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there is no doubt that the fundamental processes an- pays the teacher his regular salary for the week of tedated the derivation processes, and the historical the institute if he attend, is not only more liberal but order of development usually indicates the correct also better for the schools. order of primary instruction. Besides, in the natural development of a child, it will be seen that it obtains If you want a weekly educational journal that is sums and differences long before it begins to derive helpful and reliable at the price of a monthly, subproducts and quotients, and its operations with frac- scribe for the EDUCATIONAL News. Four weeks on tions are still longer delayed.'

trial free if you desire it.

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A trial subscription, one year for one dollar, or We are sorry to learn that Editor Brown of the

six months for fifty cents. Public School Journal is incapacitated for work, temporarily we hope. Mr. Brown in a brief editorial note

Have you some friends to whom you would like to says in speaking of himself,

have us send the News a few weeks free ? If so send in “The editor of this magazine has been forbidden by the names and addresses. his physician to do any literary work for two months

He has been confined to his room nursing his Call the attention of your friend to our liberal tired out nerves. This will account for the temporary special offers. discontinuance of some work already begun, and for

Reader, do you owe us anything for subscription ? the non-appearance of other work that he had planned. But the friends of The Journal are too numerous and we are surprised to find on our books subscription

money due from delinquents amounting in the aggretoo generous to permit the absence of the editor's pen

gate to thousands of dollars. Some of these accounts to be felt by the readers."

run back even six and seven years. Do you wonder

that we desire the delinquents to pay up? Suppose From the Southern Educational Journal we learn that

your salary stood for long a time. It may mean only the Legislature of Georgia has amended the law re- la few dollars to each of the debtors; to us it means garding county teachers' institutes of that state by thousands. Please pay us what you owe. abolishing the Saturday or monthly institutes. This leaves only the week's annual session. The provis- Read all our special offers. ion of the old institute law allowing teachers pay for attendance on the annual institute was stricken out.

Personal Items. No pay for attendance upon institutes is now allowed under any circumstances. A teacher who is forced

J. C. Conway has resigned the superintendency of to suspend his school in order to attend the week's schools at Dennison, O., to take a similar position at session of the institute is required under the new law Miamisburg. to make up the time thus lost, so that all the children

Supt. A. S. Draper, of Cleveland, delivered two of the state may have an opportunity to attend school addresses before the Michigan State Teachers' Assofor full public term.

ciation, at Lansing, holiday week. We think this provision of the Georgia law will State Supt. Lewis of West Virgina has prepared strike our readers as being illiberal to the teachers. a course of study for the schools of the state, parThe truth is the benefits of the institute if properly ticularly applicable to the ungraded country schools. conducted are not designed so much for the teachers Supt. S. T. Dial, of Lockland, Hamilton county, as they are for the schools, and the teachers ought has recently completed a course of study in the Latin not to be required to pay for the improvement of their language and literature and in English literature, schools by a forfeiture of salary. The provision of under the Faculty of Syracuse University, and after the Pennsylvania law which not only requires the an examination lasting eleven days he received the schools to be closed during institute week, but also degree of Ph. D.


Ex-Superintendent M. E. Hess, of Mercer County, pursued graduate studies in France and Germany in
Pa., is located at Sandy Lake, in that county. pedagogy and modern literature, and after his return

Miss Nina L. Ransom, of the Michigan State Nor- was for one year principal of the Public High School mal, is preceptress of the Galien, Mich., high school. at Decatur, Ill., and for two years Professor of Peda

gogy at the Peabody Normal School at Nashville, George A. Hill, United States Naval Observatory,

Tennessee. Washington, D. C., has been appointed to the position of assistant astronomer in the observatory. He

is now at work with the Prime vertical transit instru-

Prof. John Turrentine, of Marionville, Missouri,has
accepted the principalship of the Central Public 1. Gain the confidence of the people of your sub-district.
School in Carthage, Mo.

2. Deserve the respect and confidence of your sub

director. Prof. William Libbey, of the College of New Jer

3. Comply cheerfully with the requests and wishes of sey, has been elected vice-president of the American

your county superintendent. Society of Naturalists. Upon invitation of Professor

4. Gain the love and respect of your pupils by your exMark Baldwin, the American Psychological Society ample and precepts. will hold its third annual convention at Princeton

5. Make your school room attractive and pleasant. during the next Christmas holidays.

Give the room a homelike appearance as far as possible. President Adolph L. Sanger, of the New York city

5. Study to make the recitations of each day interesting board of education, died from pneumonia, January 3,

and profitable. Do something more than merely hearing

the scholars recite. at the age of fifty-one. He was born in Baton Rouge,

7. Strive to exert such an influence as will tend to make La., was graduated from the Columbia College Law School in 1864, and has been serving on the board of your pupils better men and better women. ,

8. Keep your records in a neat, workman-like manner, education since 1887. The schools paid a tribute to so that they will be a credit to you and a guide to your his memory.

successor.- Public Schools. Prof. Geo. N. Carman is chosen dean of the Preparatory Department, Chicago University.

School Mottoes. J. G. Smith succeeds Prof. A. C. Lee at Russellville,

Among the many methods effectually tested for the Ark., the latter having accepted the position of in

moral advancement of pupils in my care I heartily recomstructor in Latin in the Fort Smith High School.

mend the following: Prof. C. H. Guerney, of Hillsdale, was elected

Each morning place a motto, which advocates the de. secretary of the college section, of the Michigan State sired lesson to be taught, upon the front board, informing Teachers' Association.

the pupils that we are to endeavor to live up to the truth Mr. George F. James, General Secretary of the therein contained. Realizing that we are individually reAmerican Society for the Extension of University sponsible for the successful termination of our project, we Teaching, has resigned his position, to take effect cheerfully work together for “our motto."

If, at the close of the session, the result has been satisJanuary 1. He expects to leave immediately for Eu

factory, a colored line-the first of a star-is placed in a rope, to carry out a long cherished desire to make

corner of the front board. The following day a new motto certain investigations in the field of pedagogy and is chosen and the result noted. Occasionally a pupil who modern literature. Mr. James is a brother of Prof. has shown marked interest in the subject, is allowed to Edmund J. James, of the University of Pennsylvania, write a motto for the class. and is a native of Illinois. He attended college at

When a star has been formed by the "good marks," a the Northwestern and Michigan Universities, taking story is read by the teacher, or some special privilege is the degree of A. B. from the latter institution. He granted to the school.

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4. In

I have learned that the seven "school virtues," placed

Educational Intelligence. in a conspicuous place do much toward silently instructing the class in the principles of "self-government." 1. Regularity. 2. Punctuality. 3. Accuracy.

The following book introductions have been made lately.

Swineford's Literature for Beginners into the schools of dustry. 5. Politeness. 6. Silence. 7. Obedience. If have thus taught classes where it has only been neces- Millville, N. J.; Belleville, O.; Hackneyville, Ala.

Raub's Studies in English and American Literature into sary to quietly speak the numbers 5, 6, 7, to obtain imme

the schools of Williamsburg, Iowa; Miamsburg, O.; Elto. diate attention.

Gradually the silent force of argument will possess the wah Institute, Canton, Ga.; Farmington, Me., and Mulminds and hearts of the children, and the teacher will find vane, Kansas. the pupils growing to love her and one another, and above

Raub's Rhetoric into the schools of Bainbridge, Ga.; all obedience, for the happiness which it gives. They will Paris

, Tex.; Rittenhouse Academy, Philadelphia ; Puryear, learn the mottoes for their own, and repeat them as mem- Tenn., and Waterford, O. ory gems. They will form a sympathetic bond in the

Supt. Aaron Grady, Ludlow, Ky., reports that his school school-room.

work on the south side of the Ohio goes on smoothly. Try it all teachers who are striving for someting above the "three R's," and you will find your efforts bearing

The board of education of Jersey City have abolished refruit, far beyond your earnest expectations.

views and written examinations for promotion, also the “God blesses still the generous thought

daily marking system. An estimate will be made each And still the fitting word he speeds And Truth, at his requiring taught,

week by teachers of the scale from 6 to 10. Pupils will be He quickens into deeds.'

promoted on recommendation of the teacher. -Cora B. Wheeler, in Popular Educator. Pupils not promoted may have recourse to examination.

They have adopted a regulation that no smoking of tobacco Fewer Children in a Room.

in any form shall be permitted in any building under con

trol of the board. This rule is immensely popular with It is obvious that the young woman with fifty-six pupils most of the teachers. It is reported that the state board before her is attempting what no mortal can perform. I of education will revoke licenses to teachers who use intoxsuppose it is practicable for one young woman to hear the icating liquors as a beverage. If this is not true it ought lesson out of one book of all of fifty children before her

to be. during the hours of the school session, and keep a certain amount of watch over the children who not reciting

Cornell has a court designated as the "Student Committheir lessons, providing the grading is almost perfect, and tee on Discipline.” It is composed of four seniors, three we are going to be satisfied with "unitorm” results. But juniors, two sophomores and one freshman, who are the new teaching is of quite a different character. It re- chosen at special class elections the first of the fall term. quires alertness, vitality, and sympathetic enthusiasm. It The experiment was inaugurated this fall. The several is exhausting. Virtue goes out of the teacher at every classes elected, in most cases, their most influential men to moment. What is the possible remedy? To double the act as their representatives. The first cases brought benumber of teachers would not be too much; for twenty-five fore the court were two cases of fraud in an examination of or thirty pupils are quite enough for one teacher to grapple last June. The complaints were made to the facul by with. The individual requires teaching in these days, and instructors and in the regular order of business referred to no teaching is good which does not awaken interest in the the committee on discipline, and as a result of the trial, pupil.-President Eliot.

one student was acquitted and one convicted. A penalty For the Literature Ciass.

-was imposed of one year's suspension from the university.

The report of the committee was adopted by the faculty. Request each pupil to make a portrait album, or let the and the guilty student dropped from the university. class make one. In this album let there be pasted every picture obtainable of noted authors. The newspapers will TEACHERS WANTED.-Apply at once, Teachers' Profurnish a continuous supply of portraits. Several portraits tective Association, Rembrandt Hall Building, Detroit, of the same author would be valuable for comparison. Mich.


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DELAWARE EDUCATIONAL NEWS.-At the semi-annual Two Harvard professors and four instructors have been meeting of the State Board of Education held at Dover dismissed, owing to the necessity of retrenching expenses. lately it was resolved that the interests of the schools could For the last year there was a deficit of $25,000 in the uni better be served by holding a State Institute once in three versity accounts. years, and that steps should be taken to hold the first State Institute during the school year of 1894-95. By a resolution The old State Capitol at Milledgeville, Ga., which has of the board, teachers' certificates cannot be granted to lately been used for a college building, and in which the candidates under 18 years of age. The superintendents secession convention was held, was burned, Jan. 2. The were instructed to have the roll called at each session of the building was erected in 1803 at a cost of $250,000. annual institute and to furnish the State Auditor with lists showing each day's attendance to guide him in his allow- One of the legacies left by the late Judge Billings, of ances,

New Orleans, will go to Yale university. It is said to A teacher in the southern part of the state has made some amount to $70,000. The entire income of the bequest is interesting statistics from his class in Physiology about the to be devoted to the salary of a professor in English litertime spent in eating. The class consisted of nine members, ature. This newly created professorship comes very op3 boys and 6 girls. He found that the average time spent portunely. As in many other colleges the English departat breakfast was 13 1-19 minutes, at dinner 1533 minutes, ment has been very weak for many years. and at supper 1573 minutes. The average time per meal was a small fraction over 13 minutes, and that the boys During the month of November $100,000 has been consumed more time in eating than the girls. The aver - added to Yale endowment fund. Mrs. E. K. Hunt, of

age age of the class was between 16 and 17 years.

Hartford, bequeathed $25,000 to the medical school. The

late Ezekiel H. Trowbridge, of Cambridge, gave $5,000 to The New State Normal School at East Stroudsburg, Pa., the Yale divinity school, and the late Judge Billings, of closed its first term December 22. The organization of a New Orleans, left $70,000 to found the Emily Sanford pronew school and working up so large an attendance as Prof. fessorship of English literature in the college. The proBible and his assistants succeeded in doing is certainly no fessorship established by Judge Billings is a memorial in small task, when in the face of the times over 300 pupils honor of his late wife. are found in attendance the first term. The first term finds the school in a most flourishing condition. Two so

The famous Casa Guidi in Florence, the old residence cieties, the Shakesperian and the Minnisink, have been the Brownings, has been acquired by the poet's son, who organized, together with a very flourishing debating club. has also purchased a slab of porphyry in Rome, which will

a A number of very successful entertainments were given be placed over his father's grave in Westminister Abbey. during the same and a book reception, which added several hundred volumes to the new library. It is gratitying

The oldest German university is that of Heidelberg, to see that the new school is taking rank with the older

founded in 1386. ones in the state. With a progessive Principal and an able corps of teachers and a liberal-minded Board of Trustees,

At Pocatello, Idaho, an edict has gone forth that hencethere is no reason why it should not be wholly successful

forth'no married woman or unmarried man shall be emfrom the start.

ployed in the public schools as a teacher.-La Grande

Gazette. Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan has given half a million dollars for the endowment of New York's trade schools.

The State Normal School Building at Ellensbugh, Wash.,

is practically completed. The Missouri Teacher says, “The text book law that has brought so much expense and loss to the people of the state will probably live out its allotted time. It would During the illness and enforced absence of Miss Nora have been amended by the last legislature but for the mis-Smith, the California kindergarten training school of San taken belief that the Supreme Court would liberally con- Francisco is under the charge of Mrs. Marie Light-Plise, strue it. As it is there seems to be no relief.”

for six years Miss Smith's assistant in training work.



Johns Hopkins university has 501 students on the books, Let R equal the radius of the circumscribing circle, then 222 of them graduates of other institutions of learning. Its the radius of the inscribed circle equals R2-36 chief needs just now, according to President Gilman, are a

Since the octagon is a mean proportional between the great deal more money and a big new building with halls circumscribed and the inscribed squares, we have are of in it for the university collections in geology, mineralogy, octagon = 2R? V2(a) zoology, botany, ethnology, etc., and a spacious audito- Since the octagon equals half the product of its perimeter rium. It seems that Johns Hopkins has been overlooked and the radius of the inscribed circle, we have area of octain the distribution of bequests in recent years.

gon equals 481 R2 - 36 (b) hence 2R 12= 487 R2 -36 /

? /

R4 — 288R? -10368 The Yale Cooperative Corporation has started an em- R?= 245.82337 + using + sign ployment bureau for the aid of indigent college men: Posi- (a) 2R2= 695.2916+ tions are secured for students who are paying their own 695.2916 sq. ft. = 77.2546 + sq. yds. way through college.

77.2546 X $1.70 = $131.33+ Ans. to the question as

stated. Pittsburg is to have an elegant new high school building If the price is $1.70 per yd. in length then the result is which will be the best schoolhouse in the state if Pitts- $163.03+

J. M. PEOPLES. burgers are to be the judges.

1. Find the value of xn - an when x = a. Johns Hopkins University has enrolled among its students this year a rather remarkable woman in the person The fraction reduces to o , which is the sign of indeof Mrs. Arthur Davis. Before her marriage she graduated

termination. with high honors from Columbian University in Washing

V. C. GAMBELL, Wapello, Ia. ton. She passed a perfect examination for the nautical

12. Diagram, almanac office, gaining 100 per cent., while her competitors,

“Alike for feast and fight prepared, all men, and all college graduates, retired from the exami

Battle and banquet both they shared.” nation room early in the day, unable to solve the problems

alike presented. She invented a Washington-Greenwich table

for teast which is now in observatory use. She will study for the they prepared and degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

x fight

battle The University of Chicago has been given the World's

shared and both

B. R. Fair exhibit of the Standard Oil Company, valued at $50,

Thirty-three exhibitors in the Mining Building offered their exhibits to the university,


19. Analyze, For larger salaries or change of location, address Teach

“Let us settle the matter without asking any one else's ers' Co-Operative Association, 70 Dearborn St., Chicago

advice." Orville Brewer, Manager.

Construe "else's.”

F. B.

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20. Analyze, Query Column.

“Mr. Benson resigned his office on account of the ex

pense to which it put him.” ANSWERS. Construe "on account of.” What element is "to which."

F. B. What will it cost to cover a regular octagonal floor, one side of which is 12 feet, with a carpet 29 inches wide, 21. I have a debt of $6,000 payable at the end of 20 and costing $1.70 per square yard?

years, with interest at 5 per cent. If I pay it in 10 equal Solution for such as have not studied Trigonometry and annual investments, begioning at once, what is each inthe use of logarithms.



R. A. N.


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