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The Boston school board made no attempt to elect a The late J. I. Mackenzie, of New York, gave $50,000 woman supervisor at the September meeting. Mrs. Fi- for the erection of a building at Sao Paulo, Brazil, to be field's friends were not sure of the one lacking vote, and known as the Mackenzie College, in which “God and his the others had no prospect of the two lacking votes. Miss Word should be forever honored.” Sarah L. Arnold has never swerved from her original de.

STANFORD UNIVERSITY.-President Jordan, of Stanford termination not to be a candidate under any circumstances. University, is quoted as saying that upon the distribution

of the estate of the late Senator Stanford, about $3,000,000 Arthur Rotch, of Massachusetts, leaves by his will $100,000 to public institutions; of this amount Harvard ge!s will come under Mrs. Stanford's control, and will be be

will pass to the university. The remainder of the estate $25,000, and the Institute of Technology, $40,000.

queathed by her to the university at her death. A handMrs. Lewis and Mrs. Gibson, the ladies who ofter a site Mrs. Stanford in the spring. An exact duplicate of this

some library building to cost $150,000 is to be built by for the Presbyterian College at Cambridge, England, and £20,000 should the removal of that institution from Lon building will be built one hundred feet away, and will be

devoted to the uses of a museum and laboratory for the don to Cambridge be agreed upon, have now decided to

natural history department. These buildings will stand in pay the sum charged for the keeping open of the offer of

front of the present quadrangle, and will subsequently be the site for another year.

connected with other buildings. These, with a monu

mental arch eighty-six feet high in the center, will constiAt present nearly 1,000 girls in the public schools of

tute the facade, 1,000 feet long, of a group of buildings, Philadelphia are studying cooking. While not a regular and will be part of the outer quadrangle which will enclose branch of the grammar school curriculum, each school is

the present one. allowed to send a quota of pupils to the nearest cooking

Other buildings to be erected are a memorial chapel, a centre. There are two kitchens established at the Girls'

girls' dormitory to cost $250,000, and a chemical building High School, and every young woman who now graduates to cost $50,000. The intention is to increase the present from the school receives a course of lessons in the theory facilities during the next two years so as to provide accomand practice of cooking.

modations for 2,500 students. The visitor can spend no more delightful afternoon than in one of these bright, cheerful kitchens, where the young When the new president of Wells College, Dr. William girls of the public schools are being initiated into the mys- Waters, was a tutor at Yale his merry countenance won teries of preparing baked apples and potatoes, beans and for him the pleasant nickname of "Minnehaha,” Laughing beets, omelets and oysters, tomatoes and puddings, and Waters. a loaf of bread! The kitchens are models of comfort, convenience and completeness. To see a band of young

FEWER CHILDREN IN A Room. It is obvious that the cooks, arrayed in snowy paraphernalia, busily at work is young woman with fifty-six pupils before her is attempting one of the pleasant scenes which greet the visitor these what no mortal can perform. I suppose it is practicable early autumn days.-Ex.

for one young woman to hear the lesson out of one book

of all the fitty children before her during the hours of the Sweden has but four-tenths of one per cent. of illiteracy, school session, and keep a certain amount of watch over while England has nine per cent., and France nine and the children who are not reciting their lessons, providing one-half per cent.

the grading is almost perfect, and we are going to be satisfied with "uniform" results. But the new teaching is of

, The success of the kindergarten movement in Philadel- quite a different character. It requires alertness, vitality, phia is evidenced by the rapid multiplication of these little and sympathetic enthusiasm. It is exhausting. Virtue Froebelian schools throughout the city. Requests for a goes out of the teacher at every moment. What is the new kindergarten on Main street, between Herman and possible remedy? To double the number of teachers Duval streets, in the Twenty second section, and an addi. would not be too much; for twenty-five or thirty pupils tional division to the Spring Garden Kindergarten, in the individual requires teaching in these days, and no teaching

are quite enough for one teacher to grapple with. The Fourteenth section, have been referred to the sub-committee is good which does not awaken interest in the pupil.

President Eliot.

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on kindergartens.

President Schurman, of Cornell, recently returned from In 1 hour he rows 373 miles up stream. a vacation visit to England, where he carefully observed Rate of current = 4 miles — 373 miles 3/3 miles. political conditions and tendencies. He says that the He rows down stream 43 miles per hour. growing power of democracy has made Parliament an He rows down stream i mi. in 3 of an hour, assembly of very ordinary men; the average ability in the


He rows down stream 4 mi. in 6 of an hour, best of our state legislatures is today as high as that of the

7 House of Commons. "I do not think," he says, "that or 51 and three-sevenths minutes. there is a man in the English Parliament that can compare

J. M. PEOPLES. with Senator Sherman, or with Wilson or Reed.” President Schurman thinks that American political institutions Nos. 106, 107 have been answered by Prof. J. M. Peoare the best in the world, and that foreigners are becoming ples and Mr. E. Ellsworth Beams of Chester, N. J. more and more disposed to think the same way. "England is actually looking to us as an example, while fifteen 108. Analyze, years ago she would have thought such an attitude ridicu- "Not to wear one's best things every day is a maxim of lous. With the growth of democracy they fear the omnip- New England's thrift which is as little disputed as any otent power of Parliament and look with envy upon our verse in the catechism.

B. D. E. national and state constitutions, which restrict the powers

not of our state legislative bodies.” But while American polit


things best ical institutions are the best in the world, American admin

to wear istration is almost the worst. President Schurman found

1 x day | every our civil service looked upon with ill-concealed contempt

is + by foreigners. He looks forward to rapid progress in civil

of thrift | New England's service reform.

maxim which 1

any +

in catechism | the Two new buildings, one of eight rooms, another of four

is disputed | little | as + rooms, and a four-room addition are in course of erection


S. S. in Johnstown, Pa., the latter two to be completed in time x x is disputed, understood. for the opening of next term.

109. Paid a coal dealer $90 for 12 tons of coal; for stove The Ohio Wesleyan university will devote the $50,000 donated by Dr. Chas. E. Slocum, Defiance, o., to the coal I paid $5.25 a ton, and for nut coal $4.50; how many

tons were there of each ? erection of a library, which will be a fireproof building.

Solution. Had the coal all been nut coal it would have Slippery Rock Normal opens with an enrollment of two cost 12 times $4.50, or $54, or $6 less than the lot cost him. hundred and sixty students, exclusive of the Model. Each ton of stove coal cost him 75 cents more than a ton

of nut coal, hence there were as many tons of stove coal as For larger salaries or change of location, address Teach

75 cents is contained times in $6, or 8 tons; and the numers' Co-Operative Association, 70 Dearborn St., Chicago ber of tons of nut coal was 12 tons minus 8 tons, or 4 tons. Orville Brewer, Manager.

S. S.




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Query Column.



112. How do these two questions differ?

a. Four times a number equals three times the same 94. A man who rows 4 miles an hour in still water, number plus 5. takes one and one-fifth hours to row 4 miles up a river.

b. Four times a number equals three times the same How many minutes will it take him to row 4 miles down number, plus 5. the river? In 6 hours he rows 4 miles up stream,

113. The difference between two numbers is 5, and 5 5

times the first less 2 times the second is 34; what are the In 1 hours he rows 23 mile up stream, 5

numbers ?

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serve as double windows, giving protection against both heat and cold, and they lend themselves readily to decora.

tion. They are neater than marble in meat markets, and A SUCCESSFUL LiFe.-Success cannot be measured by especially adapted for bath halls, hothouses, hospitals refame, wealth or station, writes Edward W. Bok in au arti frigerating establishments, and buildings in which absence cle on what constitutes a successful life for man and woman of windows would be an advantage. A hothouse of glass in the October Ladies' Home Journal. The life of the hum- bricks is of about ordinary cost, saves fuel, and resists blest woman in the land, if well lived, is as successful as is

hail. that of the woman who, with greater opportunities, is un. able to make the results of her work reach farther. Some of us must live for the few, as others again must live for

Julian Hawthorne has recently bought a large farm in the many. But both lives are successful. Each of us in the mountains of Jamaica, where he intends to raise fruit this world influences some other being, and it is the quality and early vegetables for the northern markets. He has of our influence, and not the number we influence, which also rented a most beautiful residence, Mona, on a coffee makes our lives successful in the eyes of God. We may estate near Kensington. believe that we go to our graves unknown and unsung, but not one of us goes out from this world without leaving an impression, either for the good or the bad. And the kind RALEIGH AND SPENSER.--It was probably in the autumn of impression we make while we live, and leave when we of 1589 that be paid his visit to Edmund Spenser, the die, is the difterence between successful and unsuccessful poet, at Kilcolman Castle. Spenser first came to Ireland living

about the same time as Raleigh, as secretary to Lord Grey, the chief governor; an, he had, like Raleigh, received a

grant of lands, including one of the Earl of Desmond's STEDMAN, CRITIC AND Poet.-His sympathy is bound castles. less, and he has Aung the mantle of his critical cordiality

Spenser tells the story of how Raleigh introduced him over many writers whom a less genial judge would leave to Queen Elizabeth and gained her ear to the recital of his to the doubtlul shelter of their own thin diction. No one poem, "The Faery Queen,” with the happy result that she has been kinder to the minor poet on both sides of the At- made him poet laureate with a pension of £50 a year, and lantic. But while he bends to do this, he never seems to that his great poem, forever famous in English literature, sacrifice his equilibrium. His patients with the "stained. soon saw the light. Raleigh was indeed ever ready to use glass poet," as he named them, of the Victorian era has his influence at court for the advancement of his friends. never diminished the value of his analysis of their betters. On one occasion, when he came to crave a favor for auThis is due to a very great extent to the classic strain in other, Elizabeth said to him: "When, Sir Walter, will you his temperament, to the impersonal animus of all his judg- cease to be a beggar?" "When your majesty ceases to be ments. That is to say, there is no trace of time or of place a benefactor," was his courtly reply. - St. Nicholas for in his dealings with the literary topics which have occupied October. so much of his time. He is cosmopolitan to the core. (The Century for October.)

$100 REWARD $100 -The readers of this paper will be

pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease Professor Falb, of Berlin, prophesies a

that science has been able to cure in all its stages, and that ve:y probable

is catarrh. Dall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure collision between the earth and the comet of 1866 on Nov. known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitu13, 1899, when the comet will cut the point where the tional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's earth arrives every year at that time. But he does not Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the think harm could come of such a collision.

blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient

strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature Hollow glass building-bricks are coming into use. They in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its are blown like bottles in forms—such as cubes, hexagons,

curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for

any case that it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. etc.--that permit of ready-laying. A bituminous cement,

Address, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O. with a base of asphalt, is used with them. The bricks'a Sold by Druggists, 75c.



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Adopted by over 100 CITY and County School BOARDS IN PENNSYL- Our Journey Aroundi. World




$25 to $50


The ONLY SYSTEM of FRANK MULLER, Mfg. Optician, YSTEM its kind in the World



A complete Protection to Both the Outside

and Inside of the book, consisting of Holah 's Pa ent Book Covers. Adjustable, medium size (No. 2) alone fit.

ting 80 per cent. of all books published. Material, a species of felt, made on 1721 Chestnut, St., Philadelphia. a paper machine, imitation leather, will last a year.

Perfectly fitted Spectacles and Eye Glasses made by

individual measurement from Oculists' prescriptions. Holden's Self-Binders. For repair-Holden's Transparent Paper. All work guaranteed.

ing a loosened leaf or weakened bind- For repairing a torn leaf. ing.


for the grandest and fastest selling book ever published, AND VANIA, and Highly recommended by EVERY ONE OF THEM after a year's test, By REV. , President of the United

Society of Christian Endeavor. 220 choice engravings, Pennsylvania State Report (p. 171) says—"Our books will last longer

steel-plates, maps, etc. The King of all subscription books IT 380 thousand. Agents average 80 to 50 a week, and

make $100.00 a month. One Bold 120 in his own townthan we have been led to infer from reports from other cities; we, however, ship: another, & lady, 40 in one Endeavor Society; another,

68 in 10 days. Men and women agents wanted


or Distance must attribute this to our having adopted 'Holden's Patent Book Covers.''

no hindrance, for, We Pay Freight Give Credit, Premium Copies, Free Outfit, Extra Terins, and Exclusive Territory. Write at once for Circulars to

A. D. WORTHINGTON & 00. Hartford, Conn, Recently adopted by Pittsburg, McKeesport, Wilkes Barre, Buffalo, Syra cuse, Detroit, Niagara Falls, Duluth, Faribault, Moorhead, Minn.; Eastport, Ellsworth, Me.; &c., &c. FOR FREE TEXT BOOK SCHOOLS,





NEW NATIONAL Holden Patent Book Cover Co., Springfield, Mass., U. S. A.


per week,
to Agente,

Ladies or
Gentlemen, using or selling Catalogue upon application
“Old Reliable Plater." Only
practical way to replate rusty and

United States School Furniture Co. SEND FOZ CATALOGUE.

worn knives, forks, spoons, ete;
quickly done by dipping in melted

315-321 WABABH AVE, SIDNEY 74 FIFTH Ave. metal. No experience, polishing


OHIO NEW YORK G. W. Simmons & Co.,

or machinery, Thick plate at one
operation; lasts 5 to 10 years; fins
finish when taken from the plater.

Every family has plating to do.

Plater sells readily. Profits large.

STUDY. LATIN and GREEK at sight W. P. Harrison & Co., Columbus, O.


Sample pages and Catalogue of Schoo Van's Mexican Hair Restorative

Books, free. C. DESILVER & SONS, Pubs., Phila

Pa. Address all'orders, wholesale or retail, to Will restore it to its Perfect Natural Color. This we Positively Guar

J. B. LIPPINCOTT CO., 716 Market St., Phila., Pa antee. It will remove all Dandruff, Heal all Sores, Stop all Hair from Falling Out. Baldness, where it is possible to be done, and Cools Head and Brain. It is no Dye, and is warranted absolutely free from SUGAR OF LEAD or anything' injurious whatever. Money refunded f it does not do everything that is claimed for it. Sent to any address patriotism by owning a flag bear in mind when they

Will those patriotic citizens who wish to show their on receipt of price, $1.00 per Bottle. Full information free. Agents | buy one that owing to the change in the Tariff Laws, wanted. Address

large quantities of Bunting and Flags are being manRoom 312, Inter-Ocean Building,

ufactured in Europe for import into the United States,

and will soon be offered in competition with AmerCHICAGO, ILLINOIS.

ican-made goods, and those who believe American Flags should be made in America, of American Bunt

ing, kindly remember that in the making of our Flags. BUCKEYE BELL FOUNDRY,

CAROMO REWARD CARDS. nothing but the best American Bunting is used. This

fact coupled with our guarantee of return at our ex•
Thousands of New Pretty Designs Flowers, Fruits,
Best Grade Copper and Tin
School, College & Academy

BELLS Scenes, Views, Crescents, Shields, Easels, Juveniles, pense if not thoroughly satisfactory' should, we be

Vases, Ships, Birds, Animals, Balloons, Anchors, &c.
Price and Terms Free. Name this paper
Prices for 12 cards; size 3x4 inches 80;-3425% 120;-

sieve, receive some consideration when contemplat
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ing the purchase of a Flag. Send for Catalogue All beautiful Reward and Gift Cards no two alike. Samples sent free to teachers.

AMERICAN FLAG MFG. CO., New Price List of School Supplies, Chromos, Plain,

Easton, Pá. Embossed, Frosted, silk-Fringed, Chromo Reward and Gift Cards, Reward, Gift, and Teachers'


Speakers, Dialogues, Reports, Aids, and few samples NORTHWESTERN SCHOOL AGENCY, Paid Teachers. No books or novelties. Chromo Reward Cards free. All post paid. Address,

A first-class Teachers Bureau. We place inore Address "R,” Lock Box 66, Cleveland, O A. J. FOUCH, WARREN, PA.

teachers in Minnesota thau all other agencies combined. Large business throughout the northwest. Send for our new catalogue. R.B. HAZARD,

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The leading School $14 walnut . prored High Arm Slager sewing machine



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WANTED AGENTS. --Supply Mouse, et

, finely tinished, nickel plated, adapted to lighs

$2.75 Baby New York, wants one reliable agent in every county

complete with plated steel wbeels, axle, and heavy work; guaranteed for 10 Years; with

springs, and one pieco steam bent handle. Made of best mate- in Pennsylvania. Applications should be made imAutomatic Bobbin Winder, Self-Threading Cylin

Anely finished, reliable and

quartatoed for 3 years. Shipped mediately. Splendid opportunity tor teachers. on 16 daya' trial. FREIGHT PAID;

no money required in
der Shuttle, Bell.Setting Needle and a completo
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advance. 75,000 in ugo. We are the oldest and best known

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concern of our kind, reliable and responsiblo. Referenca

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Good for 60 Days. 1. We will send the weekly Educational News, a trial subscription, one year for one dollar; six

six months for 50 cents. 2. For $1.30 and 8 cents for postage, we will send the weekly Edu. cational News for one year and any one of the premium books in the following list, all well bound in cloth:

1. Dickens' Child's History of England. 6. Life of Daniel Webster.

11. Swineford's Literature for Begin. 2. Last Days of Pompeii. 7. Lucille.

ners, 3. Ivanhoe. 8. Tom Brown at Oxford.

12. Hints and Helps on English Gram4. Tom Brown's School Days at Rugby. 9. Tennyson's Poems.

mar. 5. Speeches of Webster.

10. Æsop's Fables. Please note that the EDUCATIONAL News is a weekly journal during 10 months of the year, and a semi-monthly during July and August. Forty-eight issues, 768 pages, of the paper, constitute a year.

We pay postage on premiums and deliver free to any post office in the United States.

HINTS AND HELPS ON ENGLISH GRAMMAR, a book of 302 pages, bound in cloth, is practically a key to the difficult sentences for parsing and analysis in the grammars of Harvey, Reed & Kellogg, Swinton, and Raub. It is designed for teachers and private students, and will prove of great benefit on all doubtful points.

Subscribers to the EDUCATIONAL NEws are entitled to single copies of any of the following, Raub & Co.'s publications three-fifths retail price; other teachers, at 23 retail. The News and any of these books at three-fifths retail price 1. Studies in English and American Literature, Raub, $1.50 6. Grammatical Analysis by Diagrams, Paper,

.20 2. Literature for Beginners, Swineford, (287 pp.). 75


.25 3. Methods of Teaching, Raub,

(415 pp.) 1.50
7. Practical Rhetoric, Raub,

(320 pp.) 1.20 4. School Management, Raub,

(285 pp.) 1.25

8. Punctuation and Letter Writing, Raub, (92 pp.) .40 ś. Tests in Spelling and Pronunciation, Raub, (116pp.) .40 9. Hints and Helps on English Grammar, (302 pp.) 1.00 Write to RAUB & CO., Philadelphia, for special introduction rates on these books.

Educational News Oo., Box 1258, Philadelphia


Systematic, Thorough, Comprehensive !
1. Farrian System of Penmanship, $1.00.
2. Correspondence and Business Forms, $1.00.
3. Complete Business Arithmetic, $1.00.
4. New Double Entry Bookkeeping, $1.00.

Also No. 1 Fine Steel Pens, 1-4 Gross Box, 30c.
Principals of schools and colleges invited to examine these works before adopting others.

Samples of any of above list sent to any address on receipt of price. Circulars and testimonials free on application. Address KANSAS BOOK CO., Publishers, Downs, Kansas


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