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anon. The vacancy in Dauphin has been filled by Prof. J. T. Muir, for several years a member of the the election of Mr. Edw. F. Brightbill, of Lebanon, a faculty of the Kirksville, Mo., State Normal School, graduate of Lock Haven and a former teacher of has resigned his position and accepted the superin Dauphin.

tendency of the Moberly public schools, which was
Prof. J. S. Espey is President of the Southeast unanimously tendered him.
Agricultural School, at Abbeville, Ala.

Prof. Norton, ex-president of the Cape Girardeau
F. L. Miller, former superintendent of schools at Normal was offered and accepted the position left
Jeffersonville, Ohio, now has charge of schools at open by Prof. Muir's resignation.
Harvey, Ill., with a corps of fourteen teachers, most

Mrs. Flora Kimball selected and superintended the of them trained in the Cook County Normal School, planting of trees on seven miles of the streets of Naunder Col. Parker.

tional City, Cal., by request of the supervisor, who Miss Jessie H. Bancroft, formerly connected with deemed her the most competent person in the place. the New York Normal College, has recently been

Prof. W. I. Graham has been elected president of appointed director of physical culture in the Brooklyn the Dakota University, at Mitchell. public schools.

Prof. H. A. Hortman is Professor of Languages in Doctor Slocum of Colorado has declined the re- the North Alabama Agricultural School at Athens, gency of the University of Illinois at $7500 a year, Alabama. and will remain with the institution he has done so

J. F. Knight, formerly principal of Laporte High much to build up.

School, at the close of last year left school work and
Miss Allie Cook of Manistee, graduate of Pratt turned his attention to the profession of law. Upon
Institute, Brooklyn, New York, has charge of the art the resignation of Mr. Hailmann he was elected his
department of Ferris Industrial. School, Big Rapids, successor, and has been induced to return again to

the ranks of the teachers' profession.
Mr. K. H. Cressman, a former Northampton Co., Prof. R. D. Jones and family have returned from
Pa., teacher, is now superintendent of Leech Lake Germany, and are now nicely settled at Swarthmore,
Indian School, in Minnesota.

Prof. C. C. Van Liew of the St. Cloud Normal

Doctor McCosh is now eighty two years old. He School, Minnesota, has been elected professor of still writes a little but only a little, and a book now reading and pedagogy in the State Normal University passing through the press will be, he says, his last at Normal, ill.

word to the public. The one thing in which Doctor Rev. Dr. Carroll Cutler died at Talladega, Ala., McCosh takes the greatest pride-greater even .than Jan. 25, his funeral occuring at Hudson, Ohio, Jan. in the work he has done for Princeton-is the fact 29. Dr. Cutler was born in New Hampshire in 1829, that all of his books have yielded him à profit. He and entered Yale in 1850. He was connected with is especially proud of the fact that his royalties last Western Reserve College from 1860 to 1889, fifteen year amounted to several hundred dollars. years of that time as president.

Secretary Hill, the successor of Secretary DickinG. H. Hicks, instructor in botany in the Michigan son of Massachusetts, is a native of Biddeford, Me., Agricultural College at Lansing, has received the where he was born in 1871. At twenty, he was gradappointment of assistant botanist in the Department of|uated from Bowdoin College. While at college he agriculture at Washington.

taught three months of each year, and after graduaProf. Wm. H. Kirshner, librarian of Rose Poly- tion he was appointed principal of the high school in technic Institute and assistant instructor in drawing, his native town. Later he took up the study of law has resigned to accept a professorship in the Univer- and was admitted to the bar. But his love of teachsity of Minnesota,

ing soon asserted itself so strongly that he gave up

his legal practice and became principal of the Milford, Combined by pupils thus: Mass., High School. From there he was called to

4 leaves and

5 leaves are 9 leaves.

6 rabbits and take charge of the High School at Chelsea, Mass.,

3 rabbits are 9 rabbits.

The list of words may be omitted and the pupils directed and in 1886 accepted the principalship of the Cam

to find words they know in their Reader with which to bridge school.

make the number story.- Indiana School Journal.

Educational Intelligence..
Educational Games.


Recent book introductions: For my part, I do not believe that all the kindergarten games in Christendom, all the gentle joy of pretending you

Raub's Studies in Literature into Augustana College, S. were a swallow and had your little baby swallows cuddled Dak.; Mento, Ia.; Braddock, Pa. Nora Springs, Ia. under your wing, can compare for an instant with the lost

Raub's Rhetoric into the schools of Vanderbilt, Pa.; delight of playing "London Bridge”[Oranges and Lemons) Point, Tex,; South Solon, O.; Larwill, Ind.

'[] in the dusk of a summer evening, or in the dimly-lit school

Raub's Tests in Spelling and Pronunciation into the room at bedtime. There was a mysterious fascination in schools of Flint, Mich.; Lehighton, Pa. the words whose meaning no one understood, and no

Swineford's Literature for beginners into the schools of

New Milford, Pa.; Milford, Pa. sought to understand

“Here comes a candle to light you to bed,
And here comes a hatchet to cut off

EAST STROUDSBURG NORMAL.-The enrollment for the head." --

your And then the sudden gasp of four strong little arms, and a

winter term is rapidly reaching the round number 400:

The model school under the efficient supervision of Mrs. E. pleasing thrill of terror at a danger which was no danger-only a shadow and a remembrance of some dim horror in F. Lamb, is in a most flourishing condition. The little

, a

children have produced two cantatas, one in the early part the past, living for generations in the unbroken traditions

of last term, entitled, "A visit to grandpa'' and on Friday, of play.-Agnes Repplier, in the N. A. Review.

the 16th inst., they rendered the charming cantata "A


Dream of Fairy Land.” "I beg of you not to run into the grave Herbart, or Freebel, or Pestalozzi, or so run them into the ground that

Prof. R. L. Park is the recently elected teacher. He is you can't recognize them. I fear this kindergarten busi- a graduate of Baldwin University, and a teacher of consid

erable experience. He recently completed a course at ness is carried to such an alarming extent that really the

Drexel Institute. Prof. Park has charge of Penmanship, child is lost by it. Exercise common sense in education and then you will see that we are all right.” These wise Bookkeeping, Drawing and Manual Training. words of Prof. J. H. Kappis, an educator of fifty years'

Twenty sled loads of students were driven to the famous standing in Europe and America, are as timely as they are Delaware Water Gap on Tuesday, February 6. This weighty. There is no sphere in which a rigid common treat was tendered by the Board of Trustees. The faculty sense is more constantly needed than in the work of edu- and trustees accompanied the jolly party.

The News is a very welcome visitor to our reading room cational reform. The kindergarten and the "new education” generally have a constant tendency to overleap the and the pupils are eager for its arrival. bounds of sober common sense.

New buildings are to be erected in the near future.


Desk Work.

Written on the blackboard:

4 plus – equals 9 leaves.

plus 3 equals 9 rabbits.
7 plus 2 equals -- marbles.
5 plus - equals 9 pegs.
- plus 8 equals 9 stars.

Hon. Ira Mayhew, a former superintendent of Public Instruction in Michigan, and now in his four-score years, takes up the work of a correspondence school of bookkeeping in connection with the Sprague University of correspondence in Detroit. Mr. Mayhew has been a close student of the subject, and a successful manager of commercial colleges for years.

The schools of Sandusky, Ohio, have receive from the jure the sight, to render the nerves unsteady, to enfeeble World's Columbian Exposition the award of a handsome the will, and enslave the nature to an imperious habit likely medal.

to stand in the way of duty to be performed. Yours very truly,

OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES. Earlham College proposes to conduct a summer school for normal, academic and collegiate instruction to begin Butler University has abandoned all baccalaureate deJune 19.

grees except that of Bachelor of Arts. This places all her courses on a par.

This movement waz begun among InIllinois State Teachers' association this year lacked $100 diana colleges in 1886 by Indiana University. of paying expenses.

Mrs. Sidgwick of England has collected vital statistics Nineteen college building have been erected on the cam-concerning nearly 600 women who have studied at Campus at Princeton during the past 25 years.

bridge and Oxford. Those women and their children are

said to be physically superior to the British average. There is a movement on foot to organize a Teachers' Association for Northwestern Iowa. The first meeting There are 1,309,251. colored child in public schools of will probably be held at Cherokee in March.

the United States.

The faculty of Andover has voted to abolish the valedic- The great offer being made by The Pittsburgh Dispatch tory and salutatory addresses at their commencement ex- to take the sixty teachers of the public schools of Pittsercises.

burgh, Allegheny and other points in Pennsylvania, Ohio,

West Virginia and Maryland to Atlantic City in July, is The University of Michigan has a Japanese Students' the talk of the hour. As an additional inducement the Association with a membership of thirteen.

twelve teachers of the sixty, who receive the largest num

ber of votes, will be taken on a supplementary trip to The University of Leipsic is worth nearly $20,000,000. Philadelphia, New York and Boston, after the Atlantic

City trip is over.-Ex. Henry Irving, the great English actor, will speak before the students of Harvard College, March 17th.

Since the State University of Tennessee opened its doors

to women the women's club of the state have been SMART Boy.—A teacher in one of the public schools was raising money for a building on the university grounds. drilling her children in music.

“What does it mean when you see the letter if' over a The Harvard authorities will make use of the legacy bar or stave ?" she asked.

left to the university by Catharine Page Perkins to erect "Forte," answered one of the pupils.

a dormitory to be known as Perkins Hall. "And what does the character 'ff' mean ?"

There was a short period of forgetfulness on the part of The University of Chicago cleared about $40,000 this the children and then one of them shouted triumphantly summer by renting its dormitories to the World's Fair “Eighty.”—N. Y. Morning Journal.



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A young man ambitious for success wrote to Dr. Oliver By a recent action of the Board of Trustees the Law Wendell Holmes asking four questions. The reply was : School of DePauw University will be discontinued at the

1. A young man of good taste and good principles may end of this year. safely go to see a good actor in a good play.

2. The best three books? The Bible, Shakespeare's Girls in Kansas University last year, 296; this year, 400. plays, and a good dictionary, say Worcester or Webster.

3. To obtain "real success"? Real work; concentration TEACHERS WANTED.-Apply at once, Teachers' Proon some useful calling adapted to his abilities.

tective Association, Rembrandt Hall Building, Detroit, 4. Shall he smoke? Certainly not. It is liable to in- Mich.


The largest meteoric in the country has just been placed


minutes lite on exbibition in the Harvard museum,

| our It weighs over half a ton, and contains meteoric diamonds.

is made whereof


are For larger salaries or change of location, address Teach

like x corals multitudinous ers' Co-Operative Association, 70 Dearborn St., Chicago In this sentence objects are compared, hence like is a Orville Brewer, Manager.

predicate adjective, followed by a preposition understood

Note the difference in the use of like in the two sentences Query Column.

Answered also by Miss Jessie Pardoe and Frank H.


26. What sum must be paid annually to make an in15. Who wrote, “Auld Robin Gray,” and for what spe-surance policy worth $1000 at the end of 20 years, interest cial purpose?

compounding at the rate of 4 per cent.? Lady Anne Barnard (1772), in order to raise a little

Let a = annual payment, then money for an old nurse.

1.04 a=value at close of ist year.


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16. What is the origin of the expression, . "Warm as a 1.04 at 1.04 a=

2d bat"?

1.04a +1.04a +1.04a=

3d In South Staffordshire, Eng., there is a slaty coal which does rot burn but lies in the fire till it becomes red hot and 1.040 +1.040 +1.04a +

1.048= value at close it is then called "bat,” which gave rise to the expression, of 20th year.

1.04 a-1.04a 17. What is Bohemian literature?

S 1000. Desultory reading is Bohemian literature.

.04 30.96819a = 1000

1000 24. Analyze,

= $32.29+ "Satan goeth about like a roaring lion, seeking whom


J. M. PEOPLES. be may devour.

he 1 Satan seeking |


may devour | whom
lion roaring

30. Analyze,
goeth | (like) +

“The higher we climb, the colder it grows." 1 x 1

a =



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It the Rietoric or the English Literature you use is not

wholly satisfactory write to Raub & Co., Philadelphia, and Literary Notes.

they will show you how “Raub's Rhetoric or Raub's stud

ies in English and American Literature" may be secured No teacher of English Grammar, especially if he wants for introduction at the minimum of expense. It will pay to strengthen his own position can afford to be without the you at any rate to write to them, and examine a copy of book we offer as a premium “Hints and Helps in English each of the books. Grammar.” It has met with a marvellous sale. Practically it is a key to Reed & Kellogg, Harvey, Swinton and

FIRE POPPING ON CARPET.-Many persons employ Raub on the subject of Grammar. See on last page how open wood fires, for the pleasure they afford, and for the you can get it and the weekly EDUCATIONAL News a year ventilation of the rooms. Some kinds of wood pop the for $1.38.

burning coals on the carpets and produce much annoyance.

To prevent this popping, turn the convex (or bark) side of Ex-PRESIDENT HARRISON SUMS It Up.-The 28th the stick to the open room, and much of it will be precommencement exercises of the Peirce School of Business

vented. Try the experiment on such wood as you happen

to have. and Shorthand, 917 Chestnut St., Phila., was recently held in the Academy of Music. The orator of the occasion was It is a fact that many of the largest and best Normal no less a distinguished personage than ex-President Harri- schools of the United States use Raub's Methods of Teachson, and his remarkable address on that occasion has been ing and Raub's School Management as the text-books on

these subjects. made the subject of national comment. In his direct re. marks to the 170 young men and women graduates, he STREET RAILWAY TRAVEL in BANGKOK.-An electric emphasized the great training value of the Peirce school by railway is now in operation in the capital of the Siamese

So referring to, "the eminently practical curriculum which kingdom, in which the king himself is a stockholder.

successful has been this road that the stock cannot be they (the graduates) had now completed." "Eminently bought at any price. As soon as the object lessons now practical" sums up in two words the instruction that is re- being given in Bangkok are generally known there is sure ceived at this admirable School-instruction which com

to be a large increase of electric railway mileage in Asia. pletely equips the graduate for every phase of business lie.

The postage on stxty copies of Raub's "Studies in Eng

lish and American Literature, lately sent to a school in The newly revised edition of “Raub's Tests in Spilling Japan, cost only six dollars. The cost on a hundred of and Pronunciation” is meeting with a rapid sale. The fact these books sent lately to a school in Utah was only ten that it is made to accord with all the latest and best dic

dollars. The express company offered to carry the same

package at a cost of fourteen dollars and fifty cents. At tionaries has created for it a wide demand.

great distances Raub & Co. preferably offer to deliver

these and other books by mail at fixed prices because posFROM "PUDD'NHEAD WILSON'S CALENDAR.".-Mark

tal rates are uniform. Twain, in the February Century.-Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? It is because we

$100 REWARD, $100.--The readers of this paper will be are not the person involved.

pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease It is easy to find fault, it one has that disposition. There is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure

that science has been able to cure in all its stages and that was once a man who, not being able to find any other fault now known to the medical fraternity.. Catarrh being a conwith his coal, complained that ihere were too many pre- Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the

stitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's historic toads in it.

blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying

the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient When angry, count four; when very angry, swear. strength by building up the constitution and assisting naThere are three infallible ways of pleasing an author,and in its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars

ture in doing is work. The proprietors have so much faith the three form a rising scale of compliment: 1, to tell him for any case that it fails to cure. Send for list of Testimo

nials. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. you have read one of his books; 2, to tell him you have 17 Sold by Druggists, 75c. read all of his books; 3, to ask him to let you read the manuscript of his forthcoming book. No. i admits you to his respect; No. 2 admits you to his admiration; No 3

TEACHERS' WORLD. carries you clear into his heart,

Filled with bright, prac
tical, USABLE material.
We think you will liko it.

Sómit. 91.00 Tua
SEWIS PUR CO., 13 Aster P. IL


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