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driven from among them the priests and other dignitaries, who formerly had power over them, and resumed habits and manners of their own, their Great Chief, or Governor, being the civil and religious head. The country around the city of Sumai is cultivated with a great deal of care, and affords food not only for the inhabitants, but for large flocks of cattle and sheep.


The Monarchs of Europe. Territory and Population.— The excitement in the Old World, the revolutions, the reforms, and the threatening aspect of affairs at our last accounts, have induced many inquiries as to the names and ages of the reigning sovereigns, the extent and population of their various governments. We have therefore turned to the latest authorities, and gather the following:

Great Britain—Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, was born May 24, 1819. Ascended the throne June 20, 1837, at the age of 18. Government, limited monarchy, with two houses of Parliament. Population, 26,831,105. Territory, 116,700 square miles. Religion, Protestant.

France-Louis Philippe, late King of France, was born Oct. 6, 1773. He ascended the throne Aug. 9, 1830, aged 57. Government, late limited monarchy, now a republic. Population, 34,194,875. Territory, 202,135 square miles. Religion, Roman Catholic.

Nicholas I., Emperor of Russia, was born July 6, 1796. He ascended the throne Dec. 1, 1825, aged 29. The government is an absolute monarchy, the territory 2,041,809 square miles, and the population (including Poland) 62,500,000. Religion, Greek Church.

Frederick William IV., King of Prussia, was born Oct. 15, 1795. He ascended the throne June 7, 1840, aged 45. The government has heretofore been an absolute monarchy, with a population of 14,330,000. Territory, 106,302 square miles. Religion, Protestant.

Ferdinand, Emperor of Austria, was born April 19, 1793, and ascended the throne March 2, 1835, aged 42. The government has heretofore been an absolute monarchy, except Hungary, &c., with a population of 36,519,560. Square miles, 255,256. Religion, Roman Catholic.

Louis, the King of Bavaria, was born August 25, 1786, ascended the throne October 13, 1825, at the age of 39. The kingdom is a limited monarchy, with two chambers; the population 4,315,469.

Territory, 28,435 square miles. Religion, Roman Catholic. (Has abdicated. His son Maximilian is king.)

Oscar I., King of Sweden and Norway, was born in July, 1799. He ascended the throne March 8, 1844, aged 45.

Government, limited monarchy, with a Diet. Population, 4,156,900. Religion, Lutheran.

Christian VIII., King of Denmark, was born September 18, 1786. He ascended the throne December 3, 1839, aged 59. Government, absolute monarchy. Population, 2,033,265. Territory, 59,762 square miles. Religion, Protestant.

William II., King of Holland, or Netherlands, was born December 6, 1792. Ascended the throne October 7, 1840, at the age of 48. Government, limited monarchy, with two chambers. Population, 2,915,369. Territory, 13,890 square miles. Religion, Reformed.

Leopold I., King of Belgium, was born December 16, 1790. He ascended the throne July 31, 1831, at the age of 40. Limited monarchy, with two chambers. Population, 4,242,600. Territory, 12,569 square miles. Religion, Roman Catholic.

Frederick, King of Saxony, was born May 18, 1797. Ascended the throne June 6, 1836, aged 39. Government, limited monarchy, with two chambers. Population, 1,652,114. Territory, 5,705 square miles. Religion, Roman Catholic.

Ernest Augustus, King of Hanover, born June 5, 1771. Ascended the throne July 20, 1837, aged 66. Government, limited monarchy, with two chambers. Population, 1,706,280. Territory, 14,600 square miles.

William, King of Wurtemberg, was born September 27, 1781. He ascended the throne October 30, 1816, at the age of 35. Government, limited monarchy, with two chambers. Population, 1,634,654. Territory, 7,568 square miles.

There are, besides, 26 other German Principalities, Grand Duchies, Landgravines, Electorates, &c., some in the form of absolute, and others of limited, monarchies. There are also in Germany, Bremen, Hamburg, Frankfort, Lubec, free cities, which are separate and republican.

Isabella II., Queen of Spain, was born Oct. 10, 1830. She ascended the throne Sept. 29th, 1833, aged 3 years. The government is a limited monarchy, with a legislature (the Cortes). The population is 12,286,941. Territory, 176,480 square miles. Religion, Roman Catholic.

Maria II., Queen of Portugal, was born April 4, 1819. Ascended the throne May 2, 1826, aged 7 years. Government, limited monarchy, with one chamber. Population, 3,550,000. Territory, 34,500. Religion, Roman Catholic.

Switzerland is a Republic, with a Diet. Population, 2,135,480. Territory, 17,208 square miles. Religions, Roman Catholic and Protestant.

Charles Albert, King of Sardinia, born October 20, 1798, ascended the throne April 27, 1831, aged 32. Government, absolute monarchy. Population, 4,168,000. Territory, 28,830 square miles. Religion, Roman Catholic.

Leopold II., Grand Duke of Tuscany, born October 3, 1797, ascended the throne June 18, 1824, aged 26. Government, absolute. Population, 1,436,785. Territory, 8,302 square miles. Religion, Roman Catholic.

Pius IX., Pope of Rome, is the temporal sovereign of the States of the Church. Born Dec. 23, 1792. Was elected by the College of Cardinals, June 21, 1846, at the age of 54. Elective sovereignty. Population, 2,732,436. Territory, 17,048 square miles.

Ferdinand II., King of the Two Sicilies, born January 12, 1810, ascended the throne November 8th, 1830, at the age of 20. Government, limited monarchy, with a council. Population, 7,975,850. Territory, 41,531 square miles. Religion, Roman Catholic.

There are also Duchies in Italy-Parma, Modena and Massa Carrara, and the principality of Monaco. Neither should we forget the small Republic of San Marino, in Italy, with 7,000 inhabitants —that of Andorra, in the Pyrenees, with 15,000 inhabitants-and that of the Ionian Islands, with 208,100 inhabitants, in the Mediterranean, under British protection.

Otho, King of Greece, was born June 1, 1815. He ascended the throne May 7, 1832, aged 17. The government is a limited monarchy; the population 926,000. Territory, 10,206 square miles. Religion, Greek Church.

Abdul Medjid, the Sultan of Turkey, was born April 20, 1823. He ascended the throne July 1, 1839, aged 16. Absolute monarchy. Population, 9,545,000. Territory, 183,140 square miles. Religion, Mohammedan.

The foregoing outline possesses unusual interest at the present time, and will be found useful as a matter of reference.

National Gazette.

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The exploits of Fannon, the partisan of Randolph, would make a body of facts more interesting than any tale of fiction. He was a reckless fellow-bloody-minded as the hounds of Hayti. But he had that instinctive tone and bearing of authority that kept his people within the metes and bounds of his own despotic will. He and his party were one day resting themselves by a spring; lounging here and there on the green grass in the shade of the trees. One of his subordinates, a big strong man, had got mad with him. His rage had been boiling in him for several days; and some fresh affront at the spring caused his anger to become ungovernable—he drew his sword and rushed at his captain, swearing he would kill him. Fannon had stretched his slight form on the sward, and was resting with his elbow on the ground, and his hand under his head. His devoted followers were around him, and he heard the click of their locks as they cocked their rifles. “Let him alone!”' cried Fannon, in his quick sharp tone. He lay still; calm and self-possessed, with his keen dark eyes fixed on the raging lieutenant, as he made a tremendous plunge at his breast. But when the stroke came, its object swerved away like a snake, and the baffled man plunged his sword into the ground. Quick as lightning, Fannon's sharp blade passed through his gigantic frame—Thus, and thus, I punish those who disregard my authority!” and his eyes glowed and sparkled like a serpent's. The man sank to the earth forever.

Achilles had his Xanthus; Alexander had his Bucephalus; M'Donald had his Selim. Fannon was a man of blood like them, and like them he had his favorite and trusty charger; and Fannon's mare was worthy of her owner, or “even a better man.” He called her the Red Doe, from her resemblance in color to a deer. She was a rare animal-fleet, powerful, intelligent, and docile as a lamband her owner valued her, I dare say, above king or country, or the life of his fellow man. She bore him proudly and fearlessly in the bloody skirmish or the quick retreat. When he stood in the noisy councils of his partisans, or in the silent ambuscade, the faithful brute was by his side, ever ready to bear him whithersoever he would.

Down on the east side of Little River, the partisan, and some four or five of his followers, one day captured a man by the name of Hunter, a political opponent, from the country about Salisbury. This was sufficient cause of death, and Fannon told the man that he would hang him. Hunter was evidently a man of the time; but what could he do, alone and defenceless, with a dozen bitter enemies? It was a case of complete desperation. The rope was ready, and a strong old oak threw out its convenient branches. Fannon told him that he might pray, for his time had come! The poor man knelt down, and seemed absorbed in his last petition to a throne of mercy. Fannon and his men stood by, and the trusty mare stood among them with the reins on her neck. They began to be impatient for the victim to finish his devotional exercises. But they soon discovered that there was more hope of earth than heaven in Hunter's thoughts; for he suddenly sprang on Fannon's mare, bowed his head down on her powerful neck, pressed his heels on her flanks, and darted away like the wind.

The rifles were levelled in a moment—“Shoot high! Shoot high!” cried Fannon; “sare my mare.” The slugs all whistled over Hunter's back, save one that told with unerring aim, which tore and battered his shoulder dreadfully. He reeled on the saddle and felt sick at heart, but hope was before him, death behind, and he nerved himself for the race. On he sped. Through woods, ravines, and brambles, did that powerful mare carry him, safely and swiftly. His enemies were in hot pursuit. They followed him by the trail of blood from his wounded shoulder. He came to Little River; there was no ford; the bank was high, and a deep place in the stream before him. But the foe came--he drew the rein and clapped his heels to her sides, and that gallant mare plunged recklessly into the stream. She snorted as she rose in the spray, pawed the yielding wave, arched her beautiful mane above the surface, and skimmed along like a wild swan. Hunter turned her down stream in the hope of evading his pursuers; and she reared and dashed through the flashing water of the shoal, like lightning in the storm-cloud.

But Fannon was on the trail, and rushing down the bank with all the mad energy that the loss of his favorite could inspire. Hunter turned the mare to the opposite bank; it was steep-several feet of perpendicular rock-but she planted herself on the shore at a bound; and then flew over the interminable forest of pines, straight and swift as an arrow—that admirable mare!

On and on did that generous brute bear her master's foeman, till the pursuers were left hopelessly behind. Late in the evening Hunter rode into Salisbury, had the slug extracted from his shoulder, and after lingering some time from the effects of the wound and excitement, finally got well. And that gallant mare, that had done him such good service, he kept and cherished till she died of old age.- From the Southern Citizen.

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