How to Work in Denmark: Updated Edition: Tips for finding a job in Denmark, understanding Danish business culture, and working with a Danish boss

KXMGroup, 15. nov. 2022 - 184 sider

Denmark's business culture is known for its "flat hierarchy". This means fewer layers of people to keep an eye on you, which can be refreshing, but it means there are also fewer people around to help if you’re confused or overwhelmed.

"How to Work in Denmark" is a guide to working in Denmark for newcomers to the country and recent graduates of Danish universities. It reveals how to write your CV to apply for a job in Denmark, how to prepare for a Danish job interview, and which job benefits you can expect from a Danish company.

The book includes tips on Danish business etiquette, such as how to handle a meeting, what to wear to work, and how to handle business gifts in Denmark. You'll also learn how to socialize with your Danish colleagues, how to make sure your spouse gets settled in properly in Denmark and (if you don't have a spouse) whether or not it's a good idea to date one of your co-workers in Denmark.

In addition, the book explains what a Danish boss expects from an employee and how to advance your career in Denmark.

There are positive aspects to working in Denmark and negative aspects to working in Denmark. This book looks at both sides of Denmark's working culture.


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Kay Xander Mellish is a speaker, writer, and cultural coach based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her “How to Live in Denmark” podcast has run for more than 10 years, with more than 2 million downloads.

A native of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA, Kay studied journalism and art history at New York University. 

She worked for several US Fortune 500 companies, including units of Disney and News Corp., before moving to Denmark where she held jobs at Carlsberg and Danske Bank.  

Since 2012, she has worked as a consultant to a variety of small, medium, and large-size Danish companies on communications and culture assignments and coached both newcomers to Denmark and Danes moving overseas. 

Kay offers presentations and workshops on Danish culture, in particular Danish working culture, to companies and organizations. 

She is available for both in-person and virtual events through her website

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