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LITERARY AND SOIENTIFIC able number, containing more than one hundred and

twenty distinct illustrations in the highest style of art. It The United States Geological Survey reports the coa! continues chapter X. and gives among others the educational production of the country for 1892 as

exhibit of New South Wales, educational exhibits of Vas.

179,000,000 tons, valued at the mines at $207,566,381. The value of the sar College, Pennsylvania School of Industrial Art, Berlin coal product of the United States is nearly four times the University of Anatomy, Pennsylvania Working Home for value of the silver product.

the Blind, School for the Deaf, Japan, and others.

Chapter XI. deals with the Woman's Department and ELECTION OF A New PRESIDENT IN SWITZERLAND.

gives many excellent illustrations of the work of women as The new president of Switzerland, recently elected, is Emil sculptors, painters, etc., with excellent portraits of noted Frey, who emigrated to this country, and in 1861

women, many of whom were instrumental in securing the farm hand in Illinois. When the war broke out he en

success of the Fair. listed as a private in the Union army, and faithfully served until the close of hostilities, having participated in several

Do people really love trashy literature, or do they read of the principal battles, and endured imprisonment in it chiefly because it is cheap and easily accessible ? Much Libby and other Southern prisons. After the war he re. light is thrown on this inquiry by the experience of The turned to Switzerland, where his excellent education, vig. Forum, which is the very furthest remove from sensation orous and useful career as a journalist, soon brought him alism. This leading monthly reduced its price from $5 to to the front among the public men of his country, and now $3 a year, and discovered almost instantly that the number he has received the high honor of election to the presidency.

of readers of serious literature in the United States was
great—or well-nigh as great—as the number of the readers

of the popular" magazines.
New Proors of OLD FACTS.—The Compound Oxygen
Treatment is nearly twenty-five years old. Its valuable
remedial properties have long been known and acknowl. The February number of Worthington's Magazine is
edged. But we are constantly receiving new testimonials one of the best ever published; bright, fresh, and full of
as to its efficiency in curing diseases which have, in many interesting articles, with fine press work and artistic illus-
cases been pronounced incurable.
We give below one of these:

trations that add greatly to the attractiveness of its pages. "Please accept my sincere gratitude for the restored life For this month the publishers offer to send a specimen of happiness and health, and vigor and usefulness that copy of a recent number, for four cents in postage stamps. the Compound Oxygen has certainly given me.

"While I was considered a healthy child I was known $2.50 per year; 25 cents a single number. For sale by to be dyspeptic from babyhood. It was inherited. For all newsdealers. Send to A. D. Worthington & Co., Harttwo years I was confined almost constantly to the lounge. ford, Conn. For more than four years I did not know a moment free from pain. All this time dyspepsia continued its ravages

Subscriptions for this choice Magazine will be received except when temporarily relieved and aggravated other and forwarded by the publishers of the EDUCATIONAL serious disorders.

NEWS. "My friends and physicians thought I would never cover. To-day I am entirely cured of dyspepsia, can There is more Catarch in this section of the country than joy articles of food that I never dared use before in my all other diseases put together, and until the last few years life. For the past year I have been up and going in ease was supposed to be inenrable. For a great many years docand health, with sufficient vigor to take some part in do- tors pronounced it a local disease, and prescribed local rememestic work of the most laborious nature. . As my strength pronounced it incurable. Science has proven catarrh to be

dies, and by constantly failing to cure with local treatment, continues to improve, since leaving off Oxygen, I feel that a constitutional disease and therefore requires constitutional I can conscientiously reconimend ihe treatment, not only treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. to cure, (provided the doctors directions are observed) but Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitutional cure

on the market. It is taken internally in doses from 10 drops to be lasting in its beneficial effects.

to a teaspoouful. It acts directly on the blood and mucous Miss JAMIE MAGRUDER, surfaces of the system. They offer one hundred dollars for Oak Hill, Fla. any case it fails to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials.

Address, Send for book of 200 pages, sent free which will give all

F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. needed information, testimonials, etc.



19 Sold by Druggists, 760. Drs. Starkey & Palen, 1529 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa, San Francisco, Cal., Toronto, Canada.

TEACHERS' WORLD. Part seven of Bancroft's Book of the Fair is an admir

Filled with bright, prec
tical, USABLe material.
We think you will liko il

Bonnar. Le TR
MJE BENTS PULCO, 13 Astor Place, IL



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Remember one thing about excellence in pneumatic tires.

There must be an inner tube removable through the rim. Victors are built that way and they lead the world.

The most elegant bicycle catalog ever seen is yours if you say so.



SPECIAL AGENTS, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia.



STUDY. LATIN ard GREEK at sight,


Sample pages and Catalogue of School Books, free. C DESILVER & SONS, Pubs., Phila Pa. Address all orders, wholesale or retail, to J. B. LIPP INCOTT CO., 715 Market St., Thila., Pa Experienced and Successful

TEACHERS prepared for Supervisory Positions or Public Work. Classes limited. Personal instruction if desired.

Also Courses of Lessons in Psychology and New Methods of Teaching, beginning Jan. 1st, May 1st, and Sept. 1st. For terms, etc.; address

LELIA E. PATRIDGE, Institute Instructor, and

Author of "Quincy Methods,': 6332 Union Ave., Englewood, 11,

lave You

Van's Mexican Hair Restorative Will restore it to its Perfect Natural Color. This we Positively Guarantee. It will remove all Dandruff, Heal all Sores, Stop all Hair from Falling Out. Cures Baldness, where it is possible to be done, and Cools Head and Brain. It is no Dye, and is warranted absolutely free from SUGAR OF LEAD or anything injurious whatever. Money refunded if it does not do everything that is claimed for it. Sent to any address on receipt of price, $1.00 per Bottle. Full information free. Agents


Gray Hair ? ALLEN & CO.


& ,

Room 312, Inter-Ocean Building,


[blocks in formation]

Teachers' Ageney

Paid Teachers. No books or novelties.

Address “R," Lock Box 66, Cleveland, O.


270-272 WABASH AVE.




TEACHERS WANTED For every department of instruction by the Southern Educational Bureau, Mem. phis, Tenn. Large number of vacancies reported from the best schools of the South and Southwest,


OF American and Foreign Teachers, Professors, and Musicians of both sexes, for Universities, Colleges, Schools, Families and Churches. Circulars of choice schools carefully recommended to parents. Selling and renting of school property.

E. MIRIAM COYRIKRE, 105 Fifth Avenue, cor. 20th St., New York Clty



Burthe Oxford Improved SINGER Ser

ing Machine, with complete set of attachments and guaranteed for 10 years. Shipped any

where on 31) daya' trial. No money troured in advance. 75.000 Dow in un. World's Fair Medal awarded. Buy from factory, save dealers' and agents' profit Write to-day for our LARGE FREE CATALOGUE

Oxford Mfg. Co., 312 Wabash Ave., Chicago, III.

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Be Sure to Read This Page
Special Inducements.

Good for 60 Days. In order to increase our circulation largely, we offer the following special inducements to all new subscribers to the EDUCATIONAL NEWS. 1. We will send the weekly Educational News, a trial

trial subscription, one year for one dollar. 2. For $1.50 and 10 cents for postage, we will send the weekly Edu.

$ cational News for one year and a copy of Raub's Methods of Teaching, worth $1.50.

3. For $1.30 and 8 cents for postage, we will send the weekly Educational News and any one of the premium books named in the following list.



1. Robinson Crusoe.

II. Grimm's Household Stories. 21. John Halifax, Gentleman. 2. Arabian Nights Entertainments. 12. Pickwick Papers.

22. Tennyson's Poems. 3. Swiss Family Robinson. 13. Speeches of Webster.

23. Plain Thoughts on the Art of Liv4. Don Quixote. 14. Life of Daniel Webster.

ing. 5. Vicar of Wakefield. 15. Life of Washington.

24. Æsop's Fables. 6. Dickens' Child's History of England. 16. Life of Patrick Henry.

25. Swineford's Literature for Begin7 Last Days of Pompeii.

17. Jane Eyre. 8. Ivanhoe. 18. Lucille.

26. Hints and Helps on English Gram9. Tom Brown's School Days at Rugby. 19: Anderson's Fairy Tales. 10. Grimm's Popular Tales.

20. Tom Brown at Oxford. Please note that the EDUCATIONAL News is a weekly journal during 10 months of the year, and a semi-monthly dur ing July and August. Forty-eight issues, 768 pages, of the paper, constitute a year.

Note also that the books named as premiums are all standard works, well-bound in cloth, and sold usually at a dollar or more each.

We pay postage and deliver free to any post office in the United States.

We will, if you wish, send paper free one month on trial, when money may be sent for both paper and premium, on the receipt of which the book will be forwarded at once by mail, and the News continued through the year.

These offers are good for 60 days from the receipt of this sample number.

HINTS AND HELPS ON ENGLISH GRAMMAR, a book of 302 pages, bound in cloth, is practically a key to the difficult sentences for parsing and analysis in the grammars of Harvey, Reed & Kellogg, Swinton, and Raub. It is designed for teachers and private students, and will prove of great benefit on all doubtful points.

Subscribers to the EDUCATIONAL News are entitled to single copies of any of the following publications at threefifths retail price; other teachers at 23 retail price. 1. Studies in English and American Literature, Raub, $1.50 6. Grammatical Analysis by Diagrams, Paper,

.20 2. Literature for Beginners, Swineford, (287 pp.). 75


.25 3. Methods of Teaching, Raub, (415 pp.) 1.50 7. Practical Rhetoric, Raub,

(320 pp.) 1.20 4. School Management, Raub, (285 pp.) 1.25 8. Punctuation and Letter Writing, Raub, (92 pp.)

-40 Tests in Spelling and Pronunciation, Raub, (116pp.) .40 9. Hints and Helps on English Grammar, (302 pp.) 1.00 5* Write to RAUB & CO., Philadelphia, for special introduction rates on these books.

Educational News Oo., Box 1258, Phliadolphia

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Vol. X., No. 5.


$1.50 A YEAR

To the Reader:

Please read our special offers on last page of this paper. If you will accept any of these offers and subscribe for the weekly EDUCATIONAL NEWS within sixty days, we will allow you four months' time to make payment of subscription.

If you desire we will send you the paper four weeks free on trial.

We will also send you by mail single copies of any of Raub & Co.'s books that you may wish, at half retail price if ordered within three months. This offer is good only to our subscribers. See list of books on bottom of last page of this paper.

The EDUCATIONAL NEWS will be sent as soon as subscription is received, but at these low rates books and premiums will be sent at the time payment is made.

Educational News Co.,

, Box 1258.

Philadelphia, Pa.

Teachers Co-Operative Association "CHICAGO

$75.00 to $250.00 PER MONTH


. Established in 1894. Positions filled, 2300. Seeks Teachers who

are ambitions for advancement rather than those without positions.

can be made working for us. Spare hours turned to good account. This is of especial interest and value to teachers Never mind about sending stamp. Address B. F. JOHNSON & CO., Richmond, Va

THE BEST OFFER YET. In order to secure a large number of new subscribers at once we will give a trial subscription of one year to the

29th Year Thomas May Peirce, M.A.,

Principal and Founder.
Record Building,
917-919 Chestnut St.

Weekly Educational News


An all-around equipment for

business life.

for 75 cents, half our regular rate, to any new subscriber who will
send his name and address with the money or a promise to pay
within three months.
This offer is good for 30 days from the receipt of this sample copy.

Educational News Co.,
Box 1258.

Philadelphia, Pa.

Day and Evening Sessions.

Annual - Graduating Exercises

1882 to 1892, inclusive. “ The utterances of such men as Talmage, Gough, Depewnoble ideas conveyed in charm. ing expressions."



Cloth binding, 8vo., 524 pp., price, $1.75, postage prepaid.

FOR SALE AT Still under the Wanamaker's, Leary's, originai

and Office of the School management

Registers the Best Teachers.

postage only; but depends on aitual results.
3486 Positions Filled. Does not our plan commend itself to you?
First Year Sularies amount to $2,264,850.

Constant vacancies. Send stamp for blanks.

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SUMMER SCHOOL OF METHODS, A new invention for duplicating copies of writings Science, Oratory, Literature, etc., will Brain

or drawings.

hold its tenth annual session of three
weeks at


JULY 17th, 1894.

Horsfords' Acid Phosphate
Send foi circulars and further particulars.
Club agents wanted.

is recommended by physicians of

Millville, Columbia (C., Penna. all schools, for restoring brain Simple, Cheap and Effective

State Manager for Penna.

force or nervous energy, in all Endorsed by over 50,000 users. From an original, on ordinary paper with

cases where the nervous system
any pen, 100 copies can be made. 50
copies of typewritten manuscripts produced If you desire to go South has been reduced below the nor-
in 15 minutes. Send for circulars and sam- to teach send 2c. stamp sor blanks, mal standard by overwork, as
ples of work.

AGENTS WANTED. TO TEXAS TEACHERS' BUREAU, found in lawyers, teachers, stu-
Lawton & Co.,

20 Vesey St., New York

dents and brain-workers gener


Descriptive pamphlet free on application to
Bumford Chemieal Works, Providence, R. I.

Beware of Substitutes and Imitations.

For sale by all Druggists.
Matchless Surface,
Splendid Marking and

Erasive Qualities.
Little Dust,

No Glare, Economical,

No Expense for Repairs. They Never Wear Out.

If there is a School Their First Cost the only cost.

House in the United Correspondence solicited.

States that does not Slatington-Bangor Slate Syndicate, The specific and universal opinions, condensed,

are as follows:
JAS.L.FOOTE, Manager.
"You deserve great praise, and the gratitude

own an American flag,
of the reading world—that portion of it, at least,
that is fortunate enough to read THE GREAT

let the teacher write
DIVIDE, Having a field entirely its own, it is
Men and Women of Ability and Push intensely American in cast and character."

immediately to
It is useless for us to say, the illustrative
Wanted as Agents.

features and typography are superb-equal in
quality and unusualness to the fascinating and G. W. Simmons & Co.,
strange contents that fill our columps.

TEN CENTS a copy; ONE DOLLAR a year.
CHROMO REWARD CARDS. Your newsdealer has it, if not, send to

Scenes, Views, Crescents, Shields, Easels, Juveniles,
Vases, Ships, Birds, Animals, Balloons, Anchors, &c.

DEITER SHOE CO., Luc'p. Capital, 81,000,000.
Prices for 12 cards; size 3x4 inches So;-3, X5, 12c;-

BEST $1.50 SKOE IN THE WORLD. 3425% embossed 150;-4%26% 200;-52x7% 35c;-7x€ 500.

"A dollar sared is a dollar earned." All beautiful Reward and Gift Cards no two alike. Samples sent free to teachers. ROHIPNOSERN COOL ASE.

This Ladies' Solid French Dongola Kid But

ton Boot delivered free anywhere in the U.S., on New Price List of School Supplies, Chromos, Plain, A first.c'al Teachers D: 1. u. W: Dict: Embossed, Frosted, Silk-Fringed, Ciromo Reward

receipt of Cash, Money Ordor, and Gift Cards, Reward, Gift, and Teachers' Books, teachers in Minnesota tha ali other a :

or Postal Note for $1.50. Speakers, Dialogues, Reports, Aits, and few samples combined. Large business troughout the

Equals every way the boots Chromo Reward Cards free. All post paid. Address, west. Send for our new catalogue. R. B. HAZARD,

Eold in all retail stores for
A.J. FOUCH, ARREN, PA. Manager, 457 Temple Court, Minneapolis, Mias,

$2.50. We make this boot
ourselves, therefore we guar.
antee the fil, style and wear,

and if nny one is not satisfied

DEXTER Wo will refund the money DO YOU WAITI TAG?

or send another pair. Opera

Toe or Common Sense, 1628 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia,

widths C, D, E, & EE, AMERICAN FLAG MFG. CO., Easton, Pa,

sizes 1 to 8 and half Will give lessons in

sizes. Send your size; Makers of Bunting and Silk

we will fit you: FLAGS


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Thousands of New Pretty Designg Flowers, Fruits,


, Painting, Modeling, Woodcarving

. .
At home Fridays from four until six. ! DEXTER SHOE Co.,

Illustrated of the Best Grade only.


logue We will send yon n Flag for inspec. English Literature and Physical Expression:

FREE. tion, anlilitis found not satisfac. tory, you can return it to us at our





Cataloguo Free,

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