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Side 12 - the extension of the Catholic faith, the promotion of virtues, and the cultivation of the understanding by the study of theology, canon and civil law, the liberal arts, and every other lawful faculty.
Side 213 - ... he proceeded home, a distance of about twelve miles of dreary hill, where he arrived early in the morning; but the fright had nearly cost him his life, for he fell into a fever, and it was many weeks before he recovered. " This Macpherson of Braekaely was commonly called Callum Beg, or Little Malcolm ; and there is reason to believe that he was one of those who fought in the famous battle of the Inch of Perth, in the reign of Robert the Third.
Side 214 - ... mouth and swallowed it. The irritable little fairy struck the hind with the band with which she had tied its hind legs, saying at the same time, ' May a dart from Murdoch's quiver pierce your side before night...
Side 1 - There was a crowded and fashionable attendance, and the gathering was one of the most successful ever held under the auspices of the Society. The platform as usual presented a background of Highland weapons and armour, relieved by shrubs, heather, and tartans, amid which might here and there be seen stags' heads, and wild birds and animals ; the whole harmonising into an exceedingly tasteful and appropriate picture.
Side 209 - Gaelic word for a river, an' am shaire there's nae want o' them there; an' as for its bein' east o'er, that is, when Adam planted the Liosmor, he sat in a bonny bothan on a brae in Lochaber, an' nae doot lukit eastwar
Side 204 - ... narrated in Niel's Informations), till all ye country of Assint was destroyed. Niel haveing under the benefit of a protection gon to commune with Seaforth, he gave Niel a Certificate of his having obeyed the King's Laws, and 15 days to advise about a proposition he had made him of his disponing his estate to him. But Niel thinking it not safe or fit for him to return, resolved to go South to Edr. and to carry his Charter Chest wt. him. Seaforth being apprehensive, it seems, of the consequence...
Side 85 - I had never seen this young man, the subject of the sharp pangs of a tender father. I retained him the whole day at my house, endeavouring to dissipate his fears as much as I possibly could, and making him promise on parting to come straight to my house on leaving the boat. The next day, at evening, I heard a great knock at my door. I ran thither, and perceived the good father holding a young man by the hand, of a jolly figure, who cried to me, his eyes sparkling with joy. " Behold, my friend, the...
Side 212 - ... told him, that as it was now late, he intended to remain that night in a bothy at Dalenluncart, a little distance off. They accordingly proceeded to this bothy, and it was quite dark by the time they reached it, " Macpherson, on putting his hand on the bed to procure dry heather for lighting a pipe, discovered a dead body; and without taking any notice of the circumstance, merely remarked, — ' I don't like this bothy ; we will proceed to Callaig, about a mile off, where we shall be better accommodated.
Side 230 - ... jaws, are' represented as faithfully on their own monuments as they are on those of Egypt, so that we cannot accuse the Egyptian artists of caricaturing their enemies. If the Egyptians have made the Hittites ugly, it was because they were so in reality. The Amorites, on the contrary, were a tall and handsome people. They are depicted with white skins, blue eyes, and reddish hair, all the characteristics, in fact, of the white race.
Side 246 - Garnait. They made the prayer, and health came to him. After that Columcille gave to Drostan that town, and blessed it, and left as (his) word, 'Whosoever should come against it, let him not be many-yeared [or] victorious.' Drostan's tears came on parting with Columcille. Said Columcill, 'Let DEAR [deara= tears] be its name henceforward.

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