The Engineer's and Mechanic's Encyclopædia: Comprehending Practical Illustrations of the Machinery and Processes Employed in Every Description of Manufacuture of the British Empire ...

T. Kelly, 1846
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Side 116 - These are usually accounted six in number, viz. the Lever, the Wheel and Axle, the Pulley, the Inclined Plane, the Wedge, and the Screw.
Side 262 - ... Provided also that any declaration before mentioned shall not extend to any letters patent and grants of privilege for the term of fourteen years or under, hereafter to be made, of the sole working or making of any manner of new manufactures within this realm to the true and first inventor and inventors of such manufactures, which others at the time of making such letters patent and grants shall not use...
Side 651 - A Description and Draught of a new-invented Machine, for carrying Vessels or Ships out of, or into, any Harbour, Port, or River, against Wind and Tide, or in a calm.
Side 133 - Earth. An inch is the smallest lineal measure to which a name is given, but subdivisions are used for many purposes. Among mechanics, the inch is commonly divided into eighths. By the officers of the revenue and by scientific persons it is divided into tenths, hundredths, &c.
Side 266 - ... having invented or used the same, or some part thereof, before the date of such letters patent, or if such patentee or his assigns shall discover that some other person had, unknown to such patentee, invented or used the same...
Side 267 - ... notwithstanding : Provided that no such extension shall be granted if the application by petition shall not be made and prosecuted with effect before the expiration of the term originally granted in such letters patent.
Side 132 - Take a pendulum which will vibrate seconds in London, on a level of the sea, in a vacuum; divide all that part thereof which lies between the axis of suspension and the center of oscillation, into 391393 equal parts ; then will 10000 of those parts be an imperial inch, 12 whereof make a foot, and 36 whereof make a yard.
Side 402 - In the formation of the railway there have been dug out of the different excavations, upwards of three millions of cubic yards of stone, clay, and soil, and the weight of the double lines of rail laid down is more than 4,000 tons. The total expenditure of the Com-pany, in actual payments, up to the 31st of May last, was 739,165Z.
Side 360 - ... its capacity will be enlarged, the valve F will be shut by its own weight, the air in the bag will be rarefied, and the atmosphere will press the water into the bag. When the rod is thrust down again, this water will come out by the valve F, and fill part of the trunk.
Side 40 - The gauze cylinder should be fastened to the lamp by a screw of four or five turns, and fitted to the screw by a tight ring. All joinings in the lamp should be made with hard solder ; and the security depends upon the circumstance that no aperture exista in the apparatus larger than in the wire gauze.

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