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THE following is an Extract from a Letter Addressed by Rt. Rev. Dr. Milner, to R. Coyne, dated March 14, 1826.

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“I do hereby declare that I have not autho“rized any other Bookseller THAN YOUR“ SELF, to print in Ireland any Edition of any

my works.--And I moreover declare, “ that I do not hold myself accountable for any

work, printed under my name in Ireland BY “ ANY OTHER PERSON THAN YOU, “ whom I appointed and authorized many years « since.

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Page ADDRESS to the Right Rev. Lord Bishop of St. Davids





Mr. Brown's Apology to Dr. M. - Account of the

Friendly Society of New Cottage
ESSAY I.- On the Existence of God and of Natural

Religion, by the Rev. Samuel Carey, L.L. D.
ESSAY II. - On the Truth of the Christian Religion,

by the same




LETTER IT.-To James Brown, Esq.
Dr. M. -'s Conditions for entering on the Corres-

pondence- Freedom of Speech-Sincerity and Can-
dour-d Conclusive Method


LETTER IIT.- From James Brown, Esq. Agreement to the Conditions on the part of the Society 54

LETTER IV.--To James Brown, Esq.
Dispositions for Success in Religious Inquiries-Re-

nunciation of Prejudices, Passions, and vicious
Inclinations --Fervent Prayer


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LETTER, V.--To the same.
! Rule or Method of finding out the True Religion-

Christ has left a Rule-This Rule must be sure
and unerring--It must be adapted to the capacities
and situations of the Bulk of Mankind


LETTER VI.-To the same.




First fallacious Rule; Private Inspiration This has

led numberless Christians into errors, impiety, and vice, in ancient and in modern times - Account of Modern Fanatics, Anabaptists, Quakers, Moravians, Swedenborgians, Methodists, &c.

LETTER VII.- To James Brown, Esq.
Objections of certain Members of the Society answered

LETTER VIII.- To the same.
Second fallacious Rule; the Scripture according to

each person's particular interpretation of it-Christ
did not intend that mankind, in general, should
learn bis Religion from a book-- No Legislator ever
made Laws without providing Judges and Magis-
trates to explain and enforce them- Dissensions,
divisions, immorality, and infidelity which bave arisen
from the private interpretation of Scripture-Illu.
sions of Protestants in this matter-Their incon.
sistency in making Articles, Catechisms, &c.-Ac-
knowledgment of learned Protestants on this head


LETTER IX.- To the same.

The subject continued - Protestants have no evidence

of the Inspiration of Scripture: nor of its authenticity : nor of the fidelity of their copies ; nor of its sense-Causes of the obscurity of Scripture: instances of this— The Protestant Rule affords no ground for, Faith-Doubts in which those who follow it liveand also die


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LETTER X.-To the same.
The true Rule, namely, The Whole Word of God,

unwritten as well as written, subject to the interpretation of the Church- In this and in every other country, the written law is grounded upon the union written law-Christ taught the Apostles by word of mouth, and sent them to preach it by word of

Page mouth- This method was followed by them and their disciples and successors— Testimonies of this from the Fathers of the five first centuries


LETTER XI.- To the same.
The subject continued - Protestants forced to have

recourse to the Catholic Rule in different instances
– Their vain attempts to adopt it in other instances-
Quibbling evasions of the Articles, Canons, Oaths,
and Laws respecting Uniformity adopted by different
Protestants - Acknowledged' necessity of deceiving
the People Bishop Hoadley the patron of this
hypocrisy – The Catholic Rule confessed by Bishop
Marsh to be the Original Rule-Proofs that it has
never been abrogated— Advantages of this Rule to
the Church at large, and to its individual members


LETTER XII.-To James Brown, Esq.
Objections answered — Texts of Scripture explained

Other objections Illusory declamation of Bishop
Porteus- The advice of Tobias, when he sent his
Son into a strange country, recommended to the
Society of New Cottage



LETTER XIII.-To James Brown, Esq. Congratulation with the Society of New Cottage on their

acknowledgment of the right Rule of Faith— Proof that the Catholic Church alone is possessed of this Rule-Characters or Marks of the True Church


LETTER XIV.-To the same.

Unity, the first Mark of the true Church- This proved from Reason-from Scripture and from the Holy. Fathers



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