First Lessons in Gentleness and Truth

John P. Jewett, 1854 - 104 sider

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Side 83 - Go to the Ant, thou Sluggard, consider her ways, and be wise : which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.
Side 22 - The little girl did as her Bible taught, And pleasant, indeed, was the change it wrought ; For the boy looke'd up in glad surprise, To meet the light of her loving eyes ; His heart was full, he could not speak, But he pressed a kiss on his sister's cheek ; And God looked down on the happy mother, Whose " little children loved each other.
Side 89 - ... would leave her home — For children must be fed ; And glad was she when she could buy A shilling's worth of bread. And this was all the children had On any day to eat ; They drank their water, ate their bread, But never tasted meat. One day when snow was falling fast, And piercing was the air, I thought that I would go and see How these poor children were. Ere long I reached their cheerless home ; 'Twas searched by every breeze ; When going in, the eldest child I saw upon its knees.
Side 25 - Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honor the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the LORD.
Side 90 - Asks God for bread each day ; So in the corner, sir, I went ; And that's what made me pray." I quickly left that wretched room, And went with fleeting feet, And very soon was back again With food enough to eat.
Side 89 - How these poor children were. Ere long I reached their cheerless home ; • 'Twas searched by every breeze ; — When, going in, the eldest child I saw upon his knees. I paused to listen to the boy : He never raised his head, But still went on, and said, " Give us This day our daily bread.
Side 96 - A boy who always told the truth, And never, never told a lie. And when he trotted off to school, The children, all about, would cry, There goes the curly-headed boy, The boy who never tells a lie.
Side 90 - She said we children now must starve, Our father being dead ; And then I told her not to cry, For I could get some bread. "Our Father...
Side 21 - Little children love one another." She thought it was beautiful in the book, And the lesson home to her heart she took. She walked on her way with a trusting grace, And a dove-like look in her meek young face, Which said, just as plain as words could say, The Holy Bible I must obey ; So, mamma, I'll be kind to my darling brother. For " Little children must love each other...

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