Ms: Living With Hope & Strength

Xlibris Corporation LLC, 2006 - 88 sider
MS Living With Hope and Strength No one knows your deepest fears, your unspoken uncertainties. Others can't see your pain or fatigue. Others don't know how it's become much harder for you to concentrate. There are days you feel fine. There are days you even feel happy. But that joy seems so fragile. There is no inner strength to lean on. People could never know just how much you are clinging to this book, hoping it will offer the assurance you need. If you are living with Multiple Sclerosis (or any chronic disease), most likely you feel discouraged from time to time or even hopeless. While waiting for a cure, your disease continues to impact your life. The future seems uncertain because your health is unpredictable and changing. Perhaps you feel like you are imprisoned in your body and have been given a life sentence of pain and fatigue. Pills are prescribed for the pain and supplements are available to boost your strength. But we all want to find relief from emotional pain (so that we can endure the trial). We all yearn for inner strength that is lasting, not fleeting and dependent on circumstances and good health. This book offers God's prescription for hope and strength. In the midst of real pain, real fatigue, real disappointments, Vicki found His abundant hope. God can turn worries into peace, your sadness into joy. This story of her journey with MS is inspirational, informative, and entertaining.

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