Law and Religion in the 21st Century: Relations between States and Religious Communities

Rinaldo Cristofori, Silvio Ferrari
Routledge, 15. apr. 2016 - 406 sider
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This book brings together leading international scholars of law and religion to provide an overview of current issues in State-religion relations. The first part of the collection offers a picture of recent developments in key countries and regions. The second part is focused on Europe and, in particular, on the Nordic States and the post-communist countries where State-religion systems have undergone most profound change. The third and final part is devoted to four issues that are currently debated all over the world: the relations between freedom of expression and freedom of religion; proselytism and the right to change religion; the religious symbols; and the legal status of Islam in Europe and Canada. The work will be a valuable resource for academics, students and policy-makers with an interest in the interaction between law and religion.

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List of Figures
Religious Communities and the State in Modern India
Yasukuni Shrine as a Case
Religion and the State in the United States at the Turn
Current Challenges in Latin America
States and Religions in PostCommunist Europe
Religious Freedom and Freedom of Expression in France
Proselytism and the Right to Change Religion in Islam
Proselytism and the Right to Change Religion in Israel
An Introduction
Religious Symbols between Forum Internum and Forum
A Brief Introduction to the Religious Symbols Debate

The Recent Developments of ChurchState Relations
Church and State Relations in the Czech Republic and
States and Churches
Civil Religion and Religious Symbols in Public Institutions
The Current Debate on Islam
The Implementation of the 1992 Agreement in Spain

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Om forfatteren (2016)

Silvio Ferrari is Professor of Canon Law, University of Milan and President, International Consortium for Law and Religion Studies, Italy. His research interests are in the areas of Church and State in Europe; Comparative law of religions, and Vatican-Israel relations. He has published widely on these and related areas. Rinaldo Cristofori is a Research Student at the University of Milan. His research concentrates on the role played by religion within transitional societies. In 2009, he was a member of the Oxford Transitional Justice Research Group.

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