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SUCCESS DUE TO EDUCATION.- Vienna, Sept. 29.Children must think well before they can write well.

The "Neue Frele Presse" publishes an interview with Baron Children should have something to say before they talk. Daublebsky von Sterneck von Ehrenstein, the commander Children talk best about what they see.

of the Austrian navy, in which the Admiral is quoted as Children will talk about what they wish more readily saying that he thought the success of the Japanese was than about what you wish them to talk about.

due to the superior education of their officers obtained in Children will talk with each other better than with you. Europe, to better discipline and to their knowledge of

Children use all parts of speech of their own accord be the working of modern weapons. fore they are four years

The TeachER OF HISTORY,- One of the most popular A child's vocabulary will grow as fast as he has any de

lectures delivered at the last Oxford summer meeting was sire to use it. A child will talk fast enough it you let him talk as he that on the “Teaching of History,” by Mr. Wells, of Wad


ham College. His main points may be summarized thus: wants to. When a child can write easily he likes to write.

History teaching should be (1) civic-teaching the duties There must be much and frequent writing before it will of citizens; (2) patriotic—inspiring love of England; (3)

antiquarian-leading the pupils to take an interest in their be enjoyable.

Written language work should be incidental rather than surroundings; architectural, monumental, etc. It should formal, a luxury instead of a task.— The American Teacher, be, if possible, in the hands of specialists. A manual or

handbook should be used with all but the youngest classes. It is a mistake to allow carelessness and slovenliness in Lecturing should not supersede oral teaching; the main the preparation of written work, and especially at the function of the teaching is to instruct the pupil how to read, blackboard. Pupils are forming habits that will last what to skim, and what to perpend. Lastly (and here we through life ; so they cannot afford to form incorrect ones, are most at variance with the lecturer), the teacher should for "habits are soon assumed, but when we strive to strip confine himself to England, and eschew all attempts at them off 'tis being flayed alive.” When pupils are allowed universal history. So long as a boy's first lesson in histo make figure 3's that look like the sign of scruples, 6's tory is from the Old Testament, and his second lesson, if that look like naughts, 7's and 9's that look like interroga- he belongs to the middle classes, is on Greek Heroes, we tion points they will continue to do so through life; so do cannot, if we would, exclude universal history. The Jour: not let them begin it.-Exchange.

nal of Education.


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Pronouncing Contest.

Better opportunities will be afforded the students in the Let sides be chosen, as in spelling. Write on a slip of departments of physics and chemistry in the Philadelphia paper the following words: Peremptory, allopathy, armis- Girls High School. The laboratory is being remodeled tice, badinage, burlesque, cerement, condolence, complai- and newly fitted up for individual work. The instruction sant, complex, exemplary, extempore, facade, finance, will be after the lecture system, the professors of chemistry oleomargarine, vagary, pyramidal, pristine, precedent, and physics being occupied with three classes at the same nomenclature, naively.

time. Provision is also made for more recitations in Latin, Let the leader on one side pronounce the words; next the time being based on a system of five hours, instead of the leader on the opposite side, and so on, alternately, un- three as heretofore. til all contestants have had a trial. Mark all errors, and Important changes will be made in the manner of conplace on the blackboard the number made by each side. ducting recitations and the system of marks.

InIt is safe to say that you will not, on the first trial, find stead of by numerals the pupil's recitations will perfection in pronouncing these words. Renew the con- be graded by letters. A stands for excellent ;b, good; c, test on the following day, and again, if necessary. Let it end of each quarter the pupil will carry home a report. This

indifferent, but sufficient for promotion; d, failure. At the be understood that a new list will not be given until every provision wiîl point out to the girl her position and progcontestant can pronounce each word in the old list. ress in class and will also enable the parents to stimulate

- Educational Gazette.

the aspiring student with wise council or reproof if there be that necessity, which Dr. Wight thinks there will not.

The new science building at Bowdoin College, Bruns- 4. State two thoughts which have been suggested in wick, Maine, was dedicated and formerly presented to the these books which have proved helpful to you. college last week. It is the gift of Edward F. Seales, of 5. What educational meetings have you attended during New York.

the present school year?

6. State briefly any benefits you have derived from such Of the nine candidates successful in the late examination meetings. in the art, theory and history of teaching at the London 7. Point out in what subjects and in what particular University, eight are women.

feature you believe that your teaching has improved the

present year. One of the many good results of military instruction at 8. With what particular features of your work are you seventy-five or eighty colleges in this country has been the least satisfied ? How have you tried to improve in these noticeable improvement in the carriage of lads that enter particulars ? college without previous' military training.

9. Have you gained any additional insight into child

nature? If so, what? Alexander College, the woman's hall at Dublin University, is named from the Princess of Wales, who took her ARBOR DAY OCTOBER 19.-The Superintendent of Pubdegree of doctor of music from Dublin.

lic Instruction has designated Friday, October 19, as au

tumn Arbor Day for Pennsylvania. The Glasgow University is the first of the Scottish universities to recognize women by giving the degree of

The University Committee of the Board of Education bachelor of medicine and master in surgery to two ladies. has wisely decided to open two of the city scholarship to As Miss Marion Gilchrist, who ranked third on the list of women, and the university, whose post-graduate work the graduates who took the degrees "with high commen- in the school of biology and other like departments is aldation," passed up the dais to be "capped” by the princi- ready open to women, will undoubtedly accept this new pal, she received a perfect ovation of enthusiastic applause, step in bringing the university closer to our public school which was warmly joined in by the professors; and Miss system. As far as possible the city, scholarships in the Lillian Cumming was quite as heartily welcomed. University should be made the means of improving the

training of teachers, instead of simply aiding men in obAs many as 15,000 bound volumes have been added to taining a professional education, and the admission of the Columbia College library during the past year, making women on these scholarship will be an important addition the increase in the last five years 84,000, and the total to the facilities for training teachers in our public schools. number of volumes now in the library over 180,000. This library is freely consulted by teachers of New York and The new Soldier's Orphans Industrial School building surroundings, offering advantages that none of the public at Scotland, in Franklin County, bas progressed so well libraries of the city bave provided.

that it is expected to have it completed by the middle of

November. It has been found, however, that the appropriaSuperintendents and principals might with advantage tion is not sufficient to purchase furniture and supplies, adopt a plan of Supt. H. E. Kratz, of Sioux City, la, to which will delay the opening of the school until the next obtain a better information regarding the protessional Legislature has made the proper provision. This ought standing, advancement, and needs of teachers under their to have been guarded against. It will be almost two months supervision. He addressed a letter to his teachers asking after the building is finished before the Legislature will for answers to the following questions :

meet and probably many weeks after that before an appro1. What educational journals have you regularly read priation can be got through. Such delay might have been this year?

prevented by a little foresight. 2. Mention some useful hints that you have received from those journals and have successfully applied.

Ex-President Geo. S. Lilley, of the Pullman Agricul. 3. What educational book or books have you read dur-tural College, has gone to Portland, Ore.,to engage in educaing the present school year?

tional work.

There are more than 2,000 girl students at present in À correct algebraic solution has also been sent by the London Guildhall School of Music, and of these about Arthur M. Mackey, of Townsend, Del., and Miles Timblin, 300 are studying the violin.

Rasselas, Pa.





The New York city board of education has sent its bud- The following is offered as the analysis of 111: get for the ensuing year to the board of estimate and ap

Vice portionment. It calls for $5,178,376.82.

is monster

of mien rightful so Japanese graduates of Cornell university have organized an alumni association at Tokyo.

x to be hated

+ The principal of the Worcester, Mass., classical high

needs to be seen | but school gets a salary of $3000.

But is equivalent to only,

M. Radcliffe college has a Japanese student, Miss Shido Mori, who intends to fit herself by study for missionary 87. A's rate of working is to B's as 2 is to 13, B's to work in her native country.

C's as one-tourth to one-fifth, C's to D's as one-sixth to

one-seventh. How long would they together take to do The President has appointed General William Ward a piece of work which A can do in 930 hours? Duffield, of Detroit, Mich.,Superintendent of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, to succeed Professor T. C. Mendenhall, In 1 hour A can do of the work

930 resigned. The position is worth $6000 per annum.

2 I -X

of the work FIRE IN A CALIFORNIA COLLEGE-Mary's College, at

3 930 1395 Oakland, a handsome brick and stone structure, erected a


4 five years ago by the Christian Brothers, was damaged by

"I" С

of the work fire, Sept. 24, to the extent of $100,000, insurance $80,000.

5 1395 6975 The building was completely gutted. The fire is supposed



of the work to have originated from a carelessly dropped match. When " I " D "

7 6975 16275 the fire was discovered there were 122 students and 30 in


4 8 structors in the residence at the college. All escaped and man

" All“ -+-+ ---- of the work aged to save valuable papers and some valuable property.

930 1395 6975 16275

I For larger salaries or change of location, address Teach or in 1 hour all can do of the work or the whole ers' Co-Operative Association, 70 Dearborn St., Chicago

350 work in 350 hours.

J. M. PEOPLES. Orville Brewer, Manager.


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Query Column.


114 Three times Jennie's age equals 38 of Gertie's age;

in how many years will Gertie be just twice as old as JenThe following algebraic solution is offered to problem nie?

S. B. 109 by Morgan T. Gum, of Frankford, Del.

115. Analyze, 109. Paid a coal dealer $60 for 12 tons of coal; for stove

“Whom should I obey but thee? coal I paid $5.25 a ton, and for nut coal $4.50; how many

R. C. tons were there of each?

116. Analyze, Let x = No. tons of stove coal

"I long ago found that out."

B, F. F. nut coal Then 5/4x +4/2y = $60

117. Analyze, and x + y = 12

“There's not a white hair on you face but should have Clearing the equations x = 8 tons and y = 4 tons. its effect of gravity.”

B. F. F.

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College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. Second (ReLITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC

vised) Edition. New York: Orange Judd Company.

1894. 130 pp., il., 16 mió. This is an admirable book on Aluminum is being experimented with as a substitute

he subjects of which it treats, and must be valuable not for Bavarian stones for lithographing. Its great lightness only to the amateur but also to the professional fruit grower.

to gives it the advantage in many directions. The drawback The book is illustrated by nearly fifty engravings, is well at present is the price, but this is likely to be overcome

printed on good paper, bound in an attractive paper cover, very soon.

For cylinder press-work its elasticity gives it a and will prove of great value to the owner of a spraying decided advantage over the stone. Finely powdered al

pump who desires the most recent information in uminum, such as is sold as silver-bronze, has been success densed yet adequate form. Price, postpaid, 25 cents. fully used as a flash light. It ignites easily and makes a brilliant white flame. It is said to be superior to magnesium

Professsor Joseph Rodes Buchanan writes in the Arena in that it does not spontaneously oxidize, makes no irri. for October a suggestive article on The New Education,' tating fumes, and burns more completely.

which, from bis point of view, should not merely cram the

mind with ancient facts or myths, but should give an acAn electric plant is to be put in at the canyon of the quaintance with all the facts of life to day, here and now Santa Ana River, near Redands, Cal., which will furnish and should especially train both mind and body. Dr. light and power to cities and towns within a radius of fifty Buchanan believes that the hands and bead should be edumiles. It will also supply the power for several trolley cated together. He also believes that the moral nature lines connecting neighboring towns.

should receive more attention than it does under our sys

tem. During a recent cholera epidemic, experiments were made for the purpose of discovering the best germicide for

In his article in the October Forum, President Eliot, of sterilizing the water to be used for bathing. It was found Harvard, draws attention to the striking fact that the three that ordinary toilet-soap, in the proportion 2.5 to 1,000 nations which have given the greatest proofs of constituparts, will kill the cholera bacillus in ten or fifteen minutes. tional vigor,-namely, Germany, England, and the United Soaps containing salicylic acid and carbonic acid are found States-are those which in religious opinions and practices to give no better results than ordinary toilet soap. A bath are very heterogeneous, so that no concentrated religious of thirty gallons of water would require a little more than fervor can possibly melt and unite all their people. one-half pound of soap. A gallon of water would require two and a half drams, or a little more than one-fourth of an

For the housekeeper and the mother, the October issue of "Table Talk" holds much of interest. For the help of

the former, three dozen tested receipes are given in the InProfessor Ray, of Washington and Jefferson College, is a famous chemist. He is kept busy making analysis of water, while the latter will eagerly read much in "The New Bill

quiry Department as well as Menus for many occasions, and adds thereby a nice sum to his salary as professor of of Fare" and the Fashion Department. Chemistry in the College.

$100 REWARD $100 -The readers of this paper will be OUTLINES OF PSYCHOLOGY, by Henry G. Williams, Sup. pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease erintendent of Lynchburg Schools, Ohio, is a volume of that science has been able to cure in all its stages, and that

is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure 96 pages, published by the author. It is an outline of the

known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constituprinciples of Psychology so arranged that the student of tional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's this subject and of the theory of teaching may use it as a Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the guide. The outlines proper are supplemented by a short blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroyHistory of Education and a series of questions. It is a ing the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient valuable little book and it will prove specially helpful to strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature

in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its the young teacher. The price is 50 cents.

curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for

any case that it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. SPRAYING Crops. Why, When, and How. By Clar- Address, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Próps., Toledo, O. ence M. Weed, D. Sc., Professor in the New Hampshire Sold by Druggists, 75c.


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Hors SYSTEM its kind in the World


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A complete Protection to Both the Outside

and Inside of the book, consisting of Holar 's Pa ent Book Covers. Adjustable, medium size (No. 2) alone fit

ting 80 per cent. of all books published. Material, a species of felt, made on 1721 Chestnut, St., Philadelphia. a paper machine, imitation leather, will last a year.

Perfectly fitted Spectacles and Eye Glasses made by Holden's Self-Binders.

individual measurement from Oculists' prescriptions. For repair- | Holden's Transparent Paper. All work guaranteed. ing a loosened leaf or weakened bind- For repairing a torn leaf. ing.


for the grandest and fastest selling book erer published, Adopted by over 100 City and County School Boards IN PENNSYL- Our Journey around World VANIA, and Highly recommended by EVERY ONE OF THEM after a year's test.

By REV. FRANCIS E. CLARK, President of the United

Society of Christian Envlearor. 220 choice engravings. Pennsylvania State Report (p. 171) says—"Our books will last longer be too.cond monitoramenola 120 in his own town

steel-plates, maps, etc. The King of all subscription books.

thousand, Agents average to week. and than we have been led to infer from reports from other cities; we, however, ex'in 10 days: Nien and women agents wanted everywhere

ship; another, a lady. 40 in one Endeavor Society: aro'lier,

, for Pr , must attribute this to our having adopted 'Holden's Patent Book Covers.'

Give Credit Premium Copies. I'ree Outht, Estricrin, and
Exclusive Territory. Writent once for Circuiuis to

A. D. WORTIIINGTOX CO., lurtford, Coat,
Recently adopted by Pittsburg, McKeesport, Wilkes Barre, Buffalo, Syra
cuse, Detroit, Niagara Falls, Duluth, Faribault, Moorhead, Minn.; Eastport,
Ellsworth, Me.; &c., &c.






KEW NATIONAL Holden Patent Book Cover Co., Springfield, Mass., U. S. A



Best Grado Copper anderin BELLS


Catalogue upon application , Colloge & Academy

Sold outright, no rent, no royalty., Adapted
Price and Terms Frco. Name this paper

to City, Village or Country. Needed in every United States School Furniture Co.
home, shop, store and office. Greatest conven-
ience and best seller on earth.
Agents make from 85 to 850 per day.

One in a residence means & sale to all the
neighbors. Fino instruments, po toys, works

anywhere, any distance. Oomplete, ready for Paid Teachers. No books or novelties.

use when shipped. Can be put up by any one,

STUDY. LATIN and GREEK at sight never out of order, no repairing, lasts a life

use our “INTERLINEAR CLASSICS.' Address "R," Lock Box 66, Cleveland, O

time. Warranted. A money maker. Write
W.P. Harrison & Co., Clerk 10, Columbus, O• Books, free. c. DESILVER & SONS, Pubs., Phila

Sample pages and Catalogue of Schoo
Pa. Address all'orders, wholesale or retail, to

J. B. LIPPINCOTT CO., 716 Market St., Phila., Pa
Van's Mexican Hair Restorative
Will restore it to its Perfect Natural Color. This we Positively Guar-

antee. It will remove all Dandruff, Heal all Sores, Stop all Hair from
Falling Out. Cures Baldness, where it is possible to be done, and Cools

Will those patriotic citizens who wish to show their Head ånd Brain. It is no Pye, and is warranted absolutely free from patriotism by owning a flag bear in mind

when they SUGAR OF LEAD or anything injurious whatever: Money refunded buy one that owing to the

change in the Tariff Laws, f it does not do everything that is claimed for it. Sent to any address large quantities of Bunting and Flags are being

manon receipt of price, $1.00 per Bottle. Full information free. Agents ufactured in Europe for import into the United States, wanted. Address

and will soon be offered in competition with AmerRoom 312, Inter-Ocean Building, Flags should be made in America, of American Bunt

ican-made goods, and those who believe American CHICAGO, ILLINOIS.

ing, kindly remember that in the making of our Flagsnothing but the best American Bunting is used. This fact coupled with our guarantee of return at our expense if not thoroughly satisfactory should, we be

lieve, receive some consideration when contemplat WILLIAMS


ing the purchase of a Flag. Send for Catalogue


Easton, Pá. ROGERS



A first-class Teachers Bureau.

We place more

teachers in Minnesota than all other agencies New Complete Bookkeeping, $2.25 Business Law,


combined. Large business throughout the uorthNew Introductive Bookkeeping, 1.25 Practical Grammar and Correspondence,

west. Send for our new calalogue. R.B. HAZARD, First Lessons in Bookkeeping, ..75 Seventy lessons in Spelling,


Manager, 457 Temple Court, Minneapolis, Minn Commercial Arithmetic,

1.50 Civil Government, Business Arithmetic,

1.00 Descriptive Economics, Commercial Law, 1.50 Phonetic Shorthand,

WANTED AGENTS.—The leading School Pen-written Copies (Reproduced). Complete Ed, $1.00; Abridge Ed, 50c.

New York, wants one reliable agent in every county

in Pennsylvania. Applications should be made imAlso Business Practice, Blank Books, College Currency, Diplomas, and other mediately. Splendid opportunity for teachers. Commercial School supplies. Sample Copies mailed postpaid to teachers at Address, one-third of the above retail price. Catalogues and Price List on application.

J. M. OLCOTT, 9 W, 14th St., Address, WILLIAMS & ROGERS, Rochester, N. Y., or Chicago, III.



Salary for Spare Time


Have You
Gray Hair?

Fat Poches



1.25 1.00 1.25

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