Billeder på siden

me what þu art: & what bu dost her. 195 al þey. kynde. answerde. 196 aungelus.
ichon. 197 Ac al so sone as. 198 Lucifer for his fayr stede:. so sone.
199 euere as peyre dede was. 200 fylle st. velle. ac for no synne.
201 Ne for. ensentede vnryzt. 202 bot sych men for to cheue; soulement
fehlt. myjt.
203 ne we ne. here. Inou fehlt. 204 ney fehlt. oure lord
swete. myst. we fehlt. I sep. 205 & be be oper syde we file a boute: & be
þe lyst al so. 206 eke. for to. 207 gode st. good.: be yuel leper takep.
208 rest. sych forme we takeþ. 209 fourme. swyche whyte foulus. her fehlt.
210 & fehlt. onoureþ. here on his brode tre. 211 passed nouż. 212 alle.
sex. cholleþ. ar je bryng joure wil to ende. 213 ffor whan je haue wend
pis seuyn jer. wille jou. 214 A syst. baueþ. atte seue 215 chollep be. &
holde. 216 nou. byheste. 217 on st. an. alle pis. 218 tok st. nom. of
bem. felauys wend so. 219 þese foulus. be gan here euensonge. 220 Mur-
gore. þey. hym self. hadde be hem amonge. 221 be st. pis. slep. here.
222 matynes. þey arese. 223 bese. song. matenus. 224 swype seppe.
alto. 225 & vnderne swybe. swybe. 226 & eche tyde song of be day.
chold. 227 þese. In pt lond: be eyzte weke also. 228 whit sonday al so
(st. ido). 229 atte trinyte: bis god man to ham ber. 230 to st. wip. chepe.
ledde. er st. þar. 231 & charged. wit. 232 tok st. nom. him fellt.
233 breþeryn alle so. 234 wit hem þer. þem to. 235 haue. 236 trauayle.
be st. jou. eft ohne sone. 237 je chol after al bis: I se a fayr ile. 238 þat
abbay is icleped & is: henne many amyle. 239 be wt holy mem.
240 joure
ester cue. held. wer st. duden. 241 Vppon. rygge: þer of þe monkus wer In
fere. 242 joure. nou. 243 Initiale. 244 grete se. þem st. hi. 245 turned
st. harled perelus. 246 here lyf. þey st. hem. wyder. 247 þis fehlt. foure.
see. bis st. swipe. 248 þat þey ne sey. but. 249 sey. fro st. fram.
250 most. 251 In te st. jut. 252 bey wente. bey inyst. ny. 253 þt hem
bouste here lyf was lore. 254 his help bad. 255 lytyl. strit. fond. atte.
256 per st. hor. per in. 257 þese. wel longe hem pouste her. 258 be
beld alle aboute: wel mery hem bouzte ber. 259 seys to fayre wellyn. bt on.
elere. 260 pe st. bis. bo jede nere. 261 þat st. bis. sey3. 262 wit oute.
ny. 263 þer inne. for wit beyre good wille. 264 bey willyb parte. wit.
bere zouz st. bep ze. 265 Initiale. old fehlt. þer com gon. 266 welcomede.
fayr. sen kyste. 267 tok. ledde. by. al be be fayr waye. 268 in fehlt.
a stede swybe fayr: to an abbaye; & seppe fehlt. 269 Sen. asked.
270 maner. wit inne. who woned. 271 hy was. ne fehlt. answere.
272 sey; þey. & fehlt. croys. 273 wit tapris. 274 Reuerced. fayr copus.
þey come anon. 275 wit. fayr. abbot. 276 fayr. sen. by be hond.
277 fayr st. noble. 278 doun a rau. wessche. 279 wesse here fete.
280 freytour. ledde. hyje. 281 I melled it is oure couen te. 282 serued.
broujte st. vette. 283 lof & sette: be twene to. 284 whyte. erben: be fore
hem þi sette al so. 285 Swettere. kneuj. 286 cler wele. sey. bese.
287 nou. abbot. nouz. 288 of þilke water. wolde here. 289 beter drynke,
to fehlt. whanne. jou. Nach 289 folgen die Verse: pan je it þeflyche
nome: as je hadde er I pout. pis bred bat je ete nous: we ne wot whenne
it is. A straunge man it brynges eche day: to oure celer I wis. We ne
weteb noust but hope on god: whan it is vs I broust. 290 who so. chal
fayle. 291 ffoure. whanne. alle fehlt. 292 Twelue swyche. euerychday.
Men brynge. ete st. mete. 293 Atte. euerych. oper whan it sonday is.
294 Men st. he. iche monk. hadde st. hap. 295 þat iche frere. kepe st.
wite. sopere. 296 For þe. I dobled. nou here. 297 ac mochedele hadde
vn ete. 298 iche. sende. 299 Suythþe seyn paterikus day: & sent albon
al so. 300 be here foure. ¡ere. 301 euere seppe oure lord borw; his grace:.
ichon. 302 wedir. merie. & sekenesse is þer non. 303 whenne. tendep.
304 & oure taprus beb neuer be les: bou þey bren. 305 þey rese vp & to
be chirche wende. 306 frerus st. monekes. atte. 307 hou. why ner bese
nauit wit vs. 308 fadir. abbot. sayde. nede. 309 þer ne willyþ but foure,


fraytur. 310 & fehlt. whanne je ware bere wt vs: þey ne myst nouit alle so. 311 be whyle je (st. we). þey (st. þes) wille. 312 þey cholle swype. when þey habbe ete here mete. 313 Sen. by held þayre fayr. þoujt, alle. 314 Auter chalys & croys: alle cler cristalle. 315 taprus. þer fehlt. nomo. 316 syngende (st. seges) ek: to whan hy cholde go. 317 wer foure. þat icle hadde his. 318 abbotus sege. was fehlt. 319 Sen. asked. abbot. 320 sylence. 321 abot. here. 322 Foure. swyche lyf: as je may here. 323 & st. ac. was st. nas. amongus vs: alle:. In non wyse. 324 bot. seruyse. 325 Ne we ne were neuere În. sek. 326 sen. herde. he wepe for ioye anon 327 fadir. goddus. mot. 328 nomanere. 329 Nad. I cheued. 330 it. Ireland. by twelue breperen. 331 ile of acres (!): be tretur (!). 332 fourtenpe. quik. wit outen. 333 a fire. at o. 334 As po. cam. tapres. ichon. 335 & fehlt. flei rist fehlen. atte st. bi pulke. fenestere. 336 tapres brende long. & neuer þe lasse nere (Ms. uere). 337 ich wondir. 338 þese tapres brenne. wanep. 339 Initiale. Nastou quaþ be abot noujt. old laue. 340 ĥouj m. sau a tre brenne: fram croppe. 341 & feblt. tre st. porn. grennere. 342 wenestou. as my;ty her as pere. 313 þese. gedere. were st. 344 þe twelfpe. bey partede ato. 345 illary. sen. 346 see: whyder god pam sende; þoru grace fehlt. 347 pay rewe see. hyje. 348 ffram þylke tyme for fer In lente. þey ne syze. 319 he be held. 350 þey sey. ver fehlt. atte. 351 þis cloude. 352 er þis je. be þere. 353 þer st. þis. meche. 354 foulus paradys. & fehlt. 355 here chip. 356 schire þoresday þey. þedir. trauel. 357 gode fehlt. þem st. hem. welcomede hem. 358 kyste. ichon. 359 & sette hem swybe. 360 as swybe he wessche here al per fet: here matenes to do. 361 alle here maunde þey held þere: & pere be gonne byleue. 362 a good fryday al þe day. 363 procouratour. bad. chyp. 364 resurexioun: on be fyschis ryg. 365 he ladde hem cuene to. 366 as he hadde er I do. 367 hem fehlt. Ms. norp st. uorb. goddus grace. 368 fysch: wel sone þey þedir come. 369 as a londe it houed. ek fehlt. 370 As it be leued vppon his rygge: of bat oper zere. 371 sych. hou®. 372 soffre. vppon hym st. per up. alle per wille. 373 be st. bis. vp be fysches rygge: beleued al be nyt. 374 matenus. euen song. seppen. 375 þey songen: here messen euerychon. 376 euere. mechil. so vor stille fehlt. 378 þese. here messes. 379 ondren. be wey to chip þey nome. 380 þe fehlt. paradis. þylke. 381 Anon bo. sey. þey. ich one. 382 melodye. wer. 383 ajen þem. 384 his wengus murie. fayr. 385 je onep. he sede fehlt. honoure: myd. 386 porueyep. bis fayre stedes. þer In. jour. 387 messe st. maunde. 388 suppe. vppo pe fisches ryge I do. 389 here. VIII weke. for to, after fehlt. whit sonday. 390 fram st. to. to st. vorte. þe nach of fehlt. 391 þe gret see. occean. trauayle. chulleb. 392 & In pyne alle be. for to somerus ende(!). 393 wille. 394 & je. 395 contre. chol. 396 als eslyche. a noye. þere joure. 397 man. be leued. 398 procouratour. po fehlt. her st. euer. In gret plente. 399 broust. 400 chargid. 401 þan st. hem. norb st. uorb. cholde st. wolde. 402 bey myst. 403 vp a tyme. 404 fysche bey sey. greslych. 405 bernynge fom of his moup: & of his nose he caste. V. 408 folgt hinter 405. 406 u. 407 fehlen. 408 brest. chof. 409 & cryde gerne on Ihu crist: & seyn brandan al so. 410 chef. almost. 411 told. þer st. hor. 412 þer com swymmende swype. 413 encountred. leper. 414 bouke. atte. 415 & þat way as he er com. forp st. ajen. 416 bese. panked. 417 sely st. holi. 418 a hongred. 419 lytel foul. brouzt. 421 bese grapis. sen. goodman. 422 per wit bey leued fourtenyt. al st. alle. 423 þese grapes. alle Ido: & (st. hi). 424 Be pe o syde þey sey;. ny st. Inne. 425 fayr tres. ful st. picke. eueriche bowe. 426 swyche. þey. to be g. it drowe 427 Sen. vp of be chip. & of fehlen. þe grapes he tok faste. 428 hem to his chip. to libbe by fehlt. daues. it laste. 429 per vor com fehlt. gryp. 430 asaylede. fle st. sle verschrieben. 431 told. her lyue. 432 alyte foule. 433 paradis. 434 I sey. he nas nouit alyte glad. 435 lyte. to be grype. nome his dynt. 436 bym jaue. eyze. 437 pe leper best po he. dun fehlt. In to be see.

488 wil haue I saued. sle. 439 man. see. 440 foure stedus: In reste euere. 441 Initiale. of seynt petrus. wit here. 442 þey. peter. seruise. 443 Hy com. of be see. þey founde. 444 þey se per on by eche. 445 pout. grounde. fysche. al fehlt. at on. 446 þat men ne sey;. grounde. but. hy. 447 þese. sen. 448 weyste. be fysche. breke, ohne to. 449 What be je. war of be je a drad. 450 ope be maysterus ryge. 451 anoward his rygge. fram er. 452 lodder. nonus. 453 storte. wit st. uor. as þey hadde wake of slepe. 454 flote st. come. alle. as it were at an hepe. 455 flote aboute on eche half. men st. me. ne fehlt. syz. 456 be set. alle. þey com; ne fehlt. 457 seuede. 458 messe. alle st. al. 459 whenne st. po. alle. iche. 460 Meche wondur men. wele. 461 þe wynd. 462 Als fer as. cler. 463 u. 464 fehlen. 465 souperene. 466 euere (st. euene) forp. þey newiste whedir. laste. 467 sey; þey. 468 Smoke. 469 belyes. 470 of noyse, of st. &. 471 So þt seyn brandan sore a gast. wel faste st. anon. 472 wel gresely atte. 473 porw out swart & brennynge. al fehlt. vp vs his eyen. Nach 473 folgt: & turned hym In a non ajen: þis monkus were a gaste. 474 men st. me. 475 com. swyche. byk be iche syde. 476 hameres. brennynge. 477 brymme þey ronne. see: after his chip ichon. 478 nere. to jelle. 479 tongus st. oweles. brennynge. þese monkus st. pis men. 480 men. but fyre. I se no I here. 481 ek al a fere. 482 Eueriche. vppon. þese tongus al on hyje. 483 & fehlt. nyze. 484 turned. 485 alle. pout. a fyre. 486 see. brende:. 487 stenche. 488 hue st. hi. my;t. namore. 489 it. þe chrewe wep. 490 hou; þynk zouz. mury. 491 willep. uor fehlt. 492 deuel hoped. I had. 493 & st. ac. I heryed. hy cast. aumb; as. 494 Initiale. lasted. 495 þey se. hei fehlt. hylle. be st. pt. 496 grete stenche st. muche wo. 497 ley. fer. stood vp an hy. 498 meche. pt st. ben. ban was þer w. m. 500 myst. lenger. 501 stirte st. hupte. vp st. out. see. 502 ran. oppon be toward his grislyche fyre. 503 He cryed & zelled. del fullyche. dol. 504 wrecche. I se st. ic seo. 505 ich habbe. noust st. no leng. 506 heo fehlt. bare. I st. ic. 507 fadir. ich am nouj. 508 þe deuelyn come. tok st. nome. be st. pen. 509 defouled. strong. amyde. 510 sen brandans seide: (him fehlt). 511 fayled. 512 So stronge pis mountayne brennes: þat noþyng hue ne sey. 513 po bouste þey þere fer þer fram: but fyr & leys. 514 torned. 515 gret st. strong. 516 by se st. hi seie. atte nende. 517 hard. 518 cast. alle bare. 519 po pay come be roche nere. I ware. 520 anouward þey sey. be roche fehlt. whanne. 521 a wrecche gost þey se naked: & mys ese I nouz. 522 wit to tongen. 523 In eyber. tyld. 524 & (st. pt) whanne þe water. hynge heye; so fehlt. 525 bleu: rulyche st. þen wreche. his eye. 526 waues. betep. by fore & be hy hynde (!). 527 wreccheder. pan. dorst. 528 Sen. on st. a. 529 & why he sette pere. 530 dolful. 531 þat for XXX platus oure lord sold. on st. an. wit. 532 ouere lord. 533 haue here. pis st. pisse. 534 ich haue. but. myst st. milce. 535 myst haue. I ne habbe. 536 hulle. ich. 537 ryzt. 538 bere ich. þedir. 539 pe pyne. 540 was po. þat þey mad a gret leyje. 542 So hauep bey whan any. þedur. 543 hyze myjt. benne nou. 544 iche. 545 here ich. 546 for to be twelf day be do. 547 & fram þe bygynnyng. ek fehlt. of þe ester. white sonday. 548 & fehlt. leaedy, eke. meknesse st. milce. ¡he st. heo. 549 alle. zer. 550 erodes. cayfas. 551 ich, a corse. 552 bydde. fonde. 553 by leue here. 554 & þat je. come. 555 cholle chelde (st. wite). 556 Initiale. clout st. clop. hy st. heie, pare. 557 pans bare. 558 a mesel: & for myn oune it was nouzt. 559 wit. breberyn. 560 af it. be fore. 561 men ne chulleb. noping fehlt. for hym do: þyng pt chal. 562 ac for it of oper mannus was. vnderstode. 563 bou st þei. gode. 564 betep. 565 Here men may se what it is to jeue: 566 willip. wit. 567 of þer men. almesdede swype. 568 þey do. ne chal it nouzt be for yte. 569 hyz (st. hi) chulleb. 570 tangen. quad. bat ze se hongep an hyje. 571 prestes iche is af. & perfore here bep byje (1). 572 clenliche. men. iche st. al. men dop. 573 vppon, ich sitte. 574 way. ich bym fond ligge. nede was. 575 I cast it In a dep dyche:

þat men myt ouer gon. 576 good dedus. ich haue. iche may. 577 lyte. fynd here: oper. 578 euyn þe. deuelyn. 579 to st. vorte. zellede. 580 Wende. 581 Lete. haue. 582 dur st. dorre. ar st. vorte. 583 lette vs; bu fehlt. 584 sen.: ne wyte bu nout here. 585 powere. 586 dorstou. deuelyn. neuene st. nempne. 587 be trayede. eke: to deyen. chame. 588 Sen. ich hote. I may. 589 þat ze ne. 590 Gryselyche. deuclyn. 591 bonked petuslyche. dol. 593 Gryselyche þey 30lle & cride al so: 594 goodman. 595 her owher. þe her founde. 596 al bis longe nyt. 598 chulleb. vppon hymself. 599 schulle pis syxe daues: þer for double. 600 wrecche. rupe it was. 601 deuelyn. tok hym wel egyrlyche: & bar hym for to. 602 sen. 603 ne hadde. 605 In to st. zut. 606 be ferpe dayes þey se an ile: al soup an hyze. 607 sen. I seye. 608 ermyte. ich se. 610 pay st. hi. þis st. pisse. pay wente ichon. 612 feet. hyng st. tilde. 613 heled. nouzt bare by leued. 614 hadde st. nadde. lemus. 615 began syke; to fehlt. 616 Allas. 617 nou fehlt. lyf of an aungel: aman iche I se. 618 dop. be pe. 619 cheuep. 620 lyuep fehlt. be be synk. oune. 621 leuest: 623 chirche. 624 ich asked. 625 abbot. haue st. naue. no fere. 626 Non oper man þan. myn abot nys he seyde (!. 627 ze ne pur. 628 aryse sone dawes. 629 pere st. zare. 630 bylke schip. 631 wele st. wole. be vor stede fehlt. 632 Son. he aros. bis st. is. bon. 633 for he wende. he fond. son. 634 pe schip worbe. 635 þe soneday In to. 636 be same way azen. 637 ryzt as ich heder com. 638 elenge I gede. alon. 639 an oter. 640 Wit. a feriren. a ston. 641 fyr þer wit. fysche. 642 wente anon azen. I made fer; me fehlt. 643 me fehlt. fysche. on st. a. it laste. 645 I hadde. dayes. 647 sprong out euereche. & to wassche. 648 I hadde per pretti. lyf. 649 pat st. as. here. 650 I st. ic. ich gam. 651 vor 650. 651 I habbe Ileuede: fourty zer nou o non. 652 am hondreþ (!). 653 Be pis tyme I was nou; old. 654 ic fehlt. whanne god it me wele sende. 655 whan. wile bat ich com to hym. 656 Ac tak. water. nede. 657 wende faste forp. 658 zit. 659 & þan. ester. po st. pu. 660 & pan. In st. to. 661 & pere. byleue atte. 662 oune. 663 bese. dol. departede. a to. 664 Initiale. man hym wente. see. 665 be whyle lente. 666 To payr. gode fehlt þey com. 667 he dud. Ilom. 668 lad. fysche. þedyr he com. 669 þere hy. beleue. 670 pere pey songe. matenus. messe. 671 fysche. be gan to meue hym. pis messe. 672 & bar forp þese m. wit hym. swam. 673 gret. griselyche. 674 wondir. who so. I se. 675 contre. 676 þese st. þis. ichon. 677 per al fehlt. sounde wente. 678 þese. com. hue were. 679 þey be leued alle stille pere. 680 procuratour. be bulke. 681 & In to. I drouz; it fehlt. 682 wit hem: whyder. him fehlt. 683 pe est. hey wende (st. hi w.). 684 were I do: it be gan to hayle. 685 A st. &. 687 I wot je bep. nyze. 688 þey come. derk. myzt. 689 Vndyr be fayreste. myst In erbe. 690 þat loye per was I nowe. 691 euerybowe. 692 Wel þykke. be set. þykke were (I). 694 þey st. hi. 695 myzt. 696 þey ne founde neuere nyzt. C97 meche. 698 eyre. noyber hot ne cold; to fehlt. 699 But. told. 700 ouere. 701 wt oute. 702 ben com per to hem a zonglyche mon. 703 ffayrore non ne. þem st. hem. 704 he welcomede euerych be his name. ilkon st. echon. 705 sen. tok st. nom. hand. onon. 706 londe. haueþ. 707 & longer hadde ac oure lord wolde: þat scholde abyde (!. 708 schold. 709 bis st. 3oure. ze nemouz. 710 oune londe. 711 ny ban ende. 712 ze seb here: departep pe lond a two. 713 pis halue bu þynkest fayr Inouz: & petopere halue it is al so. 714 a zend. com. no ryzt. 715 þis frut. þis lond. 716 & fehlt. whann. ilke manere. 717 & iche maner men knou hym. 718 wele panne scheue. be st. bis. 719 beb hym nex I core. 720 Initiale. Sen. nom. 721 presyouse. schip. 722 fayr. 723 wepynge st. wop. dol.: hue partede nede a to. 724 homward. 725 sonnere com. pan. ferde st. wende. 726 breberyn. 728 euere eft. 729 But. In be oper. 730 irlande. þylke. 731 men hap pere. 732 an abbey per is arered: þat his body was In do. 733 nouz. wente to. amen.

(Fortsetzung folgt.)

Die ungarische Sprache.


Richard von Meerheimb,
Königl. Sächs. Oberst v. d. A.

Das ungarische Sprachengebäude steht in Europa mit seinen Eigenthümlichkeiten völlig isolirt da. Es lässt sich keine Verbindungsbrücke, kein Uebergang weder zu den germanischen, noch zu den romanischen, noch zu den slawischen Sprachen vermitteln, was ja bei diesen eben genannten unter sich recht wohl möglich ist. An den Grenzen derselben fluthen die Rede-Wogen hinüber und herüber; sie amalgamiren sich, so dass man auf gewissen Punkten kaum noch unterscheiden kann, welches Idiom das vorwaltende. In dieser Weise verflacht sich das Hochdeutsche zum Platt- und Niederdeutschen, zum Holländischen, Skandinavischen und Englischen. Letzteres mit seinen normännisch - lateinischen Elementen reicht über See verwandtschaftlich seine Hand dem Französischen, und eröffnet das allgemeinere Gebiet der romanischen Sprachen mit dem Inbegriff des Spanischen, Portugiesischen und Italienischen. Letzteres fluthet im Krainer Lande und in Dalmatien in den slawischen Sprachkessel hinüber. Das Slawische verbindet sich mit der Sprache der Hellenen u. s. w. zum neugriechischen Idiom, und somit sehen wir fast alle Völker Europens in gegenseitigem Verständniss brüderlich mit einander verkettet. Die Regeln und Gesetze des Aufbaues dieser Sprachen begegnen sich nicht schroff, während diejenigen des Ungarischen zu ihnen im grellsten Widerspruch stehen; ja man kann behaupten und es wird später bewiesen werden, dass sie schnurstracks dem umgekehrten Prinzipe folgen.

Archiv f. n. Sprachen. LII.

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