Zur kenntniss Hawaii's

F. Dümmler, 1883 - 128 sider

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Side 70 - ... largas, con los cabellos largos, y los que no los tenían, los traían postizos, de cochayuyo o de otros géneros para diferenciarse de los demás indios naturales...
Side viii - ... if the zoologist could spend a few days among the megatheria, or the botanist among the waving ferns of the forests, buried beneath our feet. So much is written just now, and has been written during the last fifty years, on human archaeology, on the growth and progress of the intellect, on the origin of religion, on the first beginnings of social institutions ; so many theories have been started, so many generalizations put forward with perfect confidence, that one might almost imagine that all...
Side 42 - ... ou qu'il est invisible par sa nature, et qu'il doit avoir originairement donné l'être à tout ce qui existe , par une méthode semblable à celle que suit la nature dans la succession d'une génération à l'autre : mais l'idée de procréation comprend celle de deux personnes ;et les Taïtiens imaginent que tout ce qui existe dans l'univers provient originairement de l'union de deux êtres.
Side 69 - ... para que con sus ojos vean al demonio y con su lengua le hablen, y metiéndoles una estaca aguda por el vientre se la saca por el espinazo, sin que acuse dolor ni quede señal".
Side 79 - We worshipped those whom we had seen with our eyes, their death and their life amongst us." "All we know is this, the young and the old die, and the shade departs, The Unkulunkulu of us black men is that one to whom we pray for our cattle, and worship, saying, ' Father ! ' We say, • Udhlamini ? Uhhadebe 1 Umutimkulu ! Uthlomo ! Let me obtain what I wish, Lord t Let me not die, but live, and walk long on the earth.
Side xiii - ... and other eatables. They imagine the storm is caused by the presiding spirit, who when he is displeased goes to the top of the highest land in the island, and manifests his wrath by raising a tempest. When he is appeased by the offerings, he returns to the
Side 95 - Petrus sprang herunter und bat zu Gott dem Vater, dass er möchte geben, dass alle Litt bei Litt, Sehnen bei Sehnen, Aders bei Aders, Knochen bei Knochen, dasselbige begehre ich auch (s.
Side xi - Ce singulier transformisme à court aéchéance, fort peu admissible en histoire naturelle, exprime toutefois une vérité réelle et palpable aussitôt qu'on l'applique à la mythologie comparée des assyriologues. En effet, aucune branche de la science moderne n'a été autant de fois refaite, dans le court intervalle des sept dernières années, que la mythologie sémitico-accadienne édifiée sur la base des inscriptions cunéiformes. Il faut en chercher la cause dans la précipitation regrettable...
Side 46 - This is the great national sacrifice and ceremony performed, when the priest makes the army invulnerable. All the men of the tribe, or as many as can attend, are assembled at the " great place." The priest names the sacrificial beast, which is immediately caught and thrown down. The shoulder is then skinned and cut off while the wretched animal is still alive. The flesh is cut off the shoulder, so as to form a long strip, which is roasted on the coals of a fire prepared for the purpose, into which...
Side xiii - In each village on Tucopia there is a large building, called in their language the ' spirit house,' set apart for the use of disembodied spirits, which are supposed to reside in this building. On the approach of bad weather and thunder and lightning, which alarm the islanders extremely, they flock to the spirit house, and remain there while the storm continues, making...

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