical department of Idianola College, Ia. recently nominated at a county convention at Chip

C. W. Hills, of Pentwater, has become assistant pewa Falls, Wis., for superintendent of schools.

principal in the Ferris Industrial School, vice F. D. C. P. Garrison has been elected superintendent of Smith who leaves for the State of Washington. Supt. the school of Du Bois City, Pa.

Lewis of Muskegon Heights has taken the Pentwater Miss M. E. Cotting, for several years training schools. school principal in Lynn, Mass., is elected kinder

Miss Nellie Jordan, of Kalamazoo, has been engarten training school teacher for Providence, Rhode

gaged as teacher in the Lansing High School. Island.

Hon. John G. Harris, State Superintendent of PubGertrude C. Ellis, formerly a teacher in the Clover- lic Instruction of Alabama, will resign his office on dale schools, Cal., has been nominated for Superin-the 30th day of November next, and Hon. John O. tendent of Schools in Austin, Minn.

Turner will be elected in his stead. Prof. J. H, Alumbaugh, formerly a teacher in the

Prof. J. D. Shaw, late of Parker county, is principal Hunt county public schools, is professor of English, of school at Proctor, Comanche county, Tex. History, Mathematics and Natural Science, in Cal

The principal of the new normal school at Jamaica, N. houn College, Tex.

Y., is to be Archibald Charles McLachlan, the institute Prof. W. A. Stuckey, an A. B. from the University

conductor. He was graduated from Hamilton Colof South Carolina, and an A. M. from Vanderbilt, is

lege in 1881, was for nine years superintendent of President of Calhoun College, Kingston, Tex.

schools in Seneca Falls, and has proved very popular Mr. C. B. Kelly, principal at Port Allegheny, was in the institute work. He is a man of sterling characmarried lately to Miss Isabelle M. Diffenbach, of ter and of Christian refinement, a fervent orator, and Renovo.

an energetic executive. 0. J. Cory, of North Baltimore, has been called to the superintendency at Bloomville, Ohio.

Hints. Principal Louis Rhoton, formerly of the Fort Steele school, Little Rock, is promoted to the principalship

Desk Work--A Game of Words. of the high school, and the teaching force augmented

The children were so interested in arranging words alphaby the addition of A. C. Youmans, recently of Johnsbetically, that the teacher tried another plan. She assignHopkins. Several changes in ward principalship were ed certain paragraphs, sometimes a whole lesson, the made there this year.

words of which were to be arranged alphabetically. То Captain J. R. Anthony will leave Crawfordville, mark it she simply wrote the alphabet on the blackboard, and, in conjunction with Mr. R. C. Woodard, will and asked, "How many A's?” Some pupil gave the numestablish a normal and business school at Adel, Ga. ber of words beginning with A he had written, and she Rev. John C. Kilgo, the new president of Trinity placed the figure representing that number by the A on

the blackboard. If others had found a larger number, College, was installed by appropriate and impressive

there was a vigorous waying of hands. It it was doubted ceremonies on September 19.

that a child had found as many words as he claimed, then Geo. B. Miller, a gradu: dent in Leland Stan- he was called on to read his list. Otherwise merely the ford University, has been elected professor of mathe-number was given. Those who had less than the right matics in Vincennes University, to succeed Prof. John number marked it with a cross to show a mistake. Each

letter was taken in turn this way. Pupils whose slates Oswego College, the Presbyterian Female College of were correct were rewarded by showing them to the teacher Kansas, begins her new school year with an increase in or proudly writing their names on the blackboard. It was enrollment of nearly 50 per cent. The dormitory is now full considered a game and enjoyed as such.

and a new dormitory must be built.

Valuable Hints.

Supt. Albert E. Jenninngs of Manistee is the nominee for Superintendent of Public Instruction on the Democratic

ticket, Michigan. Do not ask questions in rotation.

Do not point to the pupil you wish to answer, while giv- Miss Anna M. Earle, of Philadelphia, is the fortunate ing the question.

winner of the Oxford Summer Meeting Scholarship of $150, Do not even look fixedly at the pupil whom you wish to established by the American visitors and students present answer, while giving the question.

at the Oxford Meeting of 1892, to defray the expenses of an State questions to the class as a whole; ask one member American Extension student to coming meeting in August. for the answer.

Five papers were forwarded to Mr. Sadler in competition Do not wait an instant for the answer, when reviewing for the Scholarship, and Mr. G. N. Richardson, lecturer at most subjects.

Oriel and Pembroke Colleges, one of the examiners, wrote Do not look steadily at the pupil who is answering.

that Miss Earle's "paper is distinctly the best." Do not repeat a question to oblige those who are inattentive.-James C. Hughes.

Bobby-"Papa, are you a Christian?

Papa-"I can't tell now, sonny; wait till this putting-up A Spelling Exercise.

stove season is over.-—"Courier Journal.

1. Spell six words that describe a circle and its parts. The late Judge William Walter Phelps bequeathed $190,

2. Spell the names of the coins in common use in the ooo to Yale University to be used for a building on the United States.

campus . 3. Spell the names of the divisions of land used in the study of geography; also the names of the bodies of water. The Denver schools, Colorado, open September 4th,

4. Spell the names of the vegetables used for food in with an increase of about 4,000 over that of last year. The your town or city.

increase is no doubt due, in a great measure, to the adop5. Spell the names of the varieties of meat eaten by the tion of free text-books for the schools. The high schools people of the United States.

are over-crowded. 6. Spell the names of all the trees that grow in your

A meeting of Normal School principals will be held neighborhood.

in Harrisburg, December 11th, at the call of State Super7. Spell the names of six flowers you most admire.

intendent Schaeffer. 8. Spell the names by which triangles are known. 9. Spell the names of ten animals you know.

Superintendent S. T. Dutton of Brookline called his 10 Spell and give correctly the abbreviations for a mar- teachers together at the opening of the school year and deried lady.-Central School Journal.

livered an address, which is understood to be the first of a

series of annual addresses. One member of the board has Educational Intelligence. published it at private expense for extended distribution. It

is an admirable address.

Miss Gale, principal of a select school for young ladies SCHOOL BOARDS MUST PAY THE Tax.--Harrisburg, in Napa, Cal.,was burned to death on the evening of Septem. Pa.,-Attorney-General Hensel has instructed Superintenber 25th. A fire broke out in the building occupied by her dent of Public Instruction Schaeffer that School Boards isand before assistance could reach her she perished. Miss suing school bonds containing the words, "free from all Gale was fifty-three years of age and a native of Scot- taxation," are required to pay tax on the bonás. land. She went to Napa thirty.five years ago. For many this form of bond establishes a contract between the board years she was connected with the Napa Ladies' College as and the owner of the bonds to relieve him from any tax on teacher of classics and music.

them, and that the board is liable for the State tax.

Alfred Holbrook has entered on his fortieth year as pres- they say it is literally the finest. The laboratories are as ident of the National Normal at Lebanon, Ohio. He is in good as architect and principal knew how to plan. The his seventy-ninth year and yet retains his old-time vigor faculty is strengthened by the addition of Dr. James H. and enthusiasm. He has now in preparation a new book Shultz, Miss Agnes Coany, Miss Mary A. Lathrop, and entitled "Pedagogical Psychology."

Dr. F. B. Dresslar—all eminently qualified for the special

departments. The New York State Normal College honThe will of Mrs. Miranda W. Lux, of San Francisco, ored itself this summer by making Principal Edward T. provides for a fund of one million dollars or more for the Pierce Doctor of Pedagogy. promotion of schools of manual training for both sexes. Louis Sloss, A[rs. Sarah B. Cooper, Charles Holbrook, Yale has dispensed with graduation exercises. Many George C. Sargent and Thomas B. Bishop are appointed considerations commiend, and many condemn the act. trustees, and in the language of the legacy are authorized Whatever may be said of these higher schools, we believe to "receive, invest and keep invested, the said trust fund the graduation excercises of the district schools to be helpand property, and after paying out of the income thereof ful and wholesome. Not the least of its benefits is the all necessary or proper expenses connected therewith, to nurture of the esprit du corps in the school.-Western apply the balance of the income to the promotion of School Journal. schools for manual training, industrial training and for teaching trades to young people of both sexes, in the State The Indianapolis Academy for boys opened September of California, and particularly in the city and county of 19. This is a new school, with A. P.H. Bloomer,a Prince. San Francisco, it being my desire to assist in furnishing ton man, as head master. The school maintains a full facilities for the education of young children from the time four years' course, and does high grade academic work. they leave the kindergarten schools, and while they are still quite young, in what is known as 'manual training,' Superintendent-elect Jordan, of Arkansas, will assume and in all kinds of training looking to the acquisition of the duties of the office with the opening of the new year. useful trades by and through which habits of industry will His friends all predict a successful administration. It is be acquired and practical knowledge of those things which to be hoped that he may carry enough influence with the are useful in earning a living may be acquired, and I here- legislature to secure the establishment of a distinctively by give to my said trustees the fullest discretion in the ex- normal school. penditures of said net income, so that the greatest good may be accomplished, and to that end they may, if they The late Professor Cooke two years ago made a will, givthink best, use such portion of said income from time to ing Harvard College a reversionary interest in his estate, time as they deem expedient in connection with the public which would have amounted to about $250,000. Last schools in aid of the ends aforementioned."

year, on account of the hard times, the college authorities

dismissed from the staff of instructors two of the Profes. St. Mary's College, Oakland, one of the largest and sor's relatives, with others, and on this account, a codicil finest school buildings in California was destroyed by fire to the will was made, in which the bequest to the college the night of September 23d.

was taken away.

The lady students in Chicago University study domestic The normal school at Cedar Falls, Iowa, has a larger sciences, which include plumbing, ventilating, heating and number of students than ever before in its history. With draining a house ; the study of water, food and clothing the addition of three new teachers to the faculty, the work from a scientific point of view; dieting and food adultera- is still larger than it ought to be. tions; and the administrations of a household. Why not teach the young men the same ?

Some years ago the Universalists opened in Logansport

Smithson College. This was intended by them to be a The Los Angeles Normal School, California, opens with national university. It soon failed because of lack of supmore than 400 normal students, and 425 in the train port. The property has lain idle for a number of years. ing department. The new ! si ding is a great success. Professor Michaels of Boston has just purchased it, and The assembly-room is one of the finest halls in America - I will open a large business college.

62 years.

Cornell has abandoned term examination and will here. equals 1 time Jennie's age then; hence the time that will after promote on term marks and term tests.

elapse must be 6 times Jennie's present age.

If she is 1, 2, 3, 4, or a years old now, the time will be The faculty of the Pierce School of Business now con- 6, 12, 18, 24

J. M. PEOPLES. sists of twenty-six instructors and six officers and clerks. Prof. E. R. Musselman, former vice principal of Trenton 117. Analyze, Business College, and Prof. L. V. Maurer, who so satis- "There's not a white hair on you face but should have factorily taught the Christian Association classes in commer its effect of gravity." cial branches at Germantown and elsewhere, and Prof.

There Francis E. Heller, former manager of Stotz's Emporium,

hair white Brodheadsville, are now instructors in the business course.


is i on face | your The Topeka schools began the year's work on Septem

but ber 17, with 401 enrolled in the high school, and over

x 1 5,000 in the city. The new high-school is a joy forever.

should have effect of gravity

its The Toledo Board of Education has unanimously employed the entire corps of city teachers for a term of two This is a compound expression and the word “but” years.-Ex.

connects the clauses.

"There" is an independent adverb used to introduce the Kansas Wesleyan University has 300 students, and sentence, and the subject of the last clause is understood. Bethel College(Mennonite), at Newton, has 100.


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115. Analyze, The Secretary of the Navy has settled the question for

"Whom should I obey but thee." some time in dispute as to the headship of the Astronomi

Il cal Observatory at Washington by appointing to the posi. tion William Harkness, M. D., LL. D., of the Lafayette

whom class of '58.

should obey | but thee

But is used as a preposition, meaning except. The enrollment of students at Washington and Jefferson

T. J. M. College is the largest that has been made since the united colleges were located in Washington in 1869.

How do these two questions difter?

a. Four times a number equals three times the same

number plus 5. For larger salaries or change of location, address Teach

b. Four times a number equals three times the same ers' Co-Operative Association, 70 Dearborn St., Chicago

number, plus 5. Orville Brewer, Manager.

Let N be the number, then

(a) means 4 times = 3 times (N + 5) Query Column.

(b) means 4 times N= 3 times N +5

In the first case it would be better to use the words, inANSWERS. creased by instead of plus.


Answered also by E. J. Henninger. 114 Three times Jennie's age equals 38 of Gertie's age; in how many years will Gertie be just twice as old as Jen

QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED nie? An indeterminate problem.

128. Analyze, Difference = 7 times Jennie's present age

"The morn, in russet mantle clad,

age (2d condition) Walks o'er the dew on yon high eastern hill.” As the difference is constant, 7 times Jennie's age now!

B. H. H.


to breeding with reference to intellectual accomplishment.

We see by comparing the creature with the elephant, which A traveling photographer made a daguerreotype of a practically has never been bred in captivity that the equine comparatively obscure man in Illinois in 1851. The man mind is, from the point of view of rationality, very feeble. was Abraham Lincoln, and the picture is the earliest like. From "The Horse," by Prof. N. S. Shaler, in the Novemness of him in existence, and is published for the first time ber Scribner. in McClure's Magazine for November.

John Kendrick Bangs' quaint humor is to enliven the

WOMEN AT Her PHYSICAL BEST.-The question as to pages of The Ladies' Home Journal with a series of twelve the mental and physical ripeness of womanhood is not one articles depicting the club talk of four men about women's that can in its physical aspect be answered arbitrarily, and affairs. Mr. Bangs calls this club "The Paradise Club," I prefer to consider the physical side first, for the sake of its -"paradise,” he says, "because no

woman nor serpent antithesis, writes E. Barr in the November Ladies' Home ever entered into it."

Journal. Climate, heredity, constitutional tendencies, the

influence of home, of nurses, of teachers, localities and McClure's Magazine for November opens the promised ossociations are all important factors, and influences on Napoleon series with fifteen portraits of Napoleon in early maturity so variable as to be beyond estimating. But it is manhood, most of them reproductions of famous paintings, quite safe to say that in temperate climates and under orand portraits of his father and mother, and other persons dinarily favorable circumstances, a women is physically at closely related to or intimately associated with him, accom- her highest point of perfection from the age of twenty-five panying an interesting account, by Miss Ida M. Tarbell, of to thirty-five. his career down to the time he assumed command of the army in Italy. The portraits are from a very large and

STRYCHNINE AS AN ANTIDOTE.- According to a note in carefully chosen collection made by the Hon. Gardiner C. Hubbard, and Mr. Hubbard himself introduces them with

Cosmos, Paris, September 22, this powerful poison has a valuable letter describing the classification and varying effects of two others quite as deadly, namely, the venom of

been recently employed with success to counteract the merits of the existing portraits of Napoleon.

the cobra and the poison of poisonous fungi. An Austra

lian physician has demonstrated its value in the former inThe magazine and the newspapers have given a great deal of space to the War in the East, but the views of rep in the latter, subcutaneous injections of minute quantities

stance, and a German has used it with remarkable results resentative Japanese have not been heard. The Arena for

of strychnine mushroom poisoning as if by enchantment. November gives the place of honor to Kuma Oishi, A. M., Ph. D., a famous Japanese scholar, who considers "The Causes which Led to the War in the East," from the stand- STATE OF OHIO, COX OF TOLEDO,} point of his nationality. In view of possible European complications as the outcome of the conflict, this paper will

FRANK J. CHENEY makes oath that he is the senior partner

of the firm of F. J. Cheney & Co, doing business in the City be read with interest, both in the United States and on the

of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, and that the said other side of the Atlantic.

firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for

each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the A SCIENTIST'S POOR OPINION OF HORSE INTELLIGENCE.


FRANK J. CAENEY. --The mental peculiarities of the horse are much less characteristic than its physical. It is, indeed, the common

Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence, this 6th

day of December, A. D., 1886. opinion, among those who do not know the animal well, that it is endowed with much sagacity, but no experienced


Notary Public. and careful observer is likely to maintain this opinion. All such students find the intelligence of the horse to be very Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts directly on limited. Although some part of this mental defect in the the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testi

F. J. CAENEY & CO., Toledo, O: horse, causing its actions to be widely contrasted with those monials, free. of the dog, may be due to a lack of deliberate training and 5 Sold by Druggists, 75c.



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