Biennial Report

Indiana State Library, 1909
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Side 57 - The Poor and the Land: Being a Report on the Salvation Army Colonies in the United States and at Hadleigh, England, with Scheme of National Land Settlement...
Side 157 - ARMY LIFE ON THE BORDER. Thirty Years of Army Life on the Border. Comprising Descriptions of the Indian Nomads of the Plains; Explorations of New Territory ; a Trip across the Rocky Mountains in the Winter ; Descriptions of the Habits of Different Animals found in the West, and the Methods of Hunting them; with Incidents in the Life of Different Frontier Men, &c., &c. By Brevet Brigadier-General RB MARCY, USA, Author of
Side 44 - The Olden Time, a monthly publication devoted to the preservation of documents and other authentic information in relation to the early explorations and the settlement and improvement of the country around the head of the Ohio.
Side 177 - Containing an authentic account of all the battles fought in that republic,, including the treaty of peace : with a list of the killed and wounded. Together with a brief sketch of the lives of Generals Scott and Taylor . . . By an eye-witness.
Side 151 - ... library board may demand, and who shall pay the cost of transportation of the book or books to and from the borrower; provided, that no book that could not be readily replaced in case of loss shall be removed from said library except by state officials, and by them only in pursuit of their official duty.
Side 126 - The discoveries of John Lederer, in three several marches from Virginia, to the west of Carolina, and other parts of the continent: begun in March 1669, and ended in September 1670. Together with a general map of the whole territory which he traversed. Collected...
Side 147 - Practical Problems in Banking and Currency Being a number of selected addresses delivered in recent years by prominent bankers, financiers, and economists. Edited by WALTER HENRY HULL. With an Introduction by the Hon.
Side 187 - The Western Pilot, containing charts of the Ohio River and of the Mississippi from the mouth of the Missouri to the Gulf of Mexico...
Side 110 - ... to the publick ; yet in effect it is no more then a dead Bodie as now it is constituted, in comparison of what it might bee, if it were animated with a publick spirit to keep and use it, and ordered as it might bee for public service.

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