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Sixty languages were known by Christian Joachim Mohn, to corporal punishment, especially condemning the violaa Norwegian, who died recently in Naples, at the age of tion of that portion of the law which prohibits punishment eighty-five.

about the head and face, and announced himself ready to

revoke the certificate of any teacher guilty of it, even Secretary Carlisle has decided to throw open to young the extent of pulling ears or hair. men in civil life the examinations for cadetship in the revenue cutter service. Heretofore the officers for this ser- The London school board has engaged ten dentists at a vice were secured from the naval academy. If there is a salary of $750, whose duties it is to exanine the teeth of sufficient number of applicants from the Pacific coast, an the different schools of London. examining board will be appointed in San Francisco.

The University of Missouri has received from the State

Legislature since February 1891, by direct appropriation The Hebrew kindergarten of the Young Women's Union

and in interest on its endowment fund, $525,000. No at 238 Pine street, Philadelphia, Pa., enrolls fifty children, other state in this country has given its university so much with an average attendance of thirty.

money in so short a time.

Supt. Charles E. Gorton and Prof. Edward R. Shaw, of Great Britain has eleven universities, with 344 professors the School of Pedagogy of the University of the City of and 13,400 students. New York, are making a very careful test of the vertical

The kindergarten training school at Lincoln, Neb., is writing in the second, third, and fourth, and fifth years in

full, many having been turned away. Those attending a public school of Yonkers, N: Y. The test has been a severe one, and thus far the results are markedly in favor are studying with Prof. Bruner of the state university. The of vertical script.-School Journal.

mothers' meetings are well attended and great interest is

manifested in the children. The High School gymnasiums of Cincinnati have just been opened for use. They are said to be perfect in ap

State Supt. Schaeffer, Superintendent of Public Instruc

tion, of Pa., has decided that free text books furnished pointment and finish.

at the expense of the various school districts of the Com. The board of aldermen at Lexington, Ky., have passed monwealth, are for the use of the children in attendance an ordinance, appropriating $100 to Miss Laura Charles for upon the public schools of their respective districts, and

that Boards of Directors have nothing to do officially with kindergarten work.

private or subscription schools. Chicago University has purchased for $80,000 the li

Mr. Marshall Field, of Chicago, has subscribed $1,000,brary and manuscripts of the Historian Bancroft. The

000 to found a Museum of Natural History in Chicago, on library contains 225,0co volumes. It is the largest in any of the American universities.

the condition that $500,000 is subscribed by other citizens.

The art building within the fair grounds will be retained as The first woman that ever gave money to Harvard Col

a permanent building for the new museum. lege could not have fancied in her most imaginative mo

A technical school is to be established at Osaka, Japan, ment that more than 250 years later her girlhood's name for the training of youths in various handicrafts. would be given to a college for women at Harvard. Anne Radcliffe, who was afterwards Dame Moulson, 'sent her The Industrial course, Santee, Neb., normal training hundred pounds over seas from England to aid the cause school includes blacksmithing, carpentry, shoemaking, of education. She cast her bread upon the waters, and it printing, farming and cooking. The institution is under is returned to her memory in honor after all these many the charge of the American Missionary Association, and is days. Mrs. Agassiz, the President of the Harvard Annex, the chief training school of Indian teachers and ministers is congratulated on this most charming and suggestive Nearly 1,000 pupils have attended since it was started in choice of a name.

1870. At present it has 150 pupils and a corps of twenty

three instructors. The Rev. Alfred L. Riggs is the prinSuperintendent Turner, of Spokane, Wash., is opposed cipal.

Eton College, England's most famous preparatory

25 = 4.3094 = 5.8+ school, has been greatly stirred by the announcement that

(5.8)2 X 3.1416 X 3 = 317.05+ the head master and his assistants have received rnenacing

500-317.05+=182+. pamphlets and letters, presumably from anarchists. The

Hence, 182 = inches waste provocation of the anachists was found in the utterances of

E. L. BOWMAN, a few senior studtnts in a recent debate on the great coal

Tug River, W. Va. strike which favored the cause of the employers. The Answered also by Prof. J. D. Warfield, Brookville, Md. anarchists are supposed to have learned of the debate

2. "The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power, through the report published in the college magazine. The

And all that beauty, all that wealth, e'er gave, approaches to the college and the buildings are watched

Awaits alike the inevitable hour;by detectives.

The paths of glory lead but to the grave.”

Why awaits rather than await? The oldest German university is that of Heidelberg,

The first word of the third line is awaits because the subfounded in 1386.

ject of the seatence is hour. That is, death, the inevitable

hour, awaits the boast of heraldry, the pomp of power, etc. Ex-Supt. Nathan B. Coy has purchased the Colorado

They do not await death.

R. S. School Journal and will be its editor-in-chief, assisted by Aaron Gove. Success to him in his new field.

4. How dispose of Mary's in the sentence, "That book

of Mary's was lost? Twelve hours per week is all that is required at Har- I would say Mary's is a noun having the possessive vard. Students are discouraged by the faculty from tak- form but in the objective case after the preposition of. ing more.

The use of a word in a sentence and not its form determines its case in English.

R. S. The system of department teaching has beed adopted with good results in one of the Jersey City schools.

Queries 2, 3, and 4 have been answered also by Prof.

V. C. Gambrell of Wapello, Ia. CHICAGO, Jan. 3.—President Harper, of Chicago Uni

QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED. versity, announces that John D. Rockefeller has given the college $50,000 for books and equipment. Mr. Rocke

11. Diagram, feller has already given the college about $3,500,000.

“The character of Washington is among the most cher

ished contemplations of my life.” For larger salaries or change of location, address Teach

12. Diagram, ers' Co-Operative Association, 70 Dearborn St., Chicago

"Alike for feast and fight prepared, Orville Brewer, Manager.

Battle and banquet both they shared.”

J. E. C. Query Column.

13. What is a Congressman at large? . F. H. H.


14. A train leaves a certain station at 9.30 a. m., and

goes 2773 miles an hour. Another train leaves at 10.15 124.

A tinner has a circular sheet of tin containing a. m., and goes 41 miles an hour. When will the latter 500 sq. in. and he cuts out three circular pieces as large as overtake the former ?

F. H. H. possible. How many inches of waste are there? I=R small circle.

15. Who wrote, “Auld Robin Gray,” and for what spe

cial purpose?
23 y 3= 1.1547
(1.1547 + I) X 2 = 4.3094

16. What is the origin of the expression, "Warm as a 4.3094 R of circle.

bat''? 500

17. What is Bohemian literature? =25+ V.785389 25 :X :: 4.3094 : 1.

18. What kind of metal is Corinthian brass ?

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LITERARY AND SOIENTIFIO tax upon the introduction of art into America. That the

newest of the great nations, the one least equipped artistiEx-PRESIDENT HARRISON SUMS IT UP.-The 28th cally, the one most needing the examples and culture of commencement exercise of the Pierce School of Business art in its homes, schools and manufactures, should be the and Shorthand, 917 Chestnut St., Phila., was recently held one to stand at the ports of entry with a club in its hand in the Academy of Music. The orator of the occasion to beat back the very thing we most require, is a reproach was no less a distinguished personage than ex-President to American intelligence and a disgrace to our legislators. Harrison, and his remarkable address on that occasion has the lesson of the World's Fair will have been in great part been made the subject of national comment. In his direct lost unless it teaches our lawmakers the necessity of reremarks to the 170 young men and women graduates, he moving a tax which is an ignorant and brutal clog upon emphasized the great training value of the Peirce school national progress.

Ex. by referring to, “the eminently practical curriculum which they (the graduates) had now completed." "Eminently A PROSPEROUS INSTITUTION.- The annual report of the practical” sums up in two words the instruction that is Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company for the year endreceived at this admirable School--instruction which com- ing June 30th, 1892, contains a synopsis of the operations pletely equips the graduate for every phase of business of the Relief Department of that Company, which shows it life.

to be in a most prosperous condition.

The Pepartment had a membership of 22,637 persons; New PROOFS OF OLD Facts.—The Compound Oxygen the receipts of the Relief Feature for the year were $425,Treatment is nearly twenty-five years old. Its valuable 508.32 and the disbursements $415,554-39, and the beneremedial properties have long been known and acknowl-fits paid to members since May ist, 1880, aggregate the edged. But we are constantly receiving new testimonials enormous sum of $3,883,940.17. as to its efficiency in curing diseases which have, in many of the fiscal year, there was due depositors $830,386.06, as

In the Savings Feature of the Department, at the close cases been pronounced incurable. We give below one of these:

against $692,547.05 at the close of the previous year; the "Please accept my sincere gratitude for the restored life deposits during the year were $326,049.77, the withdraw. of happiness and health, and vigor and usefulness that als $188,210.76, and the amount due from employes on the Compound Oxygen has certainly given me.

account of loans made for the purpose of securing homes “While I was considered a healthy child I was known was $601,239.26. An extra dividend of one per cent. was to be dyspeptic from babyhood. It was inherited. For declared on all deposits drawing interest at the close of the two years I was confined almost constantly to the lounge. year, thus making the interest for the year equivalent to For more than four years I did not know a

five moment free

per cent. per annum. from pain. All this time dyspepsia continued its ravages Pension list, and the disbursements on this account for the

Ai the close of the year there were 210

the except when temporarily relieved and aggravated other Pension list, and the disbursements on this account for the serious disorders.

year have been $31,954-35, and for the whole period, $201,"My friends and physicians thought I would never

084.16. cover. To-day I am entirely cured of dyspepsia, can joy articles of food that I never dared use before in my

The D. Lothrop Co., book-publishers, Boston, has made life. For the past year I have been up and going in ease an assignment—liabilities $250,000; assets $6,000. The and health, with sufficient vigor to take some part in do firm was incorporated in 1887 with a capital of $200,000, mestic work of the most laborious nature. As my strength superseding the old firm of D. Librop & Co. continues to improve, since leaving off Oxygen, I feel that I can conscientiously recommend the treatment, not only all other diseases put together, and until the last few years

There is more Catarrh in this section of the country than to cure, (provided the doctors directions are observed) but was supposed to be incurable. For a great many years docto be lasting in its beneficial effects.

tors pronounced it a local disiase and prescribed local remeMiss Jamie MAGRUDER,

dies, and by constantly failing ta. cure with local treatment, Oak Hill, Fla.

pronounced it incurable. Science has proven catarrh to be

a constitutional disease and therefore requires constitutional Send for book of 200 pages, sent free which will give all treatment. Hall's 'atarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. needed information, testimonials, etc.

Cheney & Co, Toledo, Ohio, is the rirly constitutional cure Drs. Starkey & Palen, 1529 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa., on the market It is taken internal, in doses from 10 drops San Francisco, Cal., Toronto, Canada.

to a teaspoonful It acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system They offer one hundred dollars for any case it fails to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials.

+ddress, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Now FOR FREE ART !--This is the moment when every Sold by Druggists, 76c. art institution and association in the country, every enlightened journal, and every person who appreciates and loves art, should urge Congress, through the nearest

TEACHERS' WORLD. . gressman, to strike from our tariff laws the barbarity of a





Filled with bright, prac
tical, USABLE material.
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Bonnot. 1. THE
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This is the genuine, unabridged, illus- any cyclopedia that will not submit to a trated edition. The full set is ready for similar test. It is easy to put merits and immediate delivery. It is a reprint, in claims to the test. large type, of the last (9th) English edi Supplementing the English edition, estion, over 20,500 pages, including more pecially treating American topics and livthan 10,000 illustrations and 200 maps. ing biography, we publish:

Size of volumes, 8 3-4 by 10 inches, by 3 1-2 thick; weight, about six pounds each. Size of type shown by these lines.

Over 3,800 pages. It is issued in 24 volumes strongly bound in 12 volumes, supplement cloth, price of the set as above. The same bound in half American Supplement, edited by Howard Crosby, D.D., LL.D., Russia, $4.80 extra. Index volume, if wanted, extra, and others, 5 volumes, 3,843 pages, and Index to entire work, cloth, $1.00; half Russia, $1.40. By freight or express. 579 pages, the 6 volumes, bound in 3 volumes, cloth, price,

$6.00; half Russia, $7.20. eware of

Though the Britannica is complete in humbug claims

itself, this Supplement, from the hands of Whoever has need for an encyclopedia about 150 American scholars and writers ought to be wise enough to avoid being of highest reputation is generally wanted.

customers thought newspaper advertisements.

thickness of the volumes

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The above offer will not be rein half Russia 25 cents extra.

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Pathology, (47 pages.)
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Paul, (15 pages.)

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one-sixth its former price is Norway. Ornithology, (49 pages.) Persia, (100 pages.)

a fair illustration of what Return volume within one month and we are doing for book-buyers all along the line. Our publica

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TEACHERS WANTED For every department of instruction by the Southern Educational Bureau, Memphis, Tenn. Large number of vacancies reported from the best schools of the South and Southwest,

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