The Monthly Magazine, Bind 23

R. Phillips, 1807
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Side 512 - Lowertz, partly filled with the earth of the mountain. On the banks of this lake was all that remained of the town of Lowertz. Its church was demolished ; but the tower yet stood amid the ruins, shattered, but not thrown down.
Side 256 - A Sermon preached before the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in the Abbey Church, Westminster, on Friday, Jan. 30," 4to; and also "Visitation Articles for the Diocese of Landaff,
Side 469 - Memoirs of John lord de Joinville, Grand Seneschal of Champagne, written by himself, containing a history of part of the life of Louis IX. king of France, surnamed St.
Side 533 - Commons, and this for the same reason ; the knights, with their gilt spurs riding that way from the Tower Royal to entertain the king and his nobles with justs and tournaments in Smithfield. They rode from Tower Royal through Great and Little Knight-rider Streets, up Creed Lane to Ludgate, and thence up Giltspur Street to Smithfield.
Side 530 - And bended dolphins play ; part, huge of bulk, Wallowing unwieldy, enormous in their gait, Tempest the ocean...
Side 226 - Some, taking a small run, for an increment of velocity, place their feet at a proper distance, and are carried sliding sideways a great way. Others will make a large cake of ice ; and, seating one of their companions upon it, they take...
Side 377 - Troops advanced in all directions, clearing the streets and batteries with their bayonets, and overturning their cannon. The 40th Regiment, with Colonel Browne, followed. They also missed the breach, and twice passed through the fire of the batteries, before they found it. The 87th Regiment was posted near the north gate, which...
Side 512 - A number of new-made graves, marked with a plain pine cross, showed where a few of the wretched victims of this catastrophe had just been interred. Our course lay along the borders of the enchanting lake of Lowertz. The appearance of the slopes, on the eastern and southern sides, told us what the valley of Goldau was a few days since, smiling with varied vegetation, gay with villages and cottages, and bright with promises of autumnal plenty.
Side 299 - Ling'ring on the verge of Spring, Retires reluctant, and from time to time looks back, while at his keen and chilling breath Fair Flora sickens.
Side 441 - And behold, it shall come to pass that my servants shall be sent forth to the east and to the west, to the north and to the south; 64.

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