Bibliotheca zoologica II: verzeichness der schriften über zoologie ...

Verlag von Wilhelm Engelmann, 1905
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Side 4907 - Svo. 14*. The Geology of England and Wales ; a Concise Account of the Lithological Characters, Leading Fossils, and Economic Products of the Rocks. By HB WOODWARD, FGS Crown Svo.
Side 4800 - NICHOLSON. A Manual of Zoology, for the use of Students. With a General Introduction on the Principles of Zoology. By HENRY ALLEYNE NICHOLSON, MD, D.Sc., FLS, FGS, Regius Professor of Natural History in the University of Aberdeen.
Side 5081 - Description des Animaux sans vertèbres découverts dans le bassin de Paris, pour servir de supplément à la Description des coquilles fossiles des environs de Paris, comprenant une revue générale...
Side 4800 - The Origin of Civilisation, and the Primitive Condition of Man ; Mental and Social Condition of Savages. By Sir J.
Side 4774 - Report of the Exploring Expedition from Santa Fe to the Junction of the Grand and Green Rivers, in 1859, under command of Capt.
Side 4830 - Dawson (JW) — ACADIAN GEOLOGY. The Geologic Structure, Organic Remains, and Mineral Resources of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. By JOHN WILLIAM DAWSON, MA, LL.D., FRS, FGS, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of M'Gill College and University, Montreal, &c. Second Edition, revised' and enlarged. With a Geological Map and numerous Illustrations. 8vo.
Side 4989 - Étude des formations secondaires des bords S. 0. du plateau central de la France entre les vallées de la Vère et du Lot.
Side 4765 - The Geology of Pennsylvania. A Government survey, with a general view of the Geology of the United States, Essays on the Coal Formation and its Fossils, and a description of the Coal Fields of North America and Great Britain.
Side 5301 - Verbal communication on a new locality of the Green River Shales containing Fishes, Insects, and Plants in a good state of preservation.
Side 4790 - Annual Report of the Regents of the University of the State of New York, on the Condition of the State Cabinet of Natural History, and the Historical and Antiquarian Collection annexed thereto.

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