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Vermont State Medical Society,

FOR 1885.


The semi-annual meeting was held at Bellows Falls, on the 25th and 26th of June. The President, Dr. Joseph Draper, Superintendent of the Asylum for the Insane at Brattleboro, called the meeting to order. Records of the annual meeting read by the Secretary, Dr. J. S. Richmond.

During the meeting the following named physicians were admitted to membership:

[blocks in formation]

The following communication was received from the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, which, on motion of Secretary, was unanimously adopted:


Convened at Bellows Falls, June 25th and 26th. Realizing your opportunities for doing good in the temperance cause, the Woman's Christian Temperance Union of this State calls your attention to the following resolution, passed by the American Medical Association at its annual meeting, held in St. Paul in June, 1882:


We, members of the medical profession of the United States, unite in the declaration that we believe alcohol should be classed with other powerful drugs; that when prescribed medically it should be done with conscientious caution, and a sense of great responsibility.

Knowing that no class of our citizens has such extended opportunities for observing the pernicious effects of alcoholic stimulants upon the healthfulness and morality of our people, as the members of your honored profession, and believing that no class has greater influence for good or evil, we would respectfully ask that your association pass a resolution of concurrence with the resolution of the National Medical Association. Respectfully yours,


Superintendent of Conference with other bodies,

for the Vermont W. C. T. U.

Dr. W. N. Bryant read a well prepared paper on Gynecology. Dr. R. H. Sabin, of West Troy, N. Y., presented credentials from the New York State Medical Association, was presented to the Society by President Draper, and invited to unite with us in the work on hand. Dr. Sabin's response and his hearty participation in the meeting gained him a right earnest welcome.

Dr. Crain called the attention of the Society to a battery, invented by John Arnold Barrett, of New York City. The instrument was explained by Rush C. Barrett, Esq., and was considered the best battery for physicians we have ever seen.

Gynecology was discussed by Drs. Goodwillie, Crain, Phelps, Wood and Richmond.

At 4 30 P. M. adjourned until 8 P. M.

At 8 P. M., called to order by President Draper. Vice-President C. S. Caverly delivered the semi-annual address, which was eminently a popular and practical paper on The Causes of our Common Infectious Diseases, with Reference to their Prevention."

Prof. H. D. Holton then gave a very able address on the subject of “Hygiene."

The State Society of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union visited our hall, by invitation, and listened to the addresses.

Adjourned to 9 A. M. to-morrow.

Dr. Sabin detailed the case of a lady aged 25-thin and spare-poor constitution. When a child she fell to the ground and peeled the skin up on her hands; soon the fingers became contracted, and the skin formed over the fingers, completely enclosing them, and the hands be

came mere stubs within the skin. The feet also became clubby. At this time, as the saying is, she was merely skin and bones. She thought she had a foreign body in the rectum, which had been there for years. She was etherized, and the rectum examined. One quart of ether was used. Discovered a very hard substance; broke it up with strong forceps. It weighed 5 ounces. Diagnosis: petrified fæces, which undoubtedly had remained in the rectum 17 years. Dr. Mason, a chemist, said it was carbonate of lime principally; presumed it was hardened fæces, but could not say so certainly.

Dr. N. P. Wood reported a case of hemorrhage of the bowels of a child two days old. The mother had a natural labor-child; weighed 91, pounds, appeared sound and well. Two days after birth, child passed from one-half to one ounce of blood at each movement, and had some twelve operations. Before each passage the child was in pain; appeared bleached out. I gave 10 drop doses of paregoric, and child soon after recovered. Literature shows these cases very rare, and most of them die. They are generally taken in from 30 to 60 hours after birth.

Dr. Sabin in cases of uterine hemorrhage at the climacteric, frequently dilates the os uteri thoroughly, and touches the bleeding surface with fuming nitric acid. Has recently treated three cases with great success: One of his patients was 53 years old. He first used a stream of hot water, while she was flowing. In any of these cases there must be a free opening. Generally one application of the acid will suffice. Has used the acid three times in same case. It is at least successful in stopping the hemorrhage for the time being, and the cure is generally permanent. In regard to pessaries, he said we must use them sometimes, but avoids them if possible. Thinks the round spring or Hodge pessary the best in use.

Dr. Crain thinks that in the great majority of cases pessaries are a positive injury. Recommends a pledget of borated cotton, if anything is to be used.

June 26th, 9 A. M., President Draper called the meeting to order. Dr. E. S. Munger read a well prepared, practical article on "Antipyrin and Kairin as Antipyretics," and detailed cases in which he had used the medicine with great satisfaction.

Dr. E. S. Albee read a paper on elicited considerable discussion.


Purpura Hæmorrhagica," which

The executive committee reported business for the annual meeting, as follows:

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A general discussion followed. Interesting cases in practice were detailed by Drs. Sabin, N. P. Wood, E. R. Campbell, S. Putnam and E. S. Munger.

Medical ethics, introduced by Dr. H. F. Crain, brought out an earnest and lively discussion. The focus of this discussion seemed to be that members of this Society should strictly obey the code of ethics. On motion, adjourned.

J. S. RICHMOND, M. D., Secretary.


The seventy-second annual meeting was held in the parlors of the Pavilion Hotel, at Montpelier, on the 15th and 16th of October. The President, Dr. Joseph Draper, called the meeting to order at


Prayer was offered by Rev. Howard F. Hill, of Montpelier. Dr. J. S. Richmond, Secretary, read the records of the last meeting.

Dr. S. Putnam, Treasurer, presented his report, which was adopted. The treasurer has received $200.76, and paid out $163.00, leaving in the treasury $37.76.

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