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pers“ damp, raw night-give you cold certain death for asthma--only chance to escape-glass of prime brandy-red-hot water in a second-nothing short of suicide to be abroad in the night air without using a preventive.":

The potentate refused point blank in the beginning, coquetted in the middle, but at the conclusion of the speech, the awful notion of self-destruction, and that too committed by a public character, determined him to preserve a life so valuable to the community, and take the prescribed antidote.' .

“ Captain Crab, Mr. Stamford has given me a private hint-better send the men outroom's crowded and unwholesome;" accordingly the followers of Captain Crab and Doctor Drawling were counselled to withdraw, and the commanders gave the chambers a hasty search, while Stamford paraded the materiel. Now, although the gallant Captain loved to take precautionary measures against night damps, as well as heart could wish, a whisper from a retiring watchman insinuated that Stamford was one of the mauvais sujets concerned in the

rescue, and determined that worthy to be on the alert; but, on entering the sleeping chamber, his eye was attracted by an orange apron, and other paraphernalia of ultra loyalty, which the owner had cunningly left exposed, and in the cursory glance he threw around, nothing met his view but uniforms and accoutrements, all which bespoke attachment to our liege lord. No wonder then he returned persuaded that the host was sans tache, and that honest Charley's information was an additional proof of mortal fallibility.

« Pretty dog, that—"

“Oh! a stray animal which followed me from my aunt's in Merrion-Square; I must return him in the morning, or the Dowager would be inconsolable. Come, Doctor, try the Curacoa, while the kettle boils !” and in a second the trio had commenced business.

O'Hara for some time had felt cramped and uncomfortable, and the confined place he stood in was almost intolerable from heat; his companion also seemed uneasy, and the apprehension that Doctor Drawling (who was strongly suspected of being a votary of the Jolly God) would make himself too happy, was dreadful; but when Stamford began to lavish fulsome praises on the sermon delivered on the preceding Sunday by the Reverend Gentleman, against the alarming spread of Methodism, the poor listener gave himself up to despair. “What can have tempted him," thought he, “ to fasten on a subject which will detain the old fool till cock-crow.”

Stamford, however, with excellent tact, had an important object in view. " True, Doctor Drawling, true, these Sectaries are playing the devil; the mischief arising from their incessant exertions is unspeakable— Me ipso teste,' pardon shop. (The Dean bowed graciously.) I have an aunt, Mrs. Twaddle, rich as a galleon, and, by the Lord, she has become a sudden convert to a fellow called Shufflebottom, and now, as she is on her death-bed, the family apprehend that all her property will be disposed of under the influence of that canting vagabond. I was written to on the subject, and was thinking of going down for a few days"

“ Thinking,” interrupted Doctor Drawling, hardly able to contain his wrath; “ thinking, Mr. Stamford, said you? Why, Sir, it is base, sinful, to hesitate for a moment—be off, “ve. niente occurrite morbo-dally not till it be too late.”

" I think I shall follow your advice, Doctor Drawling ; but the difficulty of travelling liability of being stopped."

The Dean was about to break forth, when Captain Crab interrupted him. “ No difficulty with passports--give you one in a second; here, Mr. Stamford, we carry them ready always; many of our active friends require them at a minute's notice; I shall fill it."

“ No, no; too much trouble,” said the Dean; “fill your glass, and the passport can be filled at a more convenient season;" and with a satisfied smile he showed the gallant Captain a laudable example, by making a fresh infusion of brandy, lemon, and sugar.

O'Hara easily comprehended that Stamford was obtaining a passport for his use, but even a probability of success would hardly enable him to endure the suffocating heat of his concealment. To add to his perplexity, the female

whispered that she was fainting, and the slight movement she made in endeavouring to rest against the wall, - was remarked by the Dean, who inquired what it was?

“ Oh! rats---confound them,” replied the ready host. " I shall share Bishop Bruno's fate to a moral, if I live here longer; they'll pick you a fowl bare in five minutes, and in two nights they demolished the best Stilton I tasted this twelvemonth.”

Maugre the rapacity of rats and the ingenuity of his friends, Henry despaired of holding out for any time, when suddenly the College bugle sounded “ to arms,” and Dean Drawling and Captain Crab hastily quitted the building.

Stamford secured the door, and liberated the captives; the poor girl, when lifted out, was nearly insensible. " What a damned čranny you were coupled in—the black-hole of Calcutta must have been an ice-house compared to this. Ellen, my love, are you ill ?" as he kissed her affectionately, and placed her on a chair. “Mr. O'Hara, will you attend to our friend; every moment is precious, and before

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