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Religious Prints and Engravings.

The Life and Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, Illustrated in Twelve Plates, engraved on steel from the designs of FREDERICK OVERBECK. Proofs on India paper, 10s. the set; single plates, 1s. each. Plain prints, 5s. the set; single plates, 6d. each.

The Nativity.


The Saviour seated, bearing the

The Death of St. Joseph.

The Assumption of the Blessed
Virgin Mary.

The Last Supper.

The Mount of Olives.

Jesus stripped of his Garments.
The Crucifixion.

The Entombment.
The Resurrection.
The Ascension.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit.

Also, a beautiful Engraving from the design of Frederick Overbeck, of the Dead Christ and the Blessed Virgin. Engraved by Lewis Gruner. Proofs on India paper, 4s,; plain prints, Is. 6d. Three finely-engraved small Prints of the Blessed Virgin. 4d. each, entitled

The Madonna del San Sisto; The Salve Regina; The Ave Regina. Twelve Prints, drawn and illuminated in gold and colours, in the early Missal style, suitable for Prayer-books, with Miniatures and Prayers, printed in black letter, consisting of the following:

St. Augustine, Apostle of England; St. Catherine; St. Philip Neri; St. Margaret of Scotland. Size, 4 inches by 23 inches. 6d. each.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary; St George; St. Joseph; The Memorare, by St. Bernard, in English. Size, 4 inches by 24 inches. 6d. each. The Our Father; The Hail Mary; We fly to thy Patronage; In the Name of Jesus. Size, 34 inches by 2. 4d. each.

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Also a beautiful Drawing of the

Madonna and the Infant Jesus seated under a Canopy with attendant Angels, encircled by a floriated border, in which the figures of St. Ann and St. John the Baptist are introduced, with the following inscription beneath the Drawing:-" Regina sine Labe Originali concepta, ora pro Nobis." The whole illuminated in gold and colours, in the early Missal style. Size of the drawing, 10 inches by 7, 38.; or, mounted under glass, with ornamented frame, 6s. 6d.

The following well-engraved small Prints, 3d. each:Our Saviour knocking at the Door; the Blessed Virgin and Infant Jesus; St. Ignatius Loyola; St. Francis Xavier.

**A great variety of Prints imported from France and Germany always on Sale; likewise Rosary Beads, Crosses, and Medals, &c. &c.

Office Books.

Breviarium Romanum. 4 vols. 4to. sewed, 50 francs. 2 vols. 4to. sewed, 32 francs. Propria pro Angliâ.

Breviarium Romanum Totum. 1 vol. royal 8vo, sewed, 12 francs. Propria pro Angliâ, 1 franc..

Breviarium Romanum. 4 vols. 12mo. sewed, 22 francs. Propria pro Anglia, 2 francs.

Breviarium Romanum. 4 vols. 18mo, sewed, 20 francs. Propria pro Angliâ, 2 francs 50 cents.

Breviarium Romanum. 4 vols. 32mo. sewed, 18 francs. Propria pro Angliâ, 50 cents.

Breviarium Romanum Totum. 18mo. sewed, 11 francs.
Propria pro Angliâ, 75 cents.

Ceremoniale Episcoporum. Large 12mo. 4 francs.
Graduale Romanum. 8vo. sewed, 5 francs.
Horæ Diurnæ. Royal 8vo. large type, 10 francs.
Horæ Diurnæ. 18mo. 4 francs 50 cents.

Horæ Diurnæ. 32mo. sewed, 3 francs.

Martyrologium Romanum. 4to. sewed, 12 francs. Missale Romanum. Large folio, with Plates, 38 fr. Missale Romanum. 4to. Plates, 25 francs.

Missale Romanum.

Small 4to. 17s. 6d.

Missale Romanum. 12mo. sewed, 8 francs.

Missæ Pontificales. Large folio, 13 Plates, 25 francs. Officium Beatæ Mariæ Virginis. With the Rubric in English. 18mo. sewed, 2 francs 50 cents. Another edition, 32mo. 1s. 6d. Officium Hebdomadæ Sanctæ. 24mo. sewed, 2 francs

50 cents.

Pontificale Romanum. 3 vols. 8vo. sewed, 16 francs. Rituale Romanum. 8vo. sewed, 5 francs.

Rituale Romanum.

18mo. sewed, 3 francs 50 cents. Vesperale Romanum. 8vo. sewed, 5 francs.

Processionale Romanum. 8vo.sewed, 4 francs. Ritus et Preces ad Missam celebrandam in usum præcipue eorum qui sacris initiantur. Baltimore, 1857. 32mo. bound, 2s. 6d.

Specus Sancti Benedicti; seu, Solitudo Sacra, in quam religiosa anima se recipit, ut ibidem eo liberius sola cum solo Deo agat. Auctore D. ANSELMO FISCHER, O.S.B. 18mo. sewed, 2s. Thesaurus Animæ Christianæ, sive Manuale Pietatis; vel, Liber Precum decerptarum ex Libris Ecclesiasticis, et operibus Blosii Abbatis, Jacobi Merli Horstii, et aliorum. Accedunt Officium parvum SS. Nominis Jesu, simul et diversi Hymni et sequentiæ in totâ Ecclesiâ recitari solitæ. Cloth, antique, red edges, 24mo. 3s. 6d.

**All the above Office Books (with few exceptions) are printed in red and black type by Hanicq, of Malines, and can be supplied at the prices affixed-reckoning shillings for francs.

N.B.-Many of the above are kept bound in morocco, gilt edges, or other suitable binding, at very moderate prices.'






Literature, Science, the Fine Arts, Etr.



THE LAMP Contains a large quantity of instructive matter, deeply interesting Tales with BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATIONS, the LIVES AND CORRECT PORTRAITS of distinguished Characters, Views of new Catholic Buildings, Essays by eminent Writers, Poetry of a high character, Reviews of and Extracts from the newest and most agreeable Books, Abstracts of important Lectures, entertaining Varieties, Notes on Leading Events, Progress of Science, and Information as to Public Situations.

Six copies of the LAMP forwarded free by post upon six postage-stamps being received. The Publisher will also undertake to supply the LAMP in Monthly Parts free by post to persons subscribing for not less than three months, and paying in advance One Shilling and Fourpence in postage-stamps or otherwise. The entire Half-yearly Volume sent free by post, in Monthly Parts, for Two Shillings and Eightpence; or, bound in cloth lettered, for Three Shillings and Sixpence.


"The Lamp is destined, we trust, to form for many years to come the companion and the instructor of the fireside."-Dublin Review.

"The Lamp continues to prosecute its course, and labours in good earnest to fill a void long telt."-Rambler.

"We heartily wish it success, as one of our most useful publications, and hope that it will long continue to flourish under the editorship of Mr. Burke, whose ability is unquestioned."-Weekly Register and Catholic Standard.

"We believe there never was a publication of the kind which combined so much of cheapness and excellence in its contents as the Lump."Tablet.

"An excellent Catholic miscellany; useful and entertaining."Freeman's Journal.

"There is one great satisfaction in noticing this work at its periodical appearance-namely, the safety with which every paragraph it contains may be recommended."-Catholic Telegraph.

"The Lamp continues to prove worthy of the commendation we have frequently felt called upon to award it."—Nation.

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