The Medical Summary: A Monthly Journal of Practical Medicine, New Preparations, Bind 13

R. H. Andrews
Edited by R.H. Andrews.

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Side 228 - Reputation, particularly in the treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Chronic Bronchitis, and other affections of the respiratory organs. It has also been employed with much success in various nervous and debilitating diseases. Its Curative Power is largely attributable to its stimulant, tonic and nutritive properties, by means of which the energy of the system is recruited.
Side xvii - Send for descriptive circular. Physicians who wish to test it will be furnished a bottle on application, without expense, except express charges. Prepared under the direction of Prof. EN HORSFORD, by the Rumford Chemical Works, Providence, RI BEWARE OF SUBSTITUTES AND IMITATIONS.
Side 168 - Weakness, and maladies requiring a Tonic and Nutrient. It is quickly absorbed by the Stomach and upper portion of the Alimentary Canal, and therefore finds its way into the circulation quite rapidly. COLDEN'S LIQUID BEEF TONIC appeals to the judgment of intelligent Physicians in the treatment of Cases of General Debility...
Side 228 - Prompt ; it stimulates the appetite and the digestion, it promotes assimilation, and it enters directly into the circulation with the food products. The prescribed dose produces a feeling of buoyancy, and removes depression and melancholy ; hence the preparation is of great value in the treatment of mental and nervous affections. From the fact, also, that it exerts a double tonic influence, and induces a healthy flow of the secretions, its use is indicated in a wide range of diseases. NOTICE-CAUTION....
Side 196 - ... of soda. Pancreatin is the digestive principle of fatty foods, and in the soluble form here used, readily converts the oleaginous material into assimilable matter, a change so necessary to the reparative process in all wasting diseases.
Side 213 - Soluble Carbohydrates. Cellulose in small quantity. So treated and peptonized that only a small change is requisite to transform it into living blood in the Infant, Child or Invalid. AS A NUTRITIOUS FOOD.
Side 84 - Dentists', and Druggists' Locations and Property bought, sold, rented, and exchanged. Partnerships arranged; assistants and substitutes provided. Business strictly confidential. Medical, pharmaceutical, and scientific books supplied at lowest rates. Send ten cents for MONTHLY BULLETIN containing terms, locations, and list of books.
Side 140 - Hydroleine is invaluable, supplying, as it does, the true brain-food, and being more easily assimilated by the digestive organs than any other emulsion. The principles upon which this discovery is based have been described in a treatise on " The Digestion and Assimihition of Fata in the Human Body,
Side 224 - Physicians' use only. Contains the Anodyne and Soporific Alkaloids, Codeia, Narceia, and Morphia. Excludes the Poisonous and Convulsive Alkaloids, Thebaine, Narcotine and Papaverine. has been in steadily increasing use for over twenty years and whenever used has given great satisfaction. To Physicians Of repute, not already acquainted with its merits, samples will be mailed on application.
Side 207 - Cliloro-Plieiilqiie is offered to the Medical Profession as an agent available in all cases where Bichloride of Mercury and Carbolic Acid have hitherto • been used, and superior to either of them, in that it is non-poisonous and non-irritant We solicit the most careful and searching examination of its merits.

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