Correlation Papers: Archean and Algonkian

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1892 - 349 sider
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Side 220 - Report on an Exploration in 1875, between James Bay and Lakes Superior and Huron.
Side 81 - Superior, we have the following conclusions : " On the whole, we are disposed to regard the specular and magnetic oxides of iron as a purely igneous product, in some instances poured out, but in others sublimed from the interior of the earth. The supposition entertained by some that...
Side 78 - L'Anse is a limited patch of limestone which has a dip to the eastward from 25° to 30°, the limestone being distinctly stratified. The sandstone about a quarter of a mile to the north is horizontal, and it seems evident that the limestone overlies the sandstone, although the position of the inclined beds of the more southerly portion...
Side 454 - ... worker in this department of science to peruse with care the pages given and not be obliged to admit that the geology of a large portion of this country, and especially that of Canada and New England, is in an almost hopeless state of confusion. The belief is justified that our chances of having at some future time a clear understanding of the geological structure of northeastern North America would be decidedly improved if all that were written about it were at once struck out of existence.
Side 36 - ... ascending order, of a stratified series, composed of quartz rock or sandstones, conglomerates, shales, and limestones, with interposed beds of greenstone. The first of these series is in so highly a disturbed condition, and is so much contorted that it is impossible to ascertain its thickness. The second series occupies the whole north coast of lake Huron, with many of its neighboring islands between little lake George and Shebawenahning.
Side 199 - On the Age of the Copper-Bearing Rocks of Lakes Superior and Huron, and various facts relating to the Physical Structure of Canada, WE Logan.
Side 89 - They invariably dip at a high angle in all directions from the trap. • At the immediate line of junction the character of both rocks is lost, and the sedimentary rocks for a distance of several hundred feet have been shattered while retaining their original position, and were again cemented by an injection of calcareous matter. The area of country occupied by the metamorphic group is less than by the Primary or Trap. The group is made up of an alternating series of talcose and mica-slates, graduating...
Side 270 - Explanations of a second edition of a geological map of Nebraska and Kansas, based upon information obtained during an expedition to the Black Hills, under the command of Lieut.
Side 469 - That the life in the pre-Olenellus seas was large and varied there can be little If any doubt. The few traces known of it prove little of its character, but they prove that life existed in a period far preceding Lower Cambrian time, and they foster the hope that it is only a question of search and favorable conditions to discover it."1 Here the imagination of the zoologist may be allowed for the moment free scope to act.
Side 52 - LOGAN,* in 1847, in a report on the geology and economic minerals of lake Superior, gives an account of a rather detailed examination of the north shore of lake Superior from Pigeon river to Sault Ste. Marie. Michipicoten island was also examined. Lake Superior appears to be set in a geological depression, which presents formations of a similar character on both the north and south sides, dipping to the center. The series on the north, in ascending order, consists of the following : (1) Granite and...

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