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speaks of your family as disaffected to the Government, and consequently you are an enemy of mine, for I boast myself to be a true Orangeman and a loyal subject. Accident has made you my guest; the world say you are a brave man, and I know that you are an unfortunate one. Sit, Sir, refresh yourself, for you need it; you have much to go through tomorrow; as far as I can, I will assist you to effect your journey ; in doing this, I am aware that I shall expose my motives to misrepresentation, and my character to slander; but John Stamford can maintain his honour when it is assailed, and put a stop to impertinent conclusions;" he glanced his eye at a case of pistols, which hung opposite him, carefully wrapped in green baize cases, and stretching his hand out to O'Hara, he bade him an honest welcome. The example of the host was promptly followed by the rest of the party, who, in turn, offered their respective services. A sickly ray of hope gleamed for a moment on the hapless fugitive, on finding foes unexpectedly converted into friends, and conscious that great mental and bodily exertion must be undergone, he sat


down to the table, and endeavoured to recruit his strength to meet the struggle of to-morrow. Supper ended, and many plans for leaving Dublin were discussed, when the farther proceedings of the midnight cabinet were interrupted by a loud knocking. The Skip proceeded to his spy-hole to make the accustomed reconnaisance, before this late visiter should be admitted, and reported that Corney O'Callaghan was without. “ Zounds,” exclaimed Stamford, “ there's villany abroad, or honest Corney would not have deserted his Black Jack to turn peripatetic at this hour.” All apprehended danger when Mr. O'Callaghan, ensconced in leathern cap and dark blue wrapper, furnished with a staff and glimmer bor to direct his steps, toddled into the presence, announcing the alarming news of the Junior Dean, and sundry suspicious-looking strangers, being seated in close deliberation in

the porter's lodge,


We have heard the chimes at midnight,
Master Shallow

Henry IV.-Part II.

CoRNEY O’CALLAGHAN having prudently ascertained that the seat allotted to him was adequate to support his weight, took possession; and having laid his lantern on the floor, and received a glass of brandy, he bolted the spirits, and commenced his narrative.

“Ogh I a vourneen, I'd rather cross a court than mount a stair—it's sore upon my asthma. Well, dears, I had just picked a morsel, when there came a fresh racket at the gate. “Who’s there?" says I.— Me,' says they.—“And who's . me,’ says I.- Captain Crab, of the castle.”— — Captain Crab, of the castle, is late,’ says I, as the clock began striking twelve.— ‘Open quickly,' says Captain Crab- Divil an inch,’ says Corney Callaghan. “Arra!

Captain Crab, dear, what do you want at this time of night ?'— The Dean,' says he.• Oh! that alters the case,' and away I sent Phil to call him. Well, down comes the Dean, and in comes the Captain, and a rabble at his heels of polees and Charleys. “It's a new sight to see ye here, gentlemen,' says I. Well, in goes the Dean and the Captain, and out went all the porters but myself; · for,' says the Dean, Corney’s deaf and stupid,' and the old man laughed heartily. And they began to talk about a rebel and a rescue, and that he was in the college-and how Lord Edward was killed, and the papists rising—and then they spoke of searching. "Who come in last, Corney ? says the Dean. I told him, • Deaf Hamilton and Macbride.'-- Phoo,' says the Dean, “they are no mer for a riot.'—- We'll search their rooms,' says Captain Crab.'— • Certainly, but here's likelier men,' and the Dean read your names from the book ; - but they were in two hours before the affray, but we'll look into their rooms as we pass;' and away they went, and I came to give you the whisper.'



“ So,” said Stamford, " are they al ready at our gates? But courage-here, lads, be active-away with the bottles— toss the opima spolia into the outer cellar-open the windows, or the smell of the Bolognas and rack-punch will tell tales. Spread a green cloth and a score of rascally books upon the table, and I'll prepare for the enemy. After issuing his orders, he retired to his chamber, while the banquet was hastily removed, and the apartment assumed a philosophic gravity. In . a few minutes Stamford re-appeared, and showed that his time had not been unoccupied. His late attire, the very apex of the fashion, was discarded, and the Blood was superseded by the Sloven. Ungartered hose hung loosely around his “slippered' feet, and the blue Belcher which had encompassed his neck, now cinctured the waist of a sad-coloured dressing-gown; a pair of silver spectacles with green glasses, and a tufted nightcap, completed the nonpareil. O'Hara smiled at the strange metamorphose a few seconds had effected, and Corney himself, albeit well-accustomed to the manifold pranks of the mad youths of half a century, testified

Vol. II.


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