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With disinterested zeal you have devoted much time and money to extend the benefits of the Bath among the poor. More especially you have been earnest in your exertions to have the Bath made available for the treatment of the helpless sick in our Hospitals, Asylums, and Workhouses. Your endeavours, in this respect, entitle you to the gratitude of the humane; and though, from the apathy of those in authority, your exertions have only been as yet partially successful, it is to be hoped a more enlightened and Christian policy will soon prevail.

In writing on the subject of the Bath, I have felt it was but a simple act of justice to truthfully record the greatness of the obligations the cause of humanity is under to you, and I only express the feelings of all who rightly appreciate the value of your labours in hoping you may long continue to enjoy the elevated position you have so worthily won.

With sincere respect,

I am yours, faithfully,

SPAFIELD, Holywood, August, 1868.




SECTION I.-The case stated-Health, bodily and mental, its import-

ance- -Ignorance of "Educated classes" concerning the science

of life a main cause of Medical Empiricism

SECTION II.-Opposition of the Medical Profession to New Truths—

The Priest Physicians of the Pagans and Christians-Hippocrates

-Division of Medicine into Surgery, Physic, and Pharmacy, a

great source of corruption and evil-Medical Knowledge-Its

constituent parts, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Hygiene,

and Therapeutics-Distinction between Medicine as a Science,

and the mere Art of Physic-Opinions of Medical authorities


SECTION III. Popular belief respecting Medical qualifications-

Facts concerning present condition of the Medical profession—

The Medical Act of 1858-The General Council: its defective

administration-Deplorable condition of Medical Education-

The Licensing bodies-Their numerous licenses and titles reject-

ed by Army and Navy as no test of qualification—Opinions of

Medical authorities on shameful state of the profession, and

destructive character of Medical practice...

SECTION IV.-Medical Schools and Colleges-Special Hospitals-

General incapacity of teachers-Reaction on the Profession-

Opinions of Medical authorities on the subject

SECTION V.-Value of Medical Opinion considered — Experience

alone an unsafe criterion to judge by-Great knowledge consis-

tent with gross ignorance-Scientific experience testifies against

Drug Medication-Admissions of High Medical Authorities, Sir

John Forbes, Sir Thomas Watson, etc., concerning the Inutility

of Drugging-The Helpless Condition of the Drug School ...

SECTION VI.-The general character of Medical Practice-High

authorities quoted-Successive variations-Conscientiousness no

palliation for the evils caused by Drug Practitioners-Perversity

of medical men in rejecting natural Therapeutic Agents—Their

revival and successful progress not withstanding medical oppo-

sition-Honest inquirers become zealous advocates-Conclusion.

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