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hair streaming in the morning breeze, gave a livelier interest to the old man's address. Three wild cheers pealed along the ranks, the band struck up “ God save the King,” and the gallant grey showed himself not insensible to these demonstrations of military ardour, by rising proudly on his haunches, and neighing in unison with the cheers.

“ So the game is again up," said the Captain of grenadiers, with a sigh, to the senior subaltern, as they walked home together.

“ I am delighted," replied the Lieutenant, “I am at the head of the list, and my Company is now certain- What the devil! you look but dull on the business, Fred! what's the matter?”

“ Zounds, man, I am only a month or two married, and to go away and leave-"

" Well, well, it will likely be another month or two before the route comes ; and for my part, if I was married, I should wish to hold my wife by the same tenure I hold my lodgings.”

“Pshaw, hang your trifling; I cannot, will not, leave

poor Fanny—she would break her heart.” - Well, don't be soo gloomy about it; you must remain behind, that's all."

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- Eh! what !” cried the Captain, evidently alarmed.

“ And an exchange might be managed," continued his comforter. " Oh! I have it; you remember the day you dined with us, last week at the mess; old Captain O'Doud was there; he swore he would memorial to get from the Invalids into a marching regiment; he was good enough to say we were a jolly set, and probably might be induced” « Pshaw, damn O'Doud!”'

Why, as to O'Doud,” continued the Lieu. tenant, drily, “ I have no great hopes of him, for he was, what he good-naturedly termed, hazy, but what we imagined downright drunk, at the time; and he's not just the thing for a marching regiment, as he wants a leg ;-but there's the man for your purpose, Major Mahaffy, who commands the Depôt here; he is anxious to get on active service; his glass eye will not be any great objection; his charge is but a paltry concern of six honey-combed guns and rotten tumbrils, and as you have interest at the Horse-Guards, my life on it we will effect it."



Why you intend to drive me madO’Doud-Mahaffy ;-but it is cruel to jest at such a moment, O'Rourke ; all is over, however, go I must-poor Fanny-the tears of the sweetest eyes in Ulster cannot prevent it; I must, as the song says, On with the knapsack and follow the drum.'» “ But are you not coming in to breakfast?

Why, no; weeping in the morning never agreed with me, but I'll call after the first volley of sighs is over."

O'Hara turned down to his lodgings, while the Subaltern looked after him. Stay at home-no-not all the petticoats in Christendom would keep him ; and, faith, that he's sorry at leaving his wife, is not wonderful, for she's an angel; God forbid she had thrown the temptation of matrimony in my road, for I am but a weak mortal-she fancied him too-he's a fine dashing fellow, and game to the backbone ; well, here I am with little, heaven knows, to bother me ; the heart as light as the pocket, and a Company across the water." O'Rourke bolted up stairs, whistling a light jig, already a Captain by anticipation.


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The Captain's déjeuné was gloomy enough; he wished to convey the unexpected intelligence as gently as he could, and, as he reflected on the best manner of opening the unwelcome detail, so much care and abstraction was visible in his countenance as instantly to alarm his lady.

“ Frederic, my dearest Frederic, has any thing given you pain ? You look disturbed

well ?" My love, the fact is, a flying report of a great military change has reached us this morning. I thought we were settled here for the Spring, and to spend the Summer at Harrowgate with your good uncle and sister ; I therefore dread that this will interfere with our arrangements, and as we soon expect a route for "

He paused, finding himself hastening too rapidly to the denouement of the story. His wife fixed her dark eyes with a steady and penetrating glance on the agitated face of her husband :

“ So a change of quarters, I perceive, is certain; come, come, O'Hara, tell me truth, my uncle

the whole truth, are we ordered to the south of Ireland, among the wild men of the woods-or to England-or Scotland ?”

The Captain's features still preserved their gravity.

" Or are we to view the scenes of Toby's exploits in Flanders ?

The smile died on her lips, while her blanched cheeks betrayed the agitation she vainly endeavoured to conceal. O'Hara grew paler than his wife, and at last mustering all his courage, gradually communicated the Colonel's speech.

6 To America! my God! is it possible ?" as the tea-cup fell from her trembling fingers. O'Hara sprung

from his chair. “ Sit down, Frederic—it is very foolish to be so frightened by a name. Well, when are we to go?"

“ We, dearest Fanny; surely you could not think of crossing the Atlantic; I had already determined to leave"

“ The regiment !" cried the lady, in a transport of delight.

The Captain's countenance flushed" to

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