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procession silently retired. Rachel's father, with some of his kinsfolk, took an affectionate leave of O'Hara, who, in profound distress at the premature death of his gallant friend, hastened from that “ end of all men,” to seek for consolation in the smiles of his lovely wife.


Oh! blessed news
And shall we soon return to the sweet isle we left?
MS. Play.

SoME days elapsed before the extent of the British loss was correctly ascertained. In this battle, so short in duration, with but a small number of troops engaged, the English forces had ninety officers, and upwards of one thousand men, killed and wounded. The Americans suffered comparatively but little, as they estimated their entire casualties at under five hundred men. This disparity in number may be easily accounted for, by the latter having an intrenched position, which, while it sheltered them from the fire of the assailants, afforded a secure rest for the rifle, which on that day was particularly destructive. Four field-officers of distinguished character in the British service

fell. Poor old Colonel Abercrombie, with Majors Pitcairn, Williams, and Spendlove. The Americans, in the death of General Warren, lamented a loss, which they justly considered to be irreparable. : Congress in the interim assembled, and resolved that the war should be prosecuted with vigour. The establishment of an army was immediately voted, and a paper currency directed to be issued for its support. The appointment of a general-in-chief was at the same time decreed, and by a numerous vote of the assembly, the celebrated George Washington was summoned from his retirement at Mount Vernon, and invested with this high command. The nomination of a commander-in-chief was followed by the appointment of thirteen subordinate generals. Twelve companies of riflemen were quickly embodied and marched to headquarters, and early in the month of July, Washington himself set out to assume the command of the united forces of the States. On his journey he was every where received with enthusiastic respect, and escorted by volunteer guards of honour, composed of associated gen


tlemen-congratulated in public addresses by the principal congress of Massachusets and New York-the idol of American liberty arrived at the camp of Cambridge.

The British troops still occupied their intrenched position on Bunker's-Hill, defended on the side next Mystic River by several floating batteries, and on the other by a frigate anchored between Boston and Charleston. The Americans were encamped on Prospect-hill, Winter-hill, and Roxbury, each communicating with the other by small intermediate posts. General Ward was with the right at Roxbury, Lee had the left at Prospect-hill, Washington in person commanded the centre of the revolutionary army. The American general did not for a moment remain inactive, Boston was closely blockaded, and all communication with the country interrupted. The English forces, confined within the place, were consequently subjected to many privations, but these they bore with characteristic fortitude, and it was determined that the town should hold out to the last extremity. A period of nearly three months passed on, the Americans gaining an accession

to their strength daily, and the situation of the army and royalists in Boston becoming still more gloomy, O'Hara had been some time restored to his accustomed health, and Mrs. O'Hara and her infant son were quite well. Mahony had recovered the use of his wounded limb, and his “ darline” had produced a chopping boy.

In a few days after the battle of Bunker'sHill, Captain O'Hara, for his gallant conduct on that occasion, was placed as aid-de-camp on the staff of General Gage. Reinforcements were anxiously expected from England, and never indeed were they more wanted,

In the beginning of September, a frigate arrived with despatches and a Gazette ; among the promotions there appeared in the list, « Captain Frederic O'Hara from the fortyseventh regiment, to be major in the twentysecond, yice Miller deceased." This news to Mrs. O'Hara was truly delightful; the twentysecond had just returned a skeleton from foreign service, and were recruiting in Ireland, where they would probably be stationary a considerable time. General Gage was also recalled

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