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"If we would not consent to tax ourselves for the PREVENTION of Crime, we must be taxed still

more heavily for the PUNISHMENT of it. The expense of one convict for one year, would edi
cale chore than one hundred children.”-(Lord Ashley's Speech in the House of Commons.]








very, ib.

Anecdotes. Emperor Augustus, 14. in Germany, 46, In Virginia, 57,

Louis Phillipe, ib. Wm. Grant, ib. 253. In England, 71, 137, 247. Lau-
A young Englishman, 27. A true He- ra Bridgman on, 109. The Law Mag-
ro, 34. Lord Mansfield, 73. Alex-

azine, 113. Statistics of, ib. The
ander Glen, 102. Noble Revenge, Right of Society to inflict, 145. Mich-
121. An acute Lady, 122. Strata- igan, 183. Vote on, 184. Letter
gem of a Bailiff, ib. A scholar in a from J. Stebbins on, ib. Murder not
Ragged School, ib. Brother and Sis-

increased by Abolition of, ib. Cases
ter, 124.

Debts of Honor, 160. of murder in, 403. Refusal of Legis-
Rothschild, ib. London Police Office, lature to restore, 405. Dr. Duffield's
205. A Greek Maid, ib. O'Connell, desence of, 185. 0. A. Skinner on,
254, The Officer and the Burglar, 234, 527. In Tennessee, 253, RE-
301. The Maniac and the Infant, PORT OF Mass. Society, 313. At-
303. Captain Pillsbury, ib. A torney General on, 314. Detroit Dai-

Spinister, 452. Religious Papers, 480. ly Advertiser on, 315. Tennessee,
Anniversaries in New York, 513. Anti- Virginia, ib. Wisconsin, ib. Louis-

Capital Punishment Society, ib. An- iana, 316. lowa, ib. Rhode Island,
niversaries in Boston, 513. Peace, ib. Vermont, ib. Maine, ib. New
514. Associationists, ib. Anti-Sla- York, ib. Pennsylvania, ib. Ex-

rope. France.

De Lamartine on,
Animals, treatment of, 167. Letter 317. Abolition of, for all political of-

from Dr. Calder of Ireland, on, ib. . fences, ib. England, friends of the
Report on, 168. Anecdote, ib. Dr. cause, ib. Publications, ib. Murder
Channing, on, ib.

only crime punished capitally, 338.
Alexander Dutee, Interview with, in Tuscany, ib. Dr. Cheever and Dr.

prison, 312. Edward L. Keyes, on, Baird's misrepresentations on, ib.

Abolished second time, ib. Ireland,
Aubura Prison, 149.

friends in, ib. Sweden, King oppos-
A Touching Picture 242.

ed to, ib. Appeal to Woman on,
Amos Pillsbury, letter from, 125.

319. Remarks of Mr. Fine, N. Y.
An American Editor, 218.

Assembly, on, 345. Debate on, in
A Reminiscence, 297.

Latin School, Boston, 349. Influence
An Incident at Sea, 382.

of, in Ohio, incident, 351. Old Colo-
Amelia, or the Reformed Wife, 548. ny Laws, 354. Views of Lafayette,
A Visit to Mount Vernon, 539.

357. Petitions for A bolition of, 364.

Letters to Gov. Briggs on, 366, 417.
Biblical Punishment, 551.

Moral View of, 386. Irremediability
Boston Penitent Females' Refuge, 149. of, 389. Use of Ether in, 391. Stat-
Blackwell's Island, 148.

ute not forbid its use, ib. Criminal
Boston Moral Reform Society, 149. 100 sick for, 394. Report of the

Mass. Legislature on, 414. Gov.
Capital Punishment. Rev. J. G. Adams Everett on, ib. Gov. Morton, ib.

on, 8. Rev. E. H. Cha pin on, 23. Gov. Briggs on, ib. Attorney General
Theodore Parker on, 28. Abolition of, on, ih. An act on, 415. Newgate,

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Governor's opinion on, 431. Eliza- Execution in Kentucky, 547.

beth Fry's opinion of, 432. E. G. Executions by the Clergy, 512.

Wakefield's opinion on, 432. Brook-

lyn Star on, in case of Austin, 402. Female Penitentiaries, 206. London,

Treats Human Nature with Contempt, 207, 209. The Provinces, ib. Mag-

455. Debate in British Parliament dalen, 208. Westminister, 209.

on. 481. In Norway, 492. Meetings British Female, ib. Lock Asylum,
in New York on, 513.

ib. Liverpool Benevolent Society, ib.

Crime, prevention of, 6, 56. Origin of, Devon and Exeter, 209. Gloucester

Sermon on, 535. Statistics of, 17. Magdalen, ib. Bath, ib Ladies'

Intemperance, cause of, 185. War, Committees on, 210.

cause of, ib. Causes of, 434. Soci- Four Men to be executed, 311.
ety, cause of, ib. Letter of F. Ja- Fitz Green Halleck, 203.

Fairmount Waterworks, 213.

Condemned Murderers, 465.

French Galleys, 131.
Crime on the Increase, 310.

France, cheap postage in, 178.
Conquering a Peace, 495.

Father Mathew, 117, 151.
Criminals, proportion of, in Great Bri-
tain, 1805 and 1842, 351.

God so loved the World, 155.
City, Moral Dangers of, 68. Institution Genesis ix, 6. Explanations of, 352,
in, for Females, 69.

353. Coburn and Le Clerc's view of,

Col. Isaac Hayne, 343.

352, 356.

City of Expiation, 438.

Gensenius, or the Adventures of a Ger-

Circumstantial Evidence, 426.

inan Student, 279, 327, 423, 471.

Criminals, Meeting for treatment of, 510.

Resolutions. ib. Motto of Lafayette, Henry W. Longfellow, 296.

Wm, H. Channing, on, ib. c. Hon. A. H. Stephens, an Incident of,

L. Remond, 511. We?! || Phillips,


on, ib. Thomas Whitemore, on, ib. Home for Females, 146,

Wm. Lloyd Garriso: . on, ib. D. S. House of Correction, South Boston, 31.

King, on, ib. Geo. Cradburn, on. ib. High Treason in reign of Henry VIII.,

John Augustus, (i. ib. Mrs. A. K. 165. Penalty of it.

Foster, on, ib. E'ward L. Keyes, on,

512. Mrs. Riedland, on, ib.

Inquisition, one hundred thousand sacri-

Cruelty killed by Kindness, 540.

ficed, 357.

Contemplation, 39.

Ireland State Prisoners, 123.

Intemperance, 522.

Discharged Convicts, Report on, 32.

Letter from on, 34. Female, London, Juvenile Offenders. Reform School
215. Miss Burdett Couti's interest in, for, 10. Benevolence of an individu-
London, ib.

al, ib; of the State, ib. Institution at
Decisions, Western Rail Road, 177. Westboro, l1, Cost, ib. extent, ib.

Traveler's Rights, ib. Verdict for Government of, ib. Reformation of,
Slander, ib.

86. Proclamation for School for, 161,
Dr. Coolidge, death of, 507.

J. M. Spear on, 257. Dedica, io n of

School for, ib. Hymn sung at, ib.
Execution of the Innocent. Rev. E. H. John Howard, Monument of, 40. His

Chapin on, 232. Cases, 178. Four death, 41. Cowper on, 42. Celebra-
teen executed in England since 1800 tion of Birth day, 363. Anecdote of,

The Surgeon and the Servant, 389. 385.

Executions. Charles Langfieldt. James Journal of a Poor Vicar, 240, 361, 363,

Calder, 178. Elder Enos G. Dudley, 406, 440, 489, 519.

Scenes at his Execution, Account of Journey to Cape Cod, 260.

him by the Chaplain, Letter to his

Daughter, 523

Kindness to the Prisoner, 241.

Ebenezer Elliot, 16.
Elizabeth Fry, anecdote of, 45. Her ir- Laura Bridgman, 105. Visit of her

terest in Discharged Convicts, 6. Mother, 107. Manner of teaching, ib.
Executions on Sunday, 265,

Her Composition, 108. Her views of
Executioner, Greek, 437. Paris do., ib. the Mexican War, 109. On Capital

Punishment, ib. Phrenological De-

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