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An Index of the Explanations given in this Volume ;

that is, an account of the principal subjects arranged in the order of the alphabet; so that the reader may find out where to turn for the explanation of any subject he wishes.

[The letter (a) at the end of the line, shews that the subject is to be found in

the Application. When this is not put, the subject is to be found in the Explanation.]


PAGE Affections sanctified to the christian's good (a)

. 239 Afflictions, not necessarily a token of God's wrath (a) . 364 Agrippa receives Festus's account of Paul

. 339 Almost Christians, their state described (a)

. 348 Ananias and Sapphira, their sin and punishment

44 (of Damascus) instructs Saul in christianity . 105

(the high priest) insulting Paul, is rebuked of him. 313 Angels. foretell the Lord's return to earth

3 in what their office consists (a)

141 Antioch, christians there send relief to their brethren at Jerusalem

150 Apostles, imprisoned, miraculously released, preach the Gospel

52 Apostles, before the Sanhedrim. Peter's defence

53 confer about the reception of the Gentiles 193 write to the church at Antioch

. 196 Apollos, his character ;---confirmed in the truth

254 Aquilla, his Nazarite vow

247 Ascension, that of our Lord described ; previous conversasation with His disciples

2 Athens described; Paul's preaching there; its effects 228 Authorities, to be respected (a)

Baptism, that of our Lord and John contrasted

257 Barnabas, his self-denial

43 receives Saul when others doubted

. 118 his brotherly love to be imitated (a)

. 120 his mission to Antioch

. 149 sent forth with Paul as a missionary . 166



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PAGE Bereans, compare Paul's preaching with Scripture

224 Boldness of saints and sinners contrasted (a)

84 С Caius Caligula, his blasphemous pretensions overruled for good

125 Christ, reproach for his sake to be borne (a)

158 Christians, the language of their hearts the same in all ages

20 Christians, their mutual love and its effects (a)

122 should be able to appeal to their own example (a) 285 must acknowledge and act on the “ whole counsel of God” (a)

286 may defend themselves, but not recriminate (a) 374 Christian ministry, its object to confirm as well as comfort (a) 190 sabbath, first mentioned

277 sabbath, authority for its alteration (a) friendship, its nature and value (a)

. 357 love, to be shewn in adversity as in prosperity (a) 128 Church, its primitive state of holiness and happiness

23 its primitive state to be our aim (a)

24 Conscience, the danger of resisting it (a)

21 Conversion, the effect of sovereign grace (a)

91 means used for it ordained by God (a)

97 its progressive steps (a)

98 not to be doubted because sudden, nor expected without use of means (a)

106 Converts, to be freely received (a)

109 the warmth of their first love to be cherished (a) 150 Convictions, the danger of trifling with them (a)

332 Corinth, Paul's preaching there ; its effects

. 237 Cornelius, his character; and vision

133 his alms and prayers insufficient for salvation (a) 139 Cruelty of man overruled by God (a)

156 Curiosity as to God's purposes reproved (a)



D Deacons, their appointment

61 Demetrius stirs up the Ephesians against Paul

269 Disciples filled with the Holy Ghost while praying Distress, the duty of relieving it (a)


Election, does not involve reprobation (a)

. 182 Elymas, opposing the Apostles is struck blind

. 168 Eneas, miraculously healed by Peter

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PAGE Ephesians, their ignorance of the Holy Ghost

. 255 Ethiopian eunuch, his conversion

96 Eutychus, restored to life by Paul

. 277 his restoration compared to spiritual awakening (a) 280

Faith in Jesus, the source of all strength (a)

30 given in proportion to trials (a)

79 Falsehood, its guilt aggravated when it involves others (a) 47 a sin especially against God (a)

48 Fear of man, overcome by the Spirit's power (a)

38 Feelings not to be depended on (a)

· 187 Felix, his conduct towards Paul

. 331 Festus, Paul's defence before him

. 335

G Gallio silences Paul's accusers

• 242 mistakes concerning him corrected (a)

244 Gamaliel, his advice to the Council

54 wisdom but not faith in his advice (a)

57 Gentiles, Jewish prejudices against their conversion (a) 140 Gifts, why bestowed, how to be received and used (a) 121

to be employed for the spiritual good of others (a) 365 God, His forbearance with our infirmities and prejudices (a) 169

vague and false notions of Him that prevail (a) 232 His providence and grace work together (a) . 264 His providence to be implicitly relied on (a)

337 Gospel, its success not to be estimated by human probabili

241 Gospel, its effects at Ephesus similar to those it produces now (a)

. 263 Gospel, the guilt of impeding its progress (a)

310 the danger of rejecting it (a)

. 375 Good works, when condemned by the world (a)

40 Grace, its effects should be praise and prayer (a)

39 Grecians, their murmurs; how appeased

60 H Hatred more often smothered than eradicated (a)

336 Herod Agrippa, persecutes the christians

154 his pride and punishment

162 Holy Ghost, his actual presence with his people (a)

20 leads enquirers to receive instruction humbly(a) 107

his comforting assurances to tried believers (a) 322 Holy Spirit, his influence to be prayed for and expected (a) 4 the danger of resisting (a)


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PAGE Human frailty overruled for good (a)

61 heart, more readily assumes wrong than right (a) 308

I Iconium, the Apostles driven thence

. 184 Ignorance, often connected with opposition to truth (a)

a . 271 Infirmities of man overruled for good

202 Intercessory prayer, its source and power

the earnestness of it for Peter . 158

J Jailor at Philippi, his conversion

215 Jesus, belief in, and preparation for, his coming enforced (a) 5 salvation only in him (a)

41 the sum and substance of the christian ministry (a) his sympathy with the persecuted, and judgment on persecutors (a)

108 Jewish rulers persecute the disciples

81 Jews, to have the first offer of the Gospel (a)

177 oppose the promulgation of the Gospel among the Gentiles

. 180 Joel, his prophecy quoted and applied by St. Peter

16 Judas, application of prophecies relating to him

7 L Languages, their miraculous gift to the Apostles

14 Libertines, this word explained Lots, the lawfulness of casting them enquired into (a)

10 Lydia, her conversion

213 Lystra, a cripple miraculously cured there

185 its inhabitants first seek to stone, then to worship the Apostles


Mary, the last mention of her name in Scripture (a)

9 Matthias, his election to the Apostleship

9 Means, to be used in dependence on providence (a) 360

of grace, Spirit needed to make them effectual (a) 216

of safety, not to be presumptuously neglected (a) 160 Ministers, claim our prayers and help (a)

their inward call by the Holy Ghost (a) . 170 Missionaries, need our prayers (a) Motives, the danger and guilt of worldly ones (a)

45 N Nazarites, Paul sanctions their vows


O Oaths, their awful guilt (a)



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PAGE Opportunities of good not to be neglected (a)

• 385 Opposers of the truth, their sin progressive (a)

. 76 Opposition to truth, to be expected (a)

. 181 its varied forms (a)

. 218 readiness to find occasions for it (a) 243 its effects on its agents and objects (a) 186

P Party spirit, to be avoided. (a)

86 Passions, gather strength by indulgence. (a)

82 Paul, preaches Christ at Antioch.

174 his journeyings in Asia

. 189 and Barnabas disagree about Mark

201 called by a vision to Macedonia

• 207 his missionary tour with Silas

. 206 his imprisonment with Silas, and miraculous deliver

214 the wisdom and faithfulness of his preaching (a) 233 visits Ephesus

248 goes with Barnabas and Titus to a conference at Jerusalem

249 reproves Peter for his judaizing conduct

250 his conduct with regard to Acquilla and Peter contrasted (a)

252 his missionary tour

. 254 the effect of his preaching at Ephesus

260 his first epistle to the Corinthians when and where written

262 leaves Ephesus ;-his care for the Corinthians his journeys traced

. 275 his anxiety for his converts,-lesson to be drawn from

278 his farewell address to the Ephesian elders · 284 his progress to Jerusalem

. 289 his wisdom in taking the Nazarite vow (a) . 296 assaulted by the mob, rescued by the chief captain . 301 his defence before his countrymen

. 303 appeals to his privileges as a Roman citizen . 306 the tact shewn in his defence (a)

. 309 arouses a dispute between Scribes and Pharisees . 314 his conduct before the people and before the Sanhedrim contrasted (a)

315 conspiracy against his life detected

. 319 removed to Cæsarea

. 321


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. 274

it (a)

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