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Good for 60 Days. We will send the weekly Educational News, a trial subscription, one year for one dollar; six months for 50 cents.

2. For $1.30 and 8 cents for postage, we will send the weekly Edu. cational News for one year and any one of the premium books in the following list, all well bound in cloth:



1. Dickens' Child's History of England. 6. Life of Daniel Webster.

II. Swineford's Literature for Begin2. Last Days of Pompeii.

7. Lucille. 3. Ivanhoe. 8. Tom Brown at Oxford.

12. Hints and Helps on English Gram4. Tom Brown's School Days at Rugby. 9. Tennyson's Poems. 5. Speeches of Webster.

10. Æsop's Fables. Please note that the EDUCATIONAL NEWS is a weekly journal during 10 months of the year, and a semi-monthly dur. ing July and August. Forty-eight issues, 768 pages, of the paper, constitute a year.

We pay postage on premiums and deliver free to any post office in the United States.

HINTS AND HELPS ON ENGLISH GRAMMAR, a book of 302 pages, bound in cloth, is practically a key to the difficult sentences for parsing and analysis in the grammars of Harvey, Reed & Kellogg, Swinton, and Raub. It is designed for teachers and private students, and will prove of great benefit on all doubtful points.

Subscribers to the EDUCATIONAL NEws are entitled to single copies of any of the following, Raub & Co.'s publications three-fifths retail price; other teachers, at 23 retail. The News and any of these books at three-fifths retail price 1. Studies in English and American Literature, Raub, $1.50

6. Grammatical Analysis by Diagrams, Paper,

.20 2. Literature for Beginners, Swineford, (287 pp.). 75


.25 3. Methods of Teaching, Raub,

(415 pp.) 1.50
7. Practical Rhetoric, Raub,

(320 pp.) 1.20 4. School Management, Raub,

(285 pp.) 1.25
8. Punctuation and Letter Writing, Raub, (92 pp.)

(92 pp.) .40 5. Tests in Spelling and Pronunciation, Raub, (116pp.) .40 9. Hints and Helps on English Grammar, (302 pp.) 1.00 Write to RAUB & CO., Philadelphia, for special introduction rates on these books.

Eduoational News Oo. Box 1258, Philadelphia


Every Teacher, Pupil and Supervisor should have a copy of the

Learn to write well.

Complete, postpaid, $2.

Learn to write well.


Farrian Complete System of


This book will be sent to teachers for examination and for first introduction on receipt of one dollar per copy.

By J. W. FARR, Author.


For use in Common Schools, High Schools, Business Colleges, Academies and Self Instruction. It is a Progressive, Educational, Scientific work based upon Scientific Principles, which are actually applied to the Science and Art of studying and Teaching Penmanship. It is decidedly a new and complete course in the science and study of the art of arts, nothing heretofore having appeared on this plan of teaching writing. Only Three Principles. Simple and easily understood-get full and comprehensive. It contains 200 elegant illustrative penmanship plates,,140 pp. in Pennanship and Writing, including lessons on the "Science and Art,” “Material," "Positions," "Form," "Movement," "Speed,” “Muscle," "Measurement,” “Angle,?*Slant,” Copies for Practice, Outline of Courses of Study for all grades of schools. Directions to Teachers, Description, Analysis, and explanation of all the Figures, Small Letters and Capitals with Rules” for same. 24 pp. in Correspondence; 57 pp. in Business Forms and 100 Models, and a complete course in the Elements of Book-keeping, making a total of 300 pp. It has 100 questions and answers and other questions for review, class use, and study preparatory for examination in Penmanship. Any system of writing can be analyzed by these “Principles and Rules. It is a business course within itself, which no student, teacher or business man can well afford to be without. Size : 54 inches by, 9 inches, substantially bound, large plain print, heavy paper and beautiful throughout every page. Owing to a large "outlay” for the plates, manuscripts, etc., we cannot send out Free Copies; but in order to introduce this work into the schools and colleges of the United States, at once, we will send it post-paid, to any address at the above Special Price.

Senu draft, money order or postal note. Stamps taken for fraction of a dollar. The work is now ready and all orders will be filled the same day received. First come, first served. Money will be refunded if the book is not satisfactory. Correspondence solicited. Special terms to schools for class use. Agents wanted everywhere. KANSAS BOOK CO., Publishers, Downs, Kansas


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Vol. X., No. 20.


$1.50 A YEAR

Vacancies for September.



$75.00 to $250.00 PER MONTH Every day we are requested by authorities to recommend teachers for both present and future

can be made working for us. Spare hours turned to

go od account. This is of especial interest and value openings. During the spring and summer months we are asked by School Boards, Superintend to teachers Never mind about sending stamp. Adents, College Presidents and Principals to recommend-often having as high as 25 or 30 in a

B. F. JOHNSON & CO., Richmond, Va. single day. We have already a large number of excellent openings for the school year beginning in September. Superintendencies, High School and Town Principalships, Grammar, Intermediate, Primary and Kindergarten positions, College Professorships, Academy Principals and Instructors. Specialists in Art, Music, Drawing, Book-keeping, Penmanship, French, German, Elocution, Manual Training, etc. Also several most excellent schools for sale. Now is the time

29th Year Thomas May Peirce,M.A., Ph.D. to register if you wish to be in line of promotion and desire a better salary for the coming school

Principal and Founder. year. Send for circulars to

Record Building,

917-919 Chestnut St. 6034 Woodlawn Ave., (Just South of Chicago University).



An all-around equipment for

business life. Enroll

Day and Evening Sessions.



Annual - 1341 Arch Street, Philadelphia.

Graduating Exercises

1882 to 1892, Inclusive. A number of vacancies awaiting competent teachers. We aim to

“ The utterances of such mep supply every member with a position.

as Talmage, Gough, DepewDIMON and DIXON.

noble ideas conveyed in charm. ing expressions.'

Cloth binding, 8vo., 524 PP., Registers the Best Teachers.

price, $1.75, postage prepaid. CHARGES NO ADVANCE REGISTRATION FEE,

postage only; but depends on actual results. Does not our plan commend itself to you?

Still under the Wanamaker's, Leary's, 3486 Positions Filled. P Constant vacancies. Send stamp for blanks.


and Office of the School. First Year Salaries amount to $2,264,860.

management KERR & HUYSSOON, 2 W. 14th St., NEW YORK.







To the Reader:

Please read our special offers on last page of this paper.
If you will accept any of these offers and subscribe for the weekly EDUCA-
TIONAL NEWS within sixty days, we will allow you four months' time to make
payment of subscription.

If you desire we will send you the paper four weeks free on trial.

W will also send you by mail single copies of any of Raub & Co.'s books that you may wish, at half retail price if ordered within three months. This offer is good only to our subscribers. See list of books on of last page of this paper.

The EDUCATIONAL NEWS will be sent as soon as subscription is received, but at these low rates books

and premiums will be sent at the time payment is made.


Educational News Co.,

Philadelphia, Pa.

Box 1258.





DEBILITATED. Horsford's Acid Phosphate

is without exception, the Best that of INVENTORS, who often lose the benefit of valuable inventions because Remedy for relieving Mental and of the incompetency or inattention of the attorneys employed to obtain their Nervous Exhaustion ; and where patents. Too much care cannot be exercised in employing competent and reli. able solicitors to procure patents, for the value of a patent depends greatly, if the system has become debilitated

With the view of protecting inventors from worthless or careless attorneys, by disease, it acts as a general and of seeing that inventions are well protected by valid patents, we have

tonic and vitalizer, affording susretained counsel expert in patent practice, and therefore are prepared to Obtain Patents in the United States and all Foreign

tenance to both brain and body. Countries, Conduct Interferences, Make Special Dr. E. Cornell Esten, PhiladelExaminations, Proseoute Rejeoted Cases, Register phia, Pa., says: "I have met with the

greatest and most satisfactory results in Trade-Marks and Copyrights, Render Opinions as

dyspepsia and general derangement of to Scope and Validity of Patents, Proseoute and the cerebral and nervous systems, caus. Defend Infringement Suits, Etc., Eto.

ing debility and exhaustion." If you have an invention on hand send a sketch or photograph thereof, to

Descriptive pamphlet free. gether with a brief description of the important features, and you will be at once advised as to the best course to pursue. Models are seldom necessary. If others are infringing on your rights, or if you are charged with infringement by Rumford Chemieal Works, Providence, R. I. others, submit the matter to us for a reliable OPINIÓN before acting on the

Beware of Substitutes and Imitations. matter.


WASHINGTON, D. C. If you desire to go South

to teach send 2c. stamp for blanks, P. O. Box 385.

JOHN WEDDERBURN, Managing Attorney. This Company is managed by a combination of the largest and most influential news. TO TEXAS TEACHERS' BUREAU, papers in the United States, for the express purpose of protecting their subscribers

TYLER, TEXAS. against unscrupulous and incompetent Patent Agents, and each paper printing this adver. tisement vouches for the responsibility and high standing of the Press Claims Company FREE

Teachers' vacation, to Europe, the

seashore or mountains, with all exNo Cut this out and send it with your inquiry.

Trip to penses paid, Address
EUROPE. 36 Bromfield st.,Boston, Mass.


Common-Sense School Architecutre. Oratory!

This book is a very

important work The Summer Session,

the planning of Mod. Of the National School of Elocution and Oratory, will be held at Grimsby Park, on Lake

el School House Ontario, Canada,

Buildings and their July 5-August 15.

practical and eco

nomical warming, Courses in Elocution and Public speech. All departments represented. Send for circular.

ventilating and safe, Geo. B. Hynson, Principal, 1110 Walnut Street, Phila., Pa.

sound and sanitary

construction, for GoldAD

Cities, Towns and APRIL 2013

Villages, contains

about 100 plates of il

lustrations, 11x14 inches in size, giving plans,

TO TEACHERS. elevations, pers pective views, inciudng 19 For only 10 cents to pay for a subscription to

plates of detail drawings of Model Public

Are you preparing for examination, or are School Houses of every description, also an Inour 32-page family journal, we will send you, you conducting drills? If so, you need absolutely free.

dian School, Colleges, Parochial Schools, Con

Meese's Facts in Literature. vents Canadian and Brazilian Schools, with Fine 18k Rolled Gold Ring, Beautiful, It is very practical, very convenient, and very that should be in the hands of every parent, of

specifications, etc., etc., 140 pages. A book Breast Pin, Collar Button, Pen and Pencil, Handkerchief, Key Ring,

Jow in price. Sent postpaid for ten cents. ficial and professional man. Price only $1.00 in

Address, and Tablet, and 100 Pictures,

heavy paper binding,

Optimist Publishing Co., Address orders to This great package of goods sent free, as above,

Meyersdale, Pa. or we forfeit $100.00. Address

EDUCATIONAL NEWS Co., C. R. VICTOR & Co., 61 Park Place,

Lock Box 1258, PHILADELPHIA PA. P. O. Box 1356, New York.






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literature itself, as a whole. In American Literature we'll

find much hidden beauty, and much that is elevating, PUBLISHED WEEKLY

creating within us a taste for reading the best literature,

which taste we will retain to the end of life's journey. EDUCATIONAL NEWS COMPANY,

The reading of American Literature in our schools will

also create a taste for the best and most enduring literary Philadelphia, Pa.

productions; such a taste will prove to the pupils through

life a strong means for self education. CONTENTS. COMMUNICATIONS:

There is great power in American Literature, and should THE ADVANTAGES OF HAVING AMERICAN LITERA- the time now occupied in our schools by reading such fragTURE READ IN OUR SCHOOLS...

.......307 mentary selections as the school readers contain, bu devo!. HISTORICAL RECREATIONS.....

308 ed to reading and studying some undying, life-giving mas PLANT STUDY........



ter-piece of American Literature, our boys and girls would CARE OF THE EYES......


become better men and women. ÆSTHETICS IN THE SCHOOLS...


American Literature contains springs of pure sparkling ELOCUTIONARY A REGULAR Boy...

311 waters and if our boys and girls are lead to drink of EDITORIAL:

these piire waters they will become more Americanized, EDITORIAL NOTE8....


We all want the breath of life, and there is no reading, PERSONAL ITEMS...

.313 HINTS.........

but literature that will give us that breath of life to the



fullest extent. American Literature is ennobling and inQUERY COLUMN

..317 spiriting. American Literature stimulates the young mind LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC,..

.318 to a broad and generous culture. American Literature is

developing in character, and opens a broad avenue to hisOriginal and Selected.

tory, geography, science, and general intelligence.

Reading, we are told, is getting thought, and American For the EDUCATIONAL News.

Literature furnishes the best means to get thought. THE ADVANTAGES OF HAVING AMERICAN Good, pure literature will never be read in mature life, LITERATURE READ IN OUR PURLIC SCHOOLS. unless the taste for it is cultivated during childhood.

If good literature is taught to our children by the right The theme is a broad one, as the advantages to be de- methods, they will in after life prefer it to the trashy rived from having American Literature read in our schools dime-novels now read so largely by our youth. The love are many.

for good literature can never be attained but by thorough Our school reading, as a whole, is dry and uninteresting teaching and studying it in our public schools. and fails to produce good effective readers.

Children are lovers of the beautiful and welcome anything The reading fails to cultivate a taste for that which is that will produce beauty. American Literature contains beautiful and life inspiring. The literary selections given nothing but beauty, and by reading and right methods it in our school-readers are but shadows of literature, and, as can be revealed to the children in such a way as to make such, they fail to inspire the children with the real beauty them not only see the beauty but feel it as well. that lies in the reading and study of American Literature. The beauties and inspirations in American Literature can We do not want to begin with fragments, but with the real' never be exhausted. The more we read and study it the


more beauty is revealed and the more inspiration we re- Indies that Commodore Perry was sent to subdue them in ceive.

1819. Perry died there soon after, and in 1823 CommoDuring the past forty or fifty years the sentiment in favor dore Porter made their destruction complete. of literature has been constanily increasing. May such a 7. When was Florida bought of Spain ? sentiment continue to grow and expand until all the chil- Ans. Feb. 22, 1819. The United States did not obtain dren of our land are taught American Literature.

full possession, however, before 1821. Jackson was ap. Childhood days are very precious and in the school- pointed its first governor. room the children have no choice. They must take what 8. Mention Monroe's cabinet officers. we feel like giving them, therefore let us give them pure, Ans. John Quincy Adams as Secretary of State; Willife-giving American Literature, which will create a taste liam H. Crawford as Secretary of the Treasury; John C. for that which is pure and beautiful.

Calhoun as Secretary of War, and William Wirt as Attor. Pure American Literature is the production of the best ney-General. American minds and the same principles that controlled 9. What noted general visited this country during this these master-minds can be instilled into the children's administration ? minds by the reading and studying of these productions. Ans. La Fayette, in 1824.

Most children close their school lives without knowing 10. Who invented the cotton.gin? what pure literature is. They have learned to read toler- Ans. Eli Whitney, of Connecticut, in 1793. ably well, but have not been taught what to read. Is not 11. What is a protective tariff? such a state of affairs altogether wrong in this progressive Ans. A duty imposed on imported goods for the purcountry of ours? The studying of American Literature pose of encouraging the manufacture of the goods at home. would give not only individual benefit, but the influence 12. What party was in favor of a protective tariff at this derived from its study would be felt throughout the whole time? land.

E. ELLSWORTH BEAMS. Ans. The Whig, as it was called at this time. It also Chester, N. J.

encouraged internal improvements.

13. When did the Democrats begin to be called “LocoFor the EDUCATIONAL News.


Ans. In 1834, because the lights in Tammany Hall,

when extinguished, were relighted with locofo matches. MONROE'S ADMINISTRATION, TWO TERMS: 1817-1825. 14. Mention the states that were admitted during this

administration. 1. What did Jefferson say of James Monroe?

Ans. Mississippi, in 1817; Illinois, in 1818; Alabama, in Ans. "If his soul were turned inside out, not a spot 1819; Maine, in 1820, and Missouri, in 1821. would be found on it."

15. Give a sketch of the two great parties now in power. 2. What was The Missouri Compromise?

Ans. The great Republican party was now divided into Ans. It was an agreement that Missouri should be ad- the Whig party and the Republican, or Democratic party. mitted as a slave state, and that slavery should be pro- 16. Who were the champions of the Whigs ? hibited in all other territories west of the Mississippi and Ans. John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay. north of parallel 36° 30'.

17. Who were the champions of the Democrats ? 3. Mention the first Trans-Atlantic steamship.

Ans. Andrew Jackson and John C. Calhoun. Ans. The Savannah, in 1819.

18. What was the result of the election of 1824? 4. What was the Monroe Doctrine?

Aps. No one received a majority of the electoral votes, Ans. Monroe in his message in 1823, declared that any the election went to the House of Representatives, by attempt by a foreign nation to gain authority in America whom John Quincy Adams was chosen. would be looked upon as a hostile act.

19. Who was Gregor McGregor ? 5. Who was the last president to wear the cocked hat? Ans. He was the leader of a company of “buccaneers," Ans. James Monroe.

who acted under a commission from the authorities of New 6. Tell something about the sea robbers in the West Granada and Venezuela. They fortified the island of Indies during this administration.

Amelia, as a rendezvous of slave traders and South Amer. Ans. The sea robbers became so annoying in the West ican privateers. When they got so far as to proclaim a

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