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- her hands were extended, and her attitude wild and dramatic. Suddenly her arms fell, and she sank down upon the rock.

66 Poor soul !” Thornton exclaimed ;

- her feelings overcome her, and she faints. Up, Reginald, and assist her.” They quickly ascended the high cliff, and raised her in their arms. Maguire called the fishermen, who had returned, and one of them brought water in his hat-they bathed her cold temples, and tried the customary means for her recovery, but in vainAlice More was dead !

The fishers conveyed the corpse to Reginald's mansion, where her obsequies were celebrated with all the forms peculiar to the country. A multitude of the peasantry followed her re: mains to the little island of Castle Carra, where she was interred by Thornton's orders, and her ashes mingled in death with those of that family, to whom in life she had been attached so fatally and sọ faithfully.

Here ends my transcript from the manuscript of the late Mr. Steevens. There were many

letters and other documents which I might have used freely, but I considered them to be of a private nature, or that their publication would, at this time, be premature. A few years passed over, and this difficulty will cease. Let but one act of political justice be doneremove their disabilities from the Roman Catholic millions of Ireland, and unshackle those whom God intended to be free-the acrimony and turmoil of parties, civil and religious, will exist no longer. I am well advanced in life, and, therefore, in common course of nature, may not live to see it; but I am confident the day is not distant when orange and green will be no more regarded in the Emerald Isle than are roses, red and white, in the Sister Kingdom *

As the conclusion of the MS. leaves many of the persons mentioned in the preceding pages, what the Novelists of the old school would call “ unaccounted for," I have added a few notices which I picked up during my farewell visit to Ireland.

* Doctor Ashworth died in 1818. Froni appearances, one would imagine the Doctor was prophetic.

Soon after the departure of O'Hara, Mr. and Mrs. M•Cullogh formally separated, and the latter died the following Spring in giving birth to a boy.

From reasons unknown to the world, M‘Cullogh never saw the infant, and dying suddenly the ensuing year, the child became sole heir to his immense properties. It was said that when the lady was on her deathbed, her husband was summoned to her chamber, and a short interview occurred; what passed remains to this day a secret; but it was observed, that afterwards M‘Cullogh was never seen to smile.

After this event Lady De Clifford retired from the world. She lived a few years in a state of mental depression; and like all who sacrifice principle to policy, her life was a scene of deception and distress.

When I visited Newbridge, I heard (for every trifle is a subject of conversation in a country town) that two strangers had taken up their residence there. They lived in obscure lodgings, and announced themselves the one to be a teacher of music, and his friend a H. P. Ensign of Militia, who purposed turning his

talents for drawing to advantage. This, their story, was firmly credited by the worthy burghers; but Mrs. Glossin and Miss Carney held an opposite opinion; and from the braiding of the musician's coat, and the yellow hue of the painter's cheek, they came to a conclusion that they were some of the "

proud ones of the earth,” who had fallen from their “ high estate" with the dynasty of Napoleon. The strangers were invited, of course, to Pompeii, and every visit only confirmed the opinions of the hostess and her friend. I returned after a short ab. sence from the town, and found all in commotion. The preceding night Miss Joanna Bailey had absconded with him of the braided coat; while his swarthy friend, " mine ancient,” had been equally polite in assisting Charlotte Smith to visit the hymeneal altar. When I departed for England nothing farther had transpired than that the

partie quarrée” had travelled northwards; but whether the interesting unknowns were marshals or marquisses was not then determined. Mirabeau had succeeded to the village surgeon just deceased; and the youthful Bonaparte evinced his warlike pro

pensities, with a fine development of the organ of destructiveness, by laming George Washington for life, and breaking more glass than all the school beside.

William Thornton's mother only survived the Rebellion a few months. On her death he immediately entered the army, and was gazetted to the Regiment. He signalised himself in Egypt, under Sir Ralph Abercrombie; and by the interest of the Loftus family, his promotion was as rapid as it was merited, until his brilliant career terminated gloriously in the breach of Badajos. He fell at the head of his national regiment, the gallant 8—, leading the column to the assault; and a beautiful monument, erected by his townsmen, in the church of Newbridge, records the battles where he bled, and the victories he witnessed.


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