The Best Is Yet to Come

Dog Ear Publishing, 2005 - 268 sider
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Within the pages of this book Pastor Chambers makes and substantiates the claim that no matter what stage of marriage or relationship you are in the best is yet to come. If you think this sounds too good to be on. Comments from those who have experienced the material in written and Seminar form: Perfect balance of wit and grit on the subject matter - Pastor Mike Whitt, High View Finally, a marriage enrichment book with the guarantee of real results - Lydia Humphries, Seminar Attendee "Not only an encouragement to those starting a marriage, but also an inspiration to long lasting commitments that the best is yet to come " - Shea Clack, Seminar Attendee "This book gives a refreshing and positive view of marriage in direct contrast to the way the world sees it today." - Glen Newsome, Seminar Attendee "The Holy Spirit greatly used this material in a seminar given by Pastor Chambers, to reunite spouses in our church I wholeheartedly recommend this for married couples, marriage counselors, pastors, etc " - Pastor Jason Holt, Crossroads

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A great book - though there are millions of relationship volumes avaialable- this one is actually readable to the average Joe! I loved the humor and gravity with which the Author wrote. I felt as if I were sitting and talking with a friend. Highly recommend! Læs hele anmeldelsen


First things First
Where the Problem Comes In
Websters is Good Gods is Perfect
What Love Is
Crabby Apples
Salty Dogs
The S Word
The One Anothers of Marriage
Dont You Dare
You Got the Right One Baby
A Marriage Prayer
Study Questions
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