The Young Woman's Guide to Excellence

Clark, Austin & Smith, 1852 - 356 sider

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Side 74 - I would not enter on my list of friends the man who needlessly sets foot upon a worm.— Cowper.
Side 315 - Every idle word that men speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment." " For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned." The day of judgment is not in the hereafter, as many have believed.
Side 21 - Mothers and school-masters plant the seeds of nearly all the good and evil which exist in our world. Its reformation must therefore be begun in nurseries and in schools.
Side 335 - The happy father has her declaration that she will not marry during his life, and the pleasure of seeing that resolution not uneasy to' her. Were one to paint filial affection in its utmost beauty, he could not have a more lively idea of it than in beholding Fidelia serving her father at his hours of rising, meals, and rest. When the general crowd of female youth are consulting their glasses, preparing for balls, assemblies, or plays...
Side 41 - What things he thought most proper for boys to learn," answered ; " Those which they ought to practise when they come to be men.
Side 155 - ... so commonly used in England. To bruises, to allay the smarting of wounds after operation, to fractures, dislocations, and all similar injuries, it may be applied with implicit confidence in its power, to the exclusion of fomentations, cooling lotions, and leeches. The only objection that can be made to it is that it sometimes irritates the skin ; but this proceeds from its being employed in too great quantity and strength ; or it is possible there may be a peculiar idiosyncrasy which predisposes...
Side 16 - The ways of wisdom are ways of pleasantness, and that all her paths are peace:" "that religion has the promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come...
Side 69 - It is not in the very utmost strength of their import that we employ such terms of description ; but we have known instances in which the change, the intellectual change, has been so conspicuous, within a brief space of time, that even an infidel observer must have forfeited all claim to be esteemed a man of sense, if he would not acknowledge, — This that you call divine grace, whatever it may really be, is the strangest awakener of faculties after all.
Side 17 - There is no man that hath given up father, or mother, or house, or children, or lands, for my sake and the gospel's, but he shall receive an hundredfold more in this present life, and in the world to come life everlasting.
Side 162 - deceitful above all things and desperately wicked...

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