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The oppresive Abuses of Authority or Power, are very provoking to the merciful God, and what he has threatned terribly to punish. ibid.

X. Murderers, are Transgressors of the sixth Commandment, and are appointed of God 10 suffer bis Vengeance both in Ibis World, and the next.

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He is a Murderer, who designedly, and maliciously takes away the Life of another. ibid.

Of FIGHTING Duels. p. 13.

The Occasion of a Duel is some Injury, or Provocation ty the Challenged, either imaginary or real : Often it is imaginary, fome Words or Bekavicur of the Person challenged, misrepresented, or misunderstood; and often a cool Inquiry into the Case would. prevent a Quarrel, and confirm a Friendship.

But suppose Challengers to be really injured, the Laws of the Land have provided a Remedy, which be may use without Shame or Dishonour, and without becoming a bloody Criminal before God and Man. A Remedy which he may use with Reputation, by having bis Cause heard before proper Judges, and their Sentence given upon the Evidence of the Witnesses of each Party.

But he must not murder the Man that has offended him, (ibid) and thereby rebel against, and subvert the Laws of God, and his country.

And as to the Challenged, the Reason for his wicked Acceptance of the Challenge is very vain : He doth it to avoid the Chara&ter of being a Coward, but better to be thought fo by unreasonable Men, than in Contradiction to the Law of the great God, violently and maliciously to take away the Life of another. p. 14.

The Case of a Duel, stated both as to the Challenger, and the Challenged. p. 14.

The dreadful Consequences of Fighting a Duel, both as to the Person killing, and the Perfon killed. p. 14. 15.


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* XI. DRUNKARDS, GLUTTONS, and all riotous Livers, are also Transgressors of the sixth Commandment, and a sort of Persons whom God has threat. ned with horrible Miseries in the Day of bis Vistatation for Sin. p. 16. &c. ; XII, UNCLEAN Persons, Whoremongers, and Adulterers, are Transgressors of the seventh Commandment, against whom

God has denounced destroying Judgment. p. 19. &c.

XIII. Unjust Persons, likewise are the Objets of the divine Threatnings, and are Transgresors of the eighth Commandment. p. 21.

They are unjust Perfons, who either by Force, or Fraud take, or withhold to their own Use any Thing that is the Property of another. ibid.

Three Sorts of unjust Persons noted, viz.

Thieves, Extortioners, and fraudulent Dealers. p. 21, 22. &c.

Another Sin inconsistent with that just and righteous Manner of dealing with others, which the eighth Commandment obliges all Men to avoid, is the giving and teking Bribes. p. 27.

A Bribe, is any Gift to another to bias, or incline bim to do sometbing he ought not to do, or to omit doing something which he ought to do. p. 27.

The heinous Nature of this Iniquity, both in the Giver, and Receiver of Bribes, is explained. p. 27-30.

XIV. Persons, who bear false Witness against others, are Transgressors of the ninth Commandmeni, and are Objects of the divine Threarnings. p. 30, 31. A false Witness fall not go unpunished, and be that Speaketb Lies, hall not escape. Pro. xix 5

XV. CoveTous Persons, are Transgressors of the tenth Commandment, and are marked for suffering Punijlment in the Day of the Lord's Visiiation for Sin. p. 31. &c.

A fericus A serious Address to those, who have hitherto lived in wilful Disobedience to the holy Commandments of God. p. 35. &c.

The Happiness, and Comfort of becoming fincero Christians. p. 42. &c.


CONTAINING the Introduction, with some Thoughts of the Importance of continuing the Use of the Expressions, or Language of the Sacred Scriptures among Christians; and a Summary of the Evidences of the Truth of the Gospel, for the Con vi&tion of such as are doubting of it, and for the Confirmation of the Faith of serious Christians ; withal sewing the sad State of Infidels, who have the Means of knowing the Trutb. p. 1.

L ETTER IV. CONTAINING Remarks on some Parts of the Holy Scriptures, by which Profesors may know themselves, whether they are sincere Christians, to whom the predicted Blessings do belong : And of their being in Covenant with God, and having the Holy Spirit Dwelling in them : Likewise of the different Manner, in which the Holy Spirit bringeth Persons to be fincere Christians. p. 22.

L E T T E R V.

On the PrediEtions, of the great BLESSINGS which in this Life are bestowed on every true Believer, viz. Justification, Adoption, and Sanctification ; Blesings absolutely necessary to the Safety, the Comfort, and Happiness of every Man; and which import a great Variety of Benefits ; even Afflictions are intended as a Means to promote the Holi. ness, and the future Happiness of Christians : And

likewise likewise on the Predi&tions which encourage BackTiders to return unto God. p. 39.


On the Africtions of fincere Christians, and the Predictions, which may comfort them in the Times of their Troubles: When they have been under many Afflictions, and are brought into great Perplexity, there are Predictions, which may support them.

AFFLICTIONs are of two kinds, temporal, and Spiritual :

I. Of temporal Afflictions particularly, 1. By the Death of Children. 2. The Death of Husbands. 3. The Loss of dear and useful Friends. 4. The falling under falfe Accufation, with the Prediktions which may afford Relief under such Sorrows.

II. Of Spiritual Troubles, and suitable Prediétions ; particularly, 1. Of an habitual Dejpondence. 2. Of the Anguish and Distress of the Soul, after the Commision of some heinous Sin. great Troubles, and Sorrows occasioned by the violent Temptations and Aljauits of the Devil. p. 64.

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3. Of the


On the Predictions relative to fincere Christians, from the Time of their Death. Particularly :

1. It is predicted, that at Death their Souls Mall be made perfect in Holiness. What is communion with God, explained.

2. That their Bodies Mall remain under the Care of Christ after Death.

3. Thai their Bodies will be raised to life again ; and also the Bodies of the Wicked.

4. That the Soul of every Believer at Death, will 'be put into another Building for its Habitation.

5. That the Souls of Believers immsdiutely after Death, will be with Christ.

6. Thet

6. That the Time of the general Resurrection will be very solemn, magnificent, and awful.

Of the Change, that will be made in the Bodies of those, who shall be living at the Time of the general Refurre&tion. And that it will make their Bodies incorruptible and immortal.

Lastly. It is predicted, that the Saints Mall have an Inheritance, but not be put into the Posesion of it, till the Day of Judgment. -A Kingdom seems to be ibe Inberitance promised to them ; and as suitable to such an Inheritance, it is foretold, that they shall have a Crown of Righteousness, and a Crown of Life ; and that they shall reign, reign in Life by Jesus Christ. p. 79.

L E T T ER VIII. Of Predi&tions of Events, subsequent to the Day of Judgment, which will be astonishingly terrible to the Wicked, and inexpressibly happy and glorious to the Saints. p. 107.


OF PREDICTIONS, relative to sincere Christians in Times of publick Calamities; some of which are general ; and others particular. In Regard,

1. To their Safety in Times of War. 2. To their being provided for in Famines. 3. To their Preser- . vation in Seasons of the Pestilence.

4. To their being kept from distressing Fears, when desolating Judgments are on the Wicked. p. 114.

L E T T E R X. CONTAINING an Answer to the question, viz. Whether the publick Reading the Holy Scriptures on the Lord's Days, is an Ordinance of divine Appointment, and a Part of the Worship, which God requires from his people? p. 140.


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