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HOME INTELLIGENCE. at our meeting for prayer to find Church of crowded. Hundreds are coming over to England men, Wesleyans, Independents, the Lord's side, and there seems to be an Baptists, Friends, Brethren, all united in extraordinary work of grace going forward one, coming up to the help of the Lord amongst us. There is no enthusiasm; but against the mighty.'”

a deep, profound, and awfully solemn im“He then,” it is said, " tells of signal pression prevails.” Another clergyman says: answers to special prayer made for careless - There is a revival (thank God for it) in people, who have sat for many years un- the upper part of Cardiganshire. Sinners, moved under a Gospel ministry. He gives and some rery notorious ones, are flocking this instance: 'It was stated to-day at our to the Church by scores, and I may say noon-day prayer meeting, that one family hundreds. Do not misunderstand me when had sat for thirty-two years as regular I say the Church, as meaning the Church of hearers of the Word unmoved until now; England exclusively, but the Church of and that now the whole family are brought Christ including different denominations. I to a serious concern about their souls, and am not so bigoted as to think that the some of them have found peace. He also Church of God is not among the Methodists, tells of awakenings amongst the young. &c., though they differ from us in minor They are holding prayer meetings amongst points. I feel my heart full of gratitude themselves. All the Churches have been when I think of the revival—of prodigals receiving accessions. Sinners are converted returning home to their Fathers' house, and to God, and then join themselves to His feasting on the precious sacrifice of Calvary. people. Sometimes as many as sixty They say that there are upwards of 300 who anxious inquirers have remained at the have joined the Church at Aberystwith, close of the prayer meeting. Many of and there are scores and scores who have them have been enabled to rest on the joined religion in the neighbouring chapels." atoning work of Christ.”

Another writes that above 4,000 have been An extraordinary effect produced upon received into the different Churches. A the world is described by another corre- few weeks later and the number is increased spondent: “A short time ago, a second to 9,000, and the writer adds: “I do not masquerade ball was announced to be held know of half a dozen prayerless families in in the Assembly-rooms; the first was at- the neighbourhood.” tended by 700 persons, and was of a very Of the general effect of the revival on the demoralising kind; at the daily prayer surrounding country, it is said in another meetings, special and earnest

prayer letter that "

some public-houses are closed, continued to be offered for several days, and many others are little frequented; that God would bring this evil device many drunkards are become sober, and to nought. Those prayers have been many swearers do not swear at all, but are answered; though so large a number came heard to pray. Places of worship are much to the first masquerade, only twelve came to better attended, and some of the clergy who the second. This signal failure was an- were never in the habit of doing so before, nounced at the next noon prayer meeting, hold communicants' meetings after their when the whole congregation rose, and sung sermons and invite those who are under with heart and voice, Praise God from convictions of sin to stay behind, and fortywhom all blessings flow,' &c. As might four new members joined one Church in be expected, the men of the world have this neighbourhood at one meeting. In endeavoured to assign ordinary causes for short, no one living remembers such a the defeat of their plans ; but the men of revival.” prayer claim it as a victory for God. Why not?"

The revival which is now in progress in

Ireland began a few months ago in the There has been a great awakening in County Antrim, and especially in the some parts of Wales, especially in the parishes lying around the town of Ballysouth. The Rev. David Howell, Episcopal mena. It soon extended to different places clergyman of Neath, writes: “I have glorious in County Derry, and seems to be spreading news to send you, news which, I am sure, will all through the northern part of the country. make your heart leap for joy. The Spirit While it is characterised and carried on as of God is working powerfully throughout in other places by much prayer, and preachthe two counties of Cardigan and Caermar- ing, and special meetings—sometimes in then. The services in the churches and buildings, whether ecclesiastical or secular, chapels on week days and Sabbath days are and sometimes in the open air—there is one



HOME INTELLIGENCE. remarkable feature connected with the terians, Episcopalians, Methodists, Arians, work in Ireland which has not been seen and Romanists—all alike affected, convinced elsewhere. We refer to the physical pheno- of sin, and looking to Christ alone for salvamena which have been blended with spiritual tion, under strong bodily affection. It is distress. Persons have been suddenly now admitted by all to be a special out"stricken down,” as it is expressed, falling pouring of the Holy Spirit. I have seen to the ground and lying for a time in a children seven years of age, and old men of paroxysm of agony; others, unable to sixty years affected. The work at first was restrain themselves, cry aloud for mercy in most interesting and glorious—the work of the midst of the religious services, some God alone. He seemed 'all in all.' He have had to be carried away from the meet- opened the way, and man had only to follow. ings in a state of utter physical exhaustion, The Bishop of this diocese and many clergy. and one case is mentioned in which “an men met to consult; they agreed while almost simultaneous wail arose from a there was much of man's work mixed up number of broken hearts." The converts, with it (this is deeply to be regretted, and it is stated, who have manifested these much to be reprobated), yet it was on the extraordinary physical appearances consti- whole most evidently the work of God's tute about one-third of the whole number Holy Spirit; the clergy are to further of those who are regarded as having expe- the work all they can; to hold special serrienced the great change. These demon- vices in the churches, school-houses, and strations have tended to excite some sus- open air. The Arians and Romanists have picion of the genuineness of the work, and been most wonderfully affected ; they both are discouraged by some of the ministers ; alike give up all their previous errors, and but if there are some things which a sober express strong faith in Christ alone as the judgment cannot approve, no doubt seems eternal Son of God and only Saviour of now to be entertained that there is, not- sinners. The latter have cast away all withstanding, a real work of God's Spirit. their books of superstitious devotion and

"I had frequent opportunities of observing idolatry, and remnants of Popery, and will some of the parties (we are quoting the have no book but the Bible, and no priest words of a Presbyterian minister] affected, but Christ Jesus. • It is the Lord's doing, labouring under strong convictions of sin. and it is marvellous in our eyes. Let us They appeared to be in agony for a time- praise Him for His great and sovereign two days or so. They suffered great dis- mercies, and pray that it may still please tress of mind. The burden of their sins Him to continue them." The good work pressed heavily upon them, so that they goes on here. It would take a whole could not lift their eyes. They were weary newspaper to tell anything like the details. and heavy laden, very anxious to come to Every hour brings some report of souls Jesus that they might find rest unto convicted, and others—so far as human their souls. And o how they cried for knowledge goes—converted; among others mercy and pardon through the blood of a number of Roman Catholics." the Lamb. They prayed with such an “ The revival (says the Belfast Newsearnestness as I have hardly ever wit. Letter) is widening its way throughout nessed ... I have a very intimate friend, Belfast, and producing most extraordinary a young man about twenty years of age, results. Its influence has been confined to who sent for me. I found him in bed; his no class in society and to no sex. Evangelimind was much distressed; he was under cal Protestants of all denominations, Roman strong convictions of sin; he was in great Catholics, and Unitarians, have been reached agony. Another young man, residing in the by it, and have yielded to its sway,-have same house, was in the same state. Some become penitent, and, in many cases, have other members of the same family were professed conversion. The penitence prosimilarly affected. During that and the duced in the minds of those Roman Cafollowing day I was with them five times. tholics who have been convinced, has

The Rev. Archibald Gault, one of the differed so much from that penitence which missionaries in connexion with the Society they have been in the habit of professing for the Promotion of Irish Church Missions, at confession, that they have, in every writes : “Since my return to the Glens instance, refused the ministrations of of Antrim, a very wonderful religious their priests, and have sought pardon from awakening has taken place in this county; God, through Christ, instead of priestly it has prevailed among all denominations absolution. Saturday evening, revival and all ages. I have seen myself Presby- I meetings were held in almost all the Pro



testant churches of the town, and every available seat was occupied. The number of individuals who appeared to be brought under conviction at the different meetings was rather larger than on previous evenings, and many of these professed to have found mercy. Young men were brought into such an anxious state of mind that they left their seats in the pews, and, in presence of the entire congregation, knelt at the penitent forms. Some of these subsequently testified that they had experienced pardon. In some large business establishments in town, young men who, but a week ago, were lovers of worldly pleasure and enjoyment, and who gave little or no evidence of a religious tendency of mind, have been so changed at one or other of these revival meetings that they now conduct prayer meetings together in their rooms before they enter upon the duties of the day, and many young men attend public prayer meetings held at six o'clock in the morning. On Sunday, several revival prayer meetings were held in different places throughout the town, and with results similar to those witnessed at former meetings. In some of the churches, converts from the rural districts addressed the congregations, and their earnest exhortations and appeals produced evident results. Meetings will be held in most of the places of worship in this town every evening during the present week."

In Belfast, to which the preceding remarks relate, the awakening, we are told, has assumed a more quiet and less demonstrative phase than in some other places; but it is spreading through every quarter of the town. Prayer meetings are maintained in every district; the churches and schoolrooms, and other places are crowded with anxious worshippers and ministers, elders, and private Christians are busily employed in imparting instruction and consolation to thousands, who, till lately, turned a deaf ear to the Gospel. The Bishop of the diocese uses his great influence in a manner which equally becomes his character and his office. By taking part judiciously and earnestly in the meetings, he at once sustains and guides his clergy, and without impairing their efficiency, gives a tone of spiritual sobriety to the religious exercises. He commenced a series of special services in Trinity Church, Belfast, by preaching a sermon which we have seen described as able, eloquent, and impressive, and in which he expressed himself satisfied that the revival was doing, and was likely to do, much good. It was no time (he

said) for the clergy to confine their preaching to consecrated churches; and he exhorted them to proclaim the Gospel to sinners in lanes or highways, or wherever they found a willing audience. Adverting to the physical demonstrations, he remarked that he could not approve of them, but he wished the movement to go on, and did not doubt of happy results.

The largest meeting which has yet been held in Belfast was convened in the Music Hall on the 15th ult., in the middle of the day. His lordship presided, and has kindly sent us (Evangelical Christendom) an account of it. In a private letter, he says: "I think you will read the account of our Union Prayer Meeting with interest. I never presided at such a meeting before-so large, and so many clerBoth gymen of different denominations." the upper hall with its gallery, and then the lower, were crowded to excess, and hundreds went away unable to get in. We have lying before us a list of the names of more than 150 clergymen, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Wesleyans, Independents, Baptists, and others who were present. The service was the second of the kind, and was restricted to an hour. In the few appropriate sentences with which the Bishop opened the meeting, he said, amongst other things: "If there be an occasion more suitable than another, when those ecclesiastical differences which separate us, but without producing, I hope unkind or uncharitable feelings, can laid aside and merged into the broad and holy bond of catholicity, surely it is when we meet together to read that Word which maketh wise unto salvation through faith in Christ Jesus, and to ask God to vouchsafe a diffusion of His Holy Spirit, that the kingdoms of this world may become the kingdom of God and of His Christ." After the Chairman's short address, the whole of the time was occupied with the reading of the Scriptures and alternate prayer and praise. At the conclusion it was announced that the service would be repeated the following week.


Here we must stop, not for want of materials, but of room. The work has spread, or is rapidly spreading, through all the neighbouring country. Some things in it are perhaps exceptional; but "what is the chaff to the wheat, saith the Lord ?" A revived Protestantism at home, and the downfal of the Papacy abroad-are they to be coincident events? May God in His mercy grant it! Amen.

Evangelical Alliance.

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BY THE REV. HENRY FRY, D.D. "Tay kingdom come.” The hope and prayer of every Christian heart throughout

” the many ages during which the stone has been swelling into the great mountain, the seed shooting out great branches to cover the earth, and the leaven, hid in little measures of beliering hearts, diffusing itself until the whole human mass be leavened.

But can the human race be made a people over whom Christ shall reign in righteousness? Yes, we know it, for He hath so declared : “ To the Son of man is given dominion and glory, and a kingdom that all people, nations, and languages should serve Him;" and the kingdom given to the Son of man is “given to the people of the saints of the Most High." (Dan. vii. 14 comp. with Dan. vii. 27.)

We know that “the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord” by the victories and possessions which He has already gained. If out of all nations lying in wickedness and arrayed under the bondage and power of Satan against the “Gospel of the kingdom of God," He has gathered together little flocks whom He has kept from the enemy and made to triumph in Him, we are assured that He will consummate His conquest, bringing in “ the fulness of the Gentiles” and receiving back again the Jew.

But how will this great work be effected ? Even as it has been begun and carried on. The preachers and witnesses of Christ will continue to make disciples of all nations : “They will overcome by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.” The Gospel which brought life and immortality to light will be sufficient to render all nations obedient to the faith. The Branch of Jesse was to subdue “ the earth with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips to slay the wicked;" and by His quick and powerful Word, as a sharp two-edged sword, does He pierce the conscience, bring down high thoughts, and destroy Satan's dominion in the soul. By “the foolishness of preaching" it pleases God

save the world, that our faith should not stand in the wisdom of men but in the power

of God.

It is the glory of Christ to save souls by the knowledge of himself. Sin may corrupt, and Satan may rule the heart, but neither can withstand the Gospel which presents to the lost soul the free pardon, salvation, and love of Him who shed His blood for our redemption.

A second consideration, and full of interest, is the condition of man under the kingdom of Christ. Then the world shall know and obey the Gospel. “The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord.” “All shall know Him, from the least to the greatest."

They shall not hurt nor destroy in all His holy mountain. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. Enry, enmity, and strife, shall no longer set man against his brother. The dominion of Christ will subdue and soften the hearts of men, until, in the unity and brotherhood of Christian love, those who by nature were as wolves and leopards, shall dwell together as lambs.

His kingdom shall be established in righteousness and peace. The Gospel will be the law of mankind, spiritually fulfilled under the constraining power of


EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE. the Saviour's love. The godly shall exercise the dominion of Christ; to them He commits His kingdom. His people will choose for their rulers and directors those who excel in wisdom, and who are best qualified to establish and extend the beneficence of Christ's reign, in diminishing human suffering and toil and in promoting all that tends to the true advancement and happiness of mankind.

Lastly, IIis kingdom will be the present dominion of Christ as Lord and Saviour of the world. His Spirit will be poured out upon all flesh. Satan will be bound, and his power to tempt the nations restrained. “ The desert shall blossom as the rose and rejoice with joy and singing.” “They shall see the glory of the Lord and the excellency of our God." The faith of the Lord's people shall be strengthened and confirmed. Idolatry and every system of error with which Satan has deceived the nations shall be consumed before the glory of a reigning Gospel. Men shall see that in the faith and obedience of Christ is peace, and joy, and blessedness, and the whole earth shall become the city of our God, worshipping Him in the spirit of holiness, and ascribing unto Him glory, honour, and praise for His great salvation.

The third question remains. Is all this possible? Can the lion become a lamb? Can this world be filled with the knowledge of the Lord, and with a people following after peace, love, joy, and righteousness as obedient servants of the Lord Jesus Christ?

A few brief remarks may tend to enlarge our conceptions on this glorious subject. The dominion of Satan as god of this world is sustained through the agency of the workers of wickedness, whom he employs to spread mutual and general corruption, and to oppose and pervert the Gospel. As the power of that Gospel spreads, the influence of evil recedes. Mankind rises after the overthrow of a general cause or system of corruption. Thus, in our own days, slavery, duelling, and drunkenness in the upper classes have silently receded and almost disappeared through the secret influence of the Gospel. War is already attacked by the same silent breath of Divine mercy, and the voice of mankind ere long will cry out for deliverance and security against this great engine of the Destroyer. We are assured of the same glorious result in regard to another and still more fatal scourge of the people-intemperance, which consigns to the enemy of souls its annual sacrifice of 60,000 victims from among our sons and daughters. The time is near when the ruler who should send forth his people to kill and to destroy, or the State which should suffer its children to undergo the demoralisation and self-destruction of systematic intemperance will call forth the same feeling of abhorrence with which we should now regard a professor of religion who should sell his fellow-creatures as slaves, or should go forth to take away the life of a former friend for some trivial offence.

How mighty will be the general change in the state of man when these great engines of the devil are overthrown, and the tyranny and inhuman laws which he has established to set man against his brother and to obstruct the kingdom of Christ, are utterly removed! Who can estimate the growth of mankind when he shall have cast off his fetters ? Who can measure the tide of human love and mutual blessedness which will overflow the earth when the nations shall cease to learn the art of murder and shall begin to live together in Christian brotherhood ?

If at the first establishment of the Church, the Lord blessed His little flock with unity and steadfastness in prayers, brotherhood, charity, gladness, and singleness of heart, together with the favour of all the people, why should not all mankind become the catholic flock of the Chief Shepherd under the same Divine love and care? Undoubtedly the Lord's redeemed will become more and more a praying people; and we trust that soon in this and all other cities where the

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