The Dubious Spectacle: Extremities of Theater, 1976-2000

U of Minnesota Press, 1. jan. 2002 - 347 sider

Spanning a quarter of a century, the essays in this book rehearse, in the movement of memory and cross-reflection, an extensive career in theater. The work of Herbert Blau-his directing, writing, and criticism-has been a determining force during this period as theater encounters theory.

Blau's struggle to bring a critical intelligence to the American stage goes back half a century, to the quiescent postwar years (which he has eloquently described in The Impossible Theater: A Manifesto). His innovations in performance began with early productions of now-canonical plays that were hardly known at that time (works by Brecht, Beckett, Genet, Pinter, Duerrenmatt, and others). His experience is as distinctive as his versatile habits of mind and conceptual urgency of style.

If the impossible takes a little time (as the title of one essay states), Blau's struggle now continues in a theoretical vein. Performance-and his own compelling writing- has moved across other genres and disciplines into fashion, politics, sexuality, and theory. His diversity of thought is demonstrated here in commentaries about the newer modes of performance (including conceptual and body art), various American playwrights, Renaissance drama, new music and theater, voice, the senses and the baroque, and the photographic image. As the essays reflect upon each other, a kind of cultural history, with inflections of autobiography, develops-which is what readers of Blau's previous books have come to expect.

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Theater at the End of the Real
2 The Impossible Takes a Little Time
3 Spacing Out in the American Theater
Rehearsing the Resistance
5 A Dove in My Chimney
An Analytic Scenario
The Grail of the Voice
Chills and Fever Mourning and the Vanities of the Sublime
13 Readymade Desire
From Tango Palace to Mud
The Group Idea and Its Legacy
New Music and Theater
17 FlatOut Vision
Sovereign Pleasure and the Baroque Subject in the Tragicomedies of John Fletcher
Revising the Abyss
The Insane Root

9 The Dubious Spectacle of Collective Identity
Subtext of a Syllabus for the Arts in America
Educating the American Theater
12 The Pipe Dreams of ONeill in the Age of Deconstruction

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