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his delight, by emitting a sound in which a cough and chuckle were combined in due proportion.

There was no time for delay--a furious knocking, sufficient to destroy any door of common strength, was heard in an adjoining building. “ Ha-ha-ha!" laughed Corney, as he tossed up a third glass of brandy, and prepared to abscond; " I thought deaf Hamilton would show some sport for awhile, but he's a sharp one, compared to Dozey Macbride, as your Honours call him. There they gombang !bang !-If Dozey has the beer aboard, they may bang till doomsday,' and Corney made his exit.

“Come, gentlemen, be off ; I'll take care of Mr. O'Hara-I say, tramp-vanish-Noscitur e sociis—and it won't do for such scamps to be found in a man's room who is stewing night and day for the June premium,”-and he pushed out his jolly mates, and closed the door carefully. “ And now, Mr. O'Hara, be 80 kind as play least in sight, and I will go bail for your security-here is my refugium peccatorum ;” and he unlocked a wardrobe,

and, removing a sliding-shelf, the back, which was moveable, gave way, and disclosed a vacancy in the wall which had been originally a door-way, and was sufficiently large to accommodate two persons when standing closely together. Into this he inducted O'Hara-bade him be still as a mouse, and before he could make an observation, led an extremely pretty young woman from the next chamber, who, evidently acquainted with this secret closet, sprang in without hesitation, and took her place beside her astonished companion. “Don't be alarmed, Mr. O'Hara; only be still as the grave-I can answer for Ellen. Should accident or treachery discover your retreat, the window is open ; leap boldly into the park, and this key" (putting a small one into his hand) “ uncloses the little gate which enters into Nassau-street, but I trust there will be no occasion for running any risk.” There was no time for reply. “ Open !" cried a loud voice, enforcing the order by striking fiercely on the door. Stamford coolly closed the aperture, replaced the shelf, and replied with great sang froid to the authoritative summons

K ?

“ What, are you there again, Marley ? Pon my soul! this is intolerable—no rest night or morning; I'll give up my rooms—if I don't, blow me !"

“ Open! open, I say !" cried a thick gruff voice, accompanying a fresh assault upon the portal.

“ So you are there, Dozey Macbride. Well, Job could not bear this. Begone, you drunken hog, or I'll chuck you over the staircase."

Again a fierce demand was made for entrance, and several voices joined that of the panting Dean.

“ So, there are a troop of you ! I'll leave the building, if I live till to-morrow. No wonder every broken lamp is charged on No. 2, — : it won't do, Mr. Hawkes ; I know your drunken growl, and the old excuse of lighting a candle is stale, Mr. Lambert."

« Open! open! Jack Stamford, it's the Dean. Open, I desire," cried the dignitary, choking with passion. ." God bless me! what a mistake,” said Stamford, as he admitted the party. “ Really, Mr. Drawling, I could not have supposed it to


be you; troublesome neighbours, sir, - one must be cautious. This way, gentlemen,” as he ushered the Dean, his attendants, the officers on guard, Captain Crab, and two or three of the police into the apartment. :

« Late up, Mr. Stamford ; ah-hem-supper party-hem,” and expanding his spacious nostrils · he snuffed the tainted gale. ;

“ No, sir, not a soul-took a quiet chop, solus--better not to be late out-taverns always troublesome, and one seldom sees any thing good

in the streets-make it a rule to be in early.” .." Ah-hem-laudable resolution that-near one o'clock-late hour for reading, Mr. Stamford.”

- All habit, sir; we are mere creatures of habit_learned it in No. 30. Mad Ruxton, (who was rusticated for putting a squib in the Provost's pocket), living overhead, played ball on the floor till dinner, and drank in the rest of the evening; he was generally. Bacchi plenus by eleven, and it was idle attempting any thing till he was sewed up." .

“ But the candles, Mr. Stamford ; six are rather luminous for solitary study.”.

" True, sir ; weak eyes, as you perceive late reading and heavy spectacles have played the devil with my sight-your contracted Greek is crabbed work by candlelight.”

- Had we not better examine the chambers, not that I have any suspicion, but just for form's sake?” said Captain Crab.

“ Undoubtedly,” replied the Dean. “ You may not be acquainted with the events which have taken place to-night, Mr. Stamford; Lord Edward Fitzstephen, that arch-traitor, is arrested, and another rebel of material consequence, after having been secured, to the eternal disgrace of the University, is said to have been rescued by a party of drunken students.”

" God bless me!--impossible !- why the town may be turned topsy-turvy, and Jack. Stamford know nothing of it. Where the devil are you going ?” to a watchman, who had officiously opened a press where the cordials, which had been recently on service, were deposited"; “ hope there is no treason in drinking his Majesty's health in a comfortable bottle, Mr. Dean," and taking the dignitarý aside, O'Hara overheard him continue in broken whis

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