Lalla Rookh

A. Strahan Press, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown, 1818 - 387 sider
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Side 155 - There was a time," he said, in mild, Heart-humbled tones — " thou blessed child ! When young, and haply pure as thou, I look'd and pray'd like thee — but now — " He hung his head — each nobler aim And hope and feeling, which had slept From boyhood's hour, that instant came Fresh o'er him, and he wept — he wept ! Blest tears of soul-felt penitence ! In whose benign, redeeming flow Is felt the first, the only sense Of guiltless joy that guilt can know. "There's a drop...
Side 63 - There's a bower of roses by BENDEMEER'S§ stream, And the nightingale sings round it all the day long ; In the time of my childhood 'twas like a sweet dream, To sit in the roses and hear the bird's song.
Side 152 - Cheer'd by this hope she bends her thither ; — Still laughs the radiant eye of Heaven, Nor have the golden bowers of Even In the rich West begun to wither ; — When, o'er the vale of BALBEC winging Slowly, she sees a child at play, Among the rosy wild flowers singing, As rosy and as wild as they ; Chasing, with eager hands and eyes, The beautiful blue damsel-flies...
Side 153 - mid the roses lay, She saw a wearied man dismount From his hot steed, and on the brink Of a small imaret's rustic fount Impatient fling him down to drink.
Side 291 - WHO has not heard of the Vale of Cashmere, With its roses the brightest that earth ever gave, Its temples, and grottos, and fountains as clear As the love-lighted eyes that hang over their wave...
Side 103 - And they believe him ! — oh, the lover may Distrust that look which steals his soul away ; — The babe may cease to think that it can play With heaven's rainbow ; — alchymists may doubt The shining gold their crucible gives out — But Faith, fanatic Faith, once wedded fast To some dear falsehood, hugs it to the last.
Side 146 - Am I not thine — thy own lov'd bride — The one, the chosen one, whose place In life or death is by thy side ! Think'st thou that she, whose only light, In this dim world, from thee hath shone, Could bear the long, the cheerless night, That must be hers, when thou art gone ? That I can live, and let thee go, 'Who art my life itself? — No, no — When the stem dies, the leaf that grew Out of its heart must perish too! Then turn to me, my own love, turn, Before, like thee, I fade and burn; Cling...
Side 300 - Alas ! — how light a cause may move Dissension between hearts that love ! Hearts that the world in vain had tried, And sorrow but more closely tied ; That stood the storm, when waves were rough, Yet in a sunny hour fall off, Like ships that have gone down at sea, When heaven was all tranquillity...
Side 157 - Twas a bright smile the Angel threw From heaven's gate, to hail that tear Her harbinger of glory near ! "Joy, joy for ever ! my task is done — The Gates are pass'd, and Heaven is won...
Side 146 - So quickly do his baleful sighs Quench all the sweet light of her eyes. One struggle — and his pain is past — Her lover is no longer living! One kiss the maiden gives, one last, Long kiss, which she expires in giving !

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