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His father knew nothing of them; Lady Sarah could only tell that she heard that Glossin had been a shoemaker. Dr. Molloy, who had been there professionally, assured him that he was in a state of dotage, and the remainder of the family perfectly deranged. The Doctor protested to God, nothing but the wish he ever had to disseminate useful information, would tempt him to have any fellowship or intercourse with Miss Carney, who resided with Mrs. Glossin, and whom he pronounced to be a vain and impudent maniac. She had the hardihood to assert, that painting was a nobler art than physic; however, he would this once deign to tolerate her, but never, never, would he have a good opinion of any woman who would compare a dauber of canvass with a Professor of Pharmacy. What would Davy Drench say if he heard her ? Henry's curiosity was much excited to see this extraordinary family; some unexpected guests had dined at Castle Carra, and it was consequently late when the party arrived at Pompeii. During the momentary stop in the entrance-hall, while the ladies were unshawling,

a most extraordinary uproar was heard in the reception-rooms, and the parties paused by mutual consent, as a violent quarrel was then raging between. Doctor Molloy and a number of the gentler sex.

Oh! laws, Doctor, dear, there's Mrs. Moneypenny, and she in her present delicate situation ;''—" and Mrs. Jordan," cried ano: ther damsel ;-" and Mrs. Dowdale,” said a third ; " Ladies, for God's sake-;" but another volley of voices overwhelmed the speaker.

“ You, Doctor, who know the consequences ; why Mrs. Black's as white as a sheet.” “ Salts. for Mrs. Dowdale,” shouted another. " Don't be alarmed, Mrs. Jordan, he would not be so cruel at to read that dreadful paper.” $6 Will you hear me, ladies ?" A still more terrific burst totally overpowered the unfortunate Doctor, and the servant seizing on a moment's calm, at the full strength of his lungs announced " Lady Sarah De Clifford.” - The reception rooms of Pompeii were crowded to suffocation, as the country had risen en masse, attracted by the novelty of a literary display. The entre of the Castle Carra


party seemed electric. Lady Sarah’s rank and jewels, and Emily's beauty combined, were certainly enough to derange the order of a country rout. One party flocked to gaze upon the lovely stranger, and another to wel. come young O'Hara. From the moment they entered, Mrs. Glossin appeared to forget that her rooms contained any persons save them selves, and even the High Sheriff was for a time unlooked ; but " malgré” all her efforts, the hostess found monopoly impossible, till at last she cunningly contrived to place them in a corner, and occupy a chair which commanded the devoted group.

" Pardon me, dear Mr. O'Hara, but really the uncommon satisfaction I feel in having such an addition to the little circle of Pompeii has Aurried me excessively. Beauty and Genius should ever go together,” as she glanced right and left. - Dr. Molloy has been loud in your praises- I mean your mental; but I have forgotten you ;-here, Joanna, (to a little girl, her daughter,) send the footman with coffee. Į call Joanna after the pride of Genius and of Women, Joanna Baillie. James, the tray, Mr.


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Glossin's mother and I quarrelled on the subject : a good, plain sort of body, but not a ray about her! She entreated me to call her Deborah, and tendered a five hundred pound debenture as a douceur, but I scorned the vulgar bribe, and Deborah and her detestable debenture were discarded from my nomenclatureand there she is ' without a shilling, but a nobler name,' as Miss Carney sweetly expressed it in a delightful little poem, elicited by the occurrence. Here, Mirabeau, (to an amazingly ugly little boy) call George Washington. Poor Charlotte Smith has burned her foot, and my little Bonaparte is quite an infant,

mewling and puking in his nurse's arms,' as the immortal Bard has it. George Washington, as you may perceive, has suffered from the small-pox; but, thank Heaven, Genius is not subjected to the calamities incident to beauty; and though Pope was plain, who captivated so many hearts? But, my dear Mr. O'Hara, will you, for Heaven's sake, endeavour to pacify the Doctor, and we shall have our second reading." And, indeed, a pacificator was necessary, as the Doctor furiously resented the treatment


his fasciculus (as he termed his morceau) had received, which having been assailed with a charge of indecency, was (as Bob Acres would say) “voted incapable.” No one could have undertaken the task of soothing the irritated author, with any probability of success, but Henry, who having taken him aside, persuaded him that so ingenious and erudite an affair as the aforesaid fasciculus, was quite above the standard of female understanding: lamenting, at the same time, the mental weakness of the sex, and whispering the old proverb of “Pearls thrown to swine.” The Doctor was mollified, and Miss Carney was called on for her contribution.

Miss Carney, the dear friend and literary companion of Mrs. Glossin, was known to the world as the Authoress of two or three successful Novels, and a volume of Namby Pam3. bys, of the Della Crusca school. The friendship subsisting between the Lady of Pompeii and the Novelist was most singular—for whether from her manners, in which a more than ordinary share of acid prevailed, or some name

less cause, the women generally disliked her;

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