We the People: Laying the Foundation

AuthorHouse, 2003 - 464 sider
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After piecing her life back together Stevie has to decide if the business she's started is going to cost her more loss. Her right hand man, Alec Corbeit is her greatest supporter when all goes wrong. Would knowing of his years of planning to find a place in her life change that?

He was standing above them, waiting for his wife and her hired hand to wake. What would she say? Those eyes would say it all, that much Alec knew. Wounded, afraid and finally angry she would curse him and take back every gesture of love she'd ever given him. And then Stevie would shove him aside, wanting only to walk back into the arms of her powerful husband. Alec jerked awake from the dream still able to see the faces of the happy couple- mocking him.

This was no robbery interrupted. His nemesis had been combat trained and quick. As he searched her home his own ghosts drove him further into a private hell. The widow had lost none of her beautiful possessions so did that mean they were looking for signs of him? And how much danger was she in if they were?

She did not hear him come up behind her and settle himself a short distance away. Gently his presence invaded her senses. Stevie realized she truly did not fear him. She let this sink in before raising her eyes to meet Alecs'.

"I have a bit more to tell you," he said softly. "I've held on to this secret for so long, pushing away my guilt as each time we've held each other I've loved you more "

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