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HAVE been lonely, even from a child;

Though bound with sweet ties to a happy home, With all life's sacred charities around me; I have been lonely—for my soul had thirst The waters of this world could not assuage; I found them bitter, and I had high dreams, And strange imaginations—yea, I lived Amid my own creations; and a world Of many hopes and raptures was within me, Such as I could not tell of; for I knew Such feelings could not bear a sympathy; They were too sacred to admit communion, Too blest to need it to the fields and woods Did my heart's fulness


solitude Was the expansion of my secret visions, When I could ask my soul to tell me all,


And many a bright and blessed reverie
Hath cheered my wanderings.—I have heard sweet

music In

my own thoughts, mysterious harmonies
Felt, but not understood : vague, happy musings,
And shadowy sketches of my future fate,
In young and glowing colors.

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DMUND and his sister Clara were on a visit to

their uncle's, who lived in a very remote part. of the country, on a large farm. The children, who had never before been so far from the city, were delighted to play in the meadows and orchards, and to climb the rocks, and ramble through the woods, in company with their cousin Philip, who was a little older than Edmund.

One day they heard their aunt say that she wanted some fox-grapes to make jelly; and they recollected having seen a great many in the woods about two miles off. They offered to go and gather a large quantity for her; and as the baskets would be too heavy for them to carry so far, their uncle said he would let them take the light wagon when they went

for the grapes.

Philip allowed Edmund to help him harness the

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