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in a second tattered them to shreds, and saluted the worthy proprietors, who were quietly discussing brandy and water at an open window, with a shower of dead cats and offal, which rendered a rapid retreat unavoidable. None lamented their discomfiture; and two English bagmen, whom this respectable couple had unceremoniously kicked out of the room, and tossed their pattern-books and portmanteaus down stairs after them, looked on with a satisfaction that would have fully compensated for any thing short of the loss of their Bourdeaux, which these ruthless intruders were despatching with perfect complacency, before the regards of the “ Bourgeois" obliged them to retire.

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Pretty rebel! where's the jest
Of wearing Orange in thy breast ?
When that bosom doth disclose
The whiteness of the Rebel-rose.


In the afternoon Henry was leaving New. bridge, and in passing the shop of the chief milliner, stopped to admire the prudence of the “ Marchande de Modes," for with due consideration she had gratified the Republicans by adorning one window with pink ; while its neighbour, with proper attention to the Aristocracy, was bedizened with flashy orange. Miss Moreen was determined to keep up a running fire with both parties; and although a pious Methodist, and consequently one of the children of light, she proved in all matters appertaining to the mammon of unrighteousness, that she was no fool in her generation. O'Hara

was riding from the repository of fashion, when hearing his name pronounced, le perceived in the Milliner's drawing-room window his fair friend, Lady Constantia Loftus. 66 Come

up, pink knight," said her ladyship. 66 Miss Moreen will allow you to enter her forbidden precincts; and here, among silks and satins, relate your adventures since your departure, which happened some period, I believe, during the last century."

Henry despatched his horse to the Inn, and Miss Moreen, on hearing her fair cụstomer's invitation, was already simpering at the door to conduct the pink gallant to that important apartment where those tempting articles, stated to be direct from London and Dublin,” were exhibiting to captivating advantage.

“ Moreen, may I trouble you to send to the inn, and desire my servants not to bring the carriage for half an hour.” “ An hour, if you please," said Miss Mo

“ Old friends, like your Ladyship and Mr. O'Hara, must have much to speak of, and you

need not be afraid of interruption, for none but particular friends are admitted here."

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" What a considerate creature it is," said Lady Constantia, with much archness, as the piqus Milliner retired. “And now, good Sir, --Pshaw! Henry, we are too old for kissing. Heigh ho! how time flies--you are twentytwo, and that impertinent Debrett makes me nineteen in his Peerage. And now that I have an opportunity to scold, was it kind to put me off with one formal visit, and that too when surrounded with Goths and Vandals, which prevented me from asking a single question ?”

“Why, my dear Lady Constantia, you have been but a few days at home, and assuredly I did not let a moment pass when I heard of your return, until I rode to Loftus-Hall; and you know Lord Loftus, and Monteville, and my father, are at present more opposed than ever; and cold looks and cold greeting would not be agreeable, where in earlier, and I fear, happier days, (Lady Constantia sighed deeply,) I passed many a sunny hour.”

Nay, Henry, don't talk of old times as if those days were never to return. But what a long tour you have made; and, mercy on me, how you are grown. For Heaven's sake don't

listen to the women, or they will certainly turn your brain with flattery. But what have you been doing? Where have you wandered ? Were you learning the art of love, or the art of war? Or probably, as is the case with most of your worthy countrymen, practising both trades, as the opposite apothecary adds to his name surgeon and man-mid-? But, Lord bless me, what was I reading ?” and she threw down her glass, and blushed.

“ Well, dear Constance, you shall hear my travels at the first ball we meet; but, now I want to ask you some questions about certain matters that rumour carried even to parts beyond the four seas of Britain. Was it true that the High Sheriff—?”

“ Oh! name him not; it was dotage, I presume. But, why ask me ?"

66 Because in that case I should have forbid. den the banns, even although necessitated to take charge of you for life.”

“ The gratitude I feel for the distinguished honour conferred on me, as I overheard my father say to the tallow-chandler at the corner, whom he was cajoling for his vote and

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