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rov-kau-be cobaith né-yiv


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rov-kau-be rov-kau-be noo-mei-yau-be rau




בְּיָמֵינוּ בְּקָרוֹב בְּקָרוֹב בְּמִהֵי רָה בְּמַהִי רָה אַל בּנָה אֵל בְּנֶה בְּנָה בֵּיתְךָ בְּקָרוֹב בָּרוּךְ הוּא נָדָוֹל הוּא דָגוּל הוּא הָדוּר הוּא יִבְנֶה בֵּיתוֹ בְּקָרוֹב

rop-kau-be kau-baith nè-be nè.be



rov-kau-be o-baith né-yiv



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rov-kau-be rov-kan-be noo-mei-yau-be rau

בִּמְחֵי לָה בִּמְהֵי רָה בְּיָמֵינוּ בְּקָרוב בְּקָרוֹב אַל בְּנֶה אֵל בְּנֶה בְּנֶה בֵּיתְךָ בְּקָרוֹב





rov.kau be kau-baith nè.be
The Glorious God shall build His temple speedily;
In haste, in haste, in our days, speedily, speedily;
Lord, build ! Lord, build! build thy temple speedily.
The Blessed God, the Great God, the Exalted God, the Powerful God, shall built

His temple speedily;
In haste, in haste, in our days, speedily, speedily;
Lord, build ! Lord, build ! build thy temple speedily.

European Intelligence.





France, July, 1859. this be contrary to what he regards as RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF PEACE AND HONORARY sacred and inviolable rights ? It is a positive

fact that the organs of the clerical party A telegraphic despatch has just informed indignantly protested, at the beginning of us, at the moment I write, that peace has this year and previous to the outbreak of been signed between the Emperors of hostilities, against this honorary presiFrance and Austria. Without entering dency, saying that the Papacy ought not to into political questions, which do not be- be associated with the fluctuations of Italong to our correspondence, I must observe lian politics. Will these apologists of the that the conditions of this peace have not Romish chair alter their opinion after rebeen, in general, favourably received by cent events? public opinion. Many intelligent persons In any case, the religious question, or think that these arrangements have placed more properly the Papal question, must Italy in a provisory, uncertain situation, have had some influence on the arrangeand that the quarrel will recommence under ments of the two Emperors. Louis Napoone form or another in a few years.

leon probably rather feared drawing upon The honorary presidency offered to the his head the irritation of the clergy; he Pope has a religious bearing deserving of has endeavoured to give to the Pontiff of our serious attention. This idea has been Rome a striking proof of his respectful senalready exposed in a famous pamphlet, en- timents, and this desire has led him to titled “ Napoleon III. and Italy." I be- adopt half measures, which will not fully lieve that it was first originated in the content either the one or the other of the writings of a certain Abbé Gioberti, now contending parties. dead, who was an influential personage at Let us add to the preceding one general the Court of Turin in 1848.

reflection. What a difficulty-I would In what will this honorary presidency almost say what an impossibility-it is for consist? The details of the new combina- Roman Catholic people to have really liberal tion are not yet known. If the Pope is institutions ! There is a constant antacalled to exercise an effective authority in gonism between the religious state of these the affairs of the Italian Confederation, it people and the civil condition to which they is certain that the inhabitants of Piedmont, aspire. Their conscience and their faith Lombardy, Tuscany, and the other pro- ought to be in entire subjection to the vinces, will be very discontented. They authority of the priests, if they wish to preentertain a profound secular dislike of the serve their religion; they are really slaves priestly power. Experience has convinced in their relations with God; how, then, can them that the priests are the worst tem- they become free in their social relations? poral masters. The presidency of the Pope France has tried these twenty times to estawill be in their eyes the continuation of blish political liberty, but her efforts have the Austrian system, or even something never obtained any lasting success, and at more odious.

Was it worth while to the present time again she is despotically gosacrifice so much blood and money to ob- verned. Wherefore ? Because she has contain such a result?

tinued to receive Romanism as her national Then, again, will the Pope be willing to religion. The priests have gradually reaccept the position proposed to him by the gained the power they had lost, and have treaty of peace? Perhaps not; for the made common cause with the heads of the government of his own States will be more State, in order to prevent the steady deveor less subordinate to the deliberations of a lopment of liberal principles. Will Italy political assembly composed of delegates succeed better than France in this perpetual from all the Italian Princes; and will not conflict between the Papacy and liberty?

EUROPEAN INTELLIGENCE. I . I doubt it. Happy are the nations which The Univers, on the contrary, faithful to have entered into the path opened by the the inspirations of the Jesuits, has justified glorious Reformation of the sixteenth cen- the massacres of Perugia in the same way tury! They can make continual advances that they gloried in the abduction of the under the standard of liberty without meet young Mortara, and in all its columns it ing perfidious and implacable enemies : exalts the wise measures and paternal feeltheir faith is in accordance with their poli-ing of Pius IX. According to this honest tical vows and their social wants.

Univers, the Romish people is the happiest

and even the freest of all people! Being DEBATES IN TIE FRENCII PRESS ON RECENT

governed by the Pope, they are governed by ACTS OF THE COURT OF ROME.

the representative of God on the earth, and For several weeks past the Parisian jour- this representative of God is infallibly the nals have had lively discussions on the best of princes! The Romans enjoy here affairs of Bologna, Ravenna, Perugia, on below à foretaste of future blessedness ! the encyclical and the allocution of the Their constitution in this world contains the Pope in the Consistory of Cardinals, on the elements of that which awaits us in heaven! nomination of a new Archbishop of Milan, I am not inventing these enormous ex

It would be too long were I to give travagancies; I copy them. The inhabiyou all the particulars; I must restrict tants of the pontifical States are, then, to myself to the substance.

believe the Jesuit paper, the anticipated You are aware that Pius IX. solemnly elect-they have a foretaste of eternal accused the insurgents of Bologna, &c., as felicities ! Here there arises a slight objecfactious, impious, perverted men, criminal, tion. How is it that these Romans, so sacrilegious-as having trampled under foot well-governed and so perfectly happy, are all rights, human and Divine. This is the always ready to put down the existing habitual language of the Court of Rome. power? and why is the presence of foreign The so-called Vicar of Jesus Christ pours troops necessary to keep them in obedience ? forth, from one century to another, a pro- The Univers is not at all embarrassed at fusion of the most outrageous epithets on this difficulty ; it replies--Ist, that many of every one who does not blindly obey them. these Romans are ungrateful wretches; 2nd, As soon as you admit a doctrine or perform that they are fools ; 3rd, that they have an action opposed to the decisions of the been led astray by the machinations of pontifical chair, you become inevitably a revolutionaries ; 4th, that the Roman people wretch, an Atheist-a being worthy of all are the people of St. Peter, the people of the punishments of heaven and earth! Jesus Christ, that they have to play a This is a well known fact.

special part in the human family, and have Besides this, the Pope has fulminated the not the right to overturn the particular greater excommunication, in accordance constitution imposed upon them. Is not with the canons of the Council of Trent, this admirable reasoning? The inhabitants against those who, by their actions, their of the pontifical States are condemned to advice, or by simple consent, or in any other live perpetually under the tyranny of the manner have attacked, troubled, or usurped priests, because it is a Divine institution the temporal power of the Romish Pontiff, the which interests the whole of mankind! patrimony of the most blessed Peter. In con- The antagonists of the Univers have not sequence, horrible scenes of pillage, bru- had much trouble in demolishing this vain tality, and murder, related by the whole scaffolding of sophisms, lies, and insults, European press, have desolated the unhappy They easily prove that the ancient bishops city of Perugia.

of Rome possessed no temporal sovereignty, Naturally the political journals of Paris and that the cause of religion was not which represent public opinion have thereby enfeebled. They show that the blamed these words and these cruelties, as Romish Pontiff ought to exercise his much, at least, as they are able, under the spiritual office with a full independence, present system of the press in France. The without having two or three millions of Siécle especially, which has from 40,000 to subjects to govern, and that his person 50,000 subscribers, is indignant that the would then be more respected, &c. These Pope-a minister of Jesus Christ, a priest arguments are perhaps solid; but I think should have dared to command and reward that the adversaries of Romanism are very such atrocities. The reproaches of the inconsistent. They only go half way, and Siecle have been so vehement that the Go- this is the principal reason which prevents vernment has given it a severe reprimand. them from obtaining a decisive triumph.

ECROPEAN INTELLIGENCE. There is only one good method of getting various names and secondary diversities, he rid of this Papacy; it is to renounce its gratuitously supposes that we cannot hare spiritual authority, as well as its temporal union of spirit, heart, and life. power. This is what the Reformers and Plantier were to be present at some of the their disciples did, and all was accomplished. meetings of the_Evangelical Alliance, he But what is the manner in which those would see that Evangelical Christians are men act who attack the Papal Government, one, although they do not all wear just the either in the Pontifical States or in France : same uniform. But do not let us enter into They have neither sufficient piety nor discussion with this poor bishop ; he has courage to become Protestants in the full never studied the subject. meaning of the word. They remain Roman This same prelate has entirely forgotten, Catholics, and continue in the various prac. in his letter, the gravity and dignity of the tices of their Church with their families. episcopal character. He employs a mocking They condemn Popery in one sense, and tone, which we call in French persiflage. remain subject to it in another. This is This M. Plantier turns into ridicule the too much or too little. If you persist in costume of our pastors, the great assembly considering the Pope as your spiritual head, meeting in the open air, the discourses, the humbly bow to all his words and all his celebration of the Lord's Supper, and the actions! It is illogical to separate the Pope sudden storm which obliged the brethren to into two distinct_persons, prostrating your- enter into their temples. All this furnishes self before the Pontiff, and disobeying the him with a subject of inappropriate pleaPrince. Choose one or the other. Either santry. We should have supposed that a take the Pope in his entireness, or let him bishop would have had more respect for be completely abandoned.

himself, and would not have condescended Neither the French nor the Italians well to raillery in bad taste. But every one understand this important question. They writes as he can; and the Popish prelates have never opened the Holy Scriptures ; of France come in great numbers from the they imagine that there is no other religion lower classes of the people, and therefore possible but Roman Catholicism. Very have not in their youth received a good well! Be assured that the priests will take education. advantage of this inconsistency to regain The pastors of Nismes could not remain the fulness of their domination. How silent under this unwarrantable attack. different it would be if these millions of They addressed to their parishioners a men, who so violently declaim against the letter which, in its moderate and charitable temporal power of the Pope, would openly language, forms a favourable contrast to separate from the Papal Church herself, and the episcopal manifesto. I will quote a proclaim the alone sovereignty of the Word few lines : “Very dear and beloved of God! Then, and only then, will the brethren,-At the moment when we are Romish clergy feel that its reign has passed rejoicing with you at the happy impressions away for ever.

produced by our jubilee fête, and are bless

ing God that we were able to celebrate it THE with such a concourse of brethren, and

with so much Christian feeling, it is not I spoke to you in my former letter of without surprise and grief that we have the grand fête celebrated at Nismes in read the letter addressed to the Protestants honour of the tercentenary jubilee of our of Gard by the Bishop of Nismes. You Reformation (Evangelical Christendom, sympathise in our feelings, we know. Like p. 224). It appears that the Popish Bishop ourselves, you have been grieved to hear, of Nismes, named Plantier, has been much from the mouth of a minister of Jesus annoyed by this pious and imposing, mani. Christ, words so far from being in harmony festation. He has addressed to the Protest- with the mission of peace and love which ants of the department a letter of forty-five he is called to fulfil in the midst of us. pages in octavo. It is very long, as you We beseech you in the name of the Lord to see, and its length renders it tedious, with- remove from your hearts all irritation and out making it more persuasive. M. Plantier bitter feelings. We fear nothing for your renews all the objections, a thousand times faith. Thanks to the Protestant principle, refuted, on the divisions of Protestants. He each of you can say, 'I know whom I hare confounds external uniformity with real in- believed.... One thing only concerns us at ternal unity; and because the members of this moment; it is that the salutary im. the Reformed Churches are distinguished by pression which you received from the glo




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EUROPEAN INTELLIGENCE. rious recollections of the Reformation may elders nominated by each of the provincial not be destroyed by these violent attacks synods. Thus our organisation was comagainst the purity of our faith and the he. plete and well accomplished its object. I roism of our martyrs. God is our witness believe that the Scotch Church has prethat your spiritual progress in truth and served all the essential features of this syslove is the constant object of our pastoral tem. We have not enjoyed the same solicitude. Dear brethren, become more advantage in France. The Revocation of and more the joy and the crown of our the Edict of Nantes, and the long persecuministry. Pursue with perseverance the tion of our fathers, overturned our ecclesipath which lies before you, keeping your astical structure. The law of the eighteenth eyes on Jesus Christ, the author and Germinal of the year X. re-established finisher of your faith. Learn at the feet the parochial councils and the general of the Redeemer, humility, strength, and consistories ; it also mentioned district self-denial. Live at peace with all men; synods ; but these have been very rarely love those who belong to a different com- convoked, and we no longer have a national munion to yourself, notwithstanding the synod. errors and mistakes of their piety. ..." This is evidently a deplorable want in

This is the true language of tħe servants our organisation. The means of exercising of the Gospel—the accents and the words discipline in matters of faith, worship, and of brotherly love joined to invariable firm- practice fail us, and it is most important to ness of principle.

restore as soon as possible the basis of our The celebration of our jubilee fête, while ancient institutions. I will take an opporcalling the general attention of French Pro- tunity of again referring to this subject. testants to the doctrines and works of their CONGREGATION OF CONVERTED SPANIARDS AT fathers, has again excited

Somo months ago I mentioned in our

correspondence the conversion of a certain Some of the consistories have expressed number of Spaniards settled at Oran, a their wishes on this subject; others are small town of Algeria. The following are preparing to adopt the same course. But some further details. the opposition is also very strong, and the The number of converted Spaniards is end will not be attained but after long forty-two. They have been instructed and efforts. A few explanations are here neces- prepared for the ordinance of the Lord's sary.

Supper by M. Fuster, an evangelist, himOur Reformed Church of France, organised self originally from Spain. “I commenced," under the influence and direction of Calvin, writes M. Fuster, "by visiting families, adopted the Presbyterian and Synodial simply reading the Word of God with constitution. Each parish had a consistory, them. The number of those who willingly or ecclesiastical council of the first degree, heard the Gospel increased. Several of our composed of the pastor and a certain num- hearers, no longer fearing the world nor ber of elders. Above the consistories were the opprobrium of Christ, and resolved the presbyteries (colloques), consisting of a openly to confess their faith before men, pastor and elder, delegated by certain invited me to address to the Consistory of parishes contained within a certain limit. Algiers a petition for the authorisation to Next above the colloques were the provincial meet in a temple. The signatures were synods, which, as the name indicates, were nearly all from heads of families. This is composed of a pastor and elder from each of the first time that a Spanish Protestant the parishes of the province. Finally, at Church has been formed in Algeria. Many the summit of the ecclesiastical edifice ap- of these new converts have had to renounce peared the national or general synod, into various worldly advantages, but they conwhich were admitted two pastors and two tinue firın in the faith."


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